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05/27/04 02:58 - ID#24328

Keri Russell, Right?


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05/25/04 05:31 - ID#24327

Amigos Guapos


I love my friends
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05/25/04 05:21 - ID#24326


My dad is singing crazy-enthusiastically right now.......he makes me laugh...
Anyways, I just added some text to my previous two entries......check it out....
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05/22/04 02:38 - ID#24325

SOndre baby SOndre

image fun, this is me and SOndre and Yosepha.
He put on a fantastic show, I had soo much fun singing and dancing and being ruthlessly mocked by the middle-aged woman who insisted on being so close to the stage with her burly, skeavy boyfriend.....even though I am pretty sure that niether of them had ever even heard of the band....whatever, I did not let them spoil (or evenly mildly rot) my night!
Afterwards, I pulled a total groupie chick and had Sondre sign my tank top......(there's a method to my madness I swear, and I'll post a picture of it later).....He was super sweet and shy about the whole thing.....
Norwegians are great people.......
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05/22/04 02:26 - ID#24324

It worked!


Here's a picture of Les (guitarist), Yo, Andy Stochansky and me. Andy's an incredibley talented musician and I felt badly because although he's been around for some time (he was Ani Defranco's drummer before his solo stuff), 21 year old SOndre was gettin all the play (and I mean all of it). I chatted with him for a little while and he was totally cool and down to earth and all that jazz......Yo and I both agreed that he was a disturbingly hot piece of man-flesh (if only in that "Character in a Tim Burton film" kind of way).....You guys should check him out.........that boy can sing
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05/17/04 02:11 - ID#24323

Long Lost Jill

Wow, I haven't posted an entry in a long time (well a long time for me at least)......I'll add a proper entry when I get home from work..... SO until then....
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05/07/04 01:27 - ID#24322

SO Excited, Ahe


I'm headed off to Toronto for the weekend.
I'm finally going to see SOndre Lerche in concert!....I heard that Andy Stochansky is opening which is extra exciting ...
I'll post pictures when I get back!!!

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05/06/04 01:27 - ID#24321



I love Owls!

Me Quiero Las Lechuzas!

I like owl jewlery......but I never knew that there was so much mythology related to owls......several websites actually, check out a few.....

(Notice, there seems to be some connection between owls and kind of animal!)

U.S.A: if you hear an Owl-cry you must return the call, or else take off an item of clothing and put it on again inside-out.

Transylvania: farmers used to scare away Owls by walking round their fields naked.

Mongolia, Inner: Owls enter the house by night to gather human fingernails.

Lorraine: spinsters go to the woods and call to the Owl to help them find a husband.

Luxembourg: Owls spy treasures, steal them and hoard them.

Madagascar: Owls join witches to dance on the graves of the dead.

Malawi: the Owl carries messages for witches.

Malaya: Owls eat new-born babies.

Babylon: Owl amulets protected women during childbirth.

Wales: an Owl heard among houses means an unmarried girl has lost her virginity.
If a woman is pregnant and she alone hears an owl hoot outside her house at night then her child will be blessed.
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05/03/04 03:53 - ID#24320

Count Me In

Ohh, I love sidewalk chalk.....

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05/02/04 04:40 - ID#24319

Ooh La La


I bought a digital camera today....
Nothin' fancy but I'm really excited...

I'll post my first forays into the world of digital photo as soon as I figure out how to upload them....

Should be fun!!
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