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AAAAAAHHHHH, I forgot how much I loved the sketch feature.......It makes a journal entry much more satisfying.......I'm not much of a word person.

Not much to wite about really,

Today, I made the mistake of sitting next to a gentlemen with a massive poof of hair.
He was writing a letter to his Spanish girlfriend (in Spanish too), I was quite impressed....he hardly opened the Spanish/English dictionary by his side.
All the while he was writing he was twisting and digging and just generally disturbing his curly moptop.
.....strands, and at times small clumps of hair floated down to the table, landing inches from my hand.
What does one do in such a situation?...
I tried to put as much distance between myself and the hair-puller, but you can only lean over so far before you start to creep out the girl next to you,
So I just dealt with it......
Not at all pleasant though.

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