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10/20/04 01:10 - ID#24375

Fun Times

I've been reaping the benefits of procrastination too much lately.....
THe benefits being as follows: time to sew, and catch up on my reality tv shows, and veg out (who needs to be productive, " not I" said the sheep)
....But alas, I am once again having to face a build-up of work.....

Oh well....

Here's a picture instead :


The faint (pictured above), put on a phenomonal show, all in attendance seemed to catch the infectous energy, eveeryone was in a great mood, dancing and singing........I had such a blast......and left damp with sweat, what else could a girl ask for?

Oh, I know, a girl might have desired that two beefy, shirtless, smelly, blonde females were not trying desperatley to start a fight (you may call it a mosh pit, I call it a fight)........

But mabye that girl would just be getting greedy.

Tomorrow night:

The Good LIfe & Neva Dinova at Nietsches......8pm (I think)
......THink of a pop-ier Cursive, also fronted by Tim Kasher....meow(see below)


Hopefully I'll also get the chance to catch the Tratchenburgh Family Slideshow.....
A trio of travelling performers that consists of a mom, dad, and their ten year old daughter.....
but her's the great part, they collect old slides that they find at garage sales and fleamarkets.....
then, they write songs to go along with the slides.....
Mom works the projector, Dad sings, and daughter (who by the way is a mere nine years old) plays the drums.....
Cheesy enough to be Brilliant.....

I believe they're playing at the Tralf at 7pm........
However, I'm hoping to catch them during an in store performance at New World REcords at 5:30 or 5.....I'll have to check.....

SHould be super fun......ya'll should check it out!

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10/15/04 12:42 - ID#24374

poor kitty


I had a dream last night that I had to save this sweet, sad-looking kitty from its owner.......He was after her (I'm asssuming the cat was female), because she could play the piano......he hoped to make millions off of her.......
I saved her though.....

(By the by, the mouse I am using here at school sucks)
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10/07/04 03:18 - ID#24373

My goodness...

Well, it's been like ten thousand days since I've updated, and almost as many since I have read other epeeps' journals......
There's so much to catch up on.....
I've missed estrip world.

For now, I have to get started on a paper......but, may I just say:

1) Matthew, your collages are BEAUTIFUL.......(I think the heron and the panda are my favorite)

2) Jesse, am I to believe that you are going to be home this weekend?.....tomorrow even?.....good, I'm in great need of a big heaping dose of Jesse........(SPano, Zach, Kasopolitz, Olczak, whatever you got)

3) Paul, I'm totally amazed by how cool this site is......and now you're a superstar (what with making it onto the pages of the GUsto and all)....and I can say I knew him when....and I will.......ahhhhh , celebrity by association

4) Really, those collages are lovely....

THat's all for now, I have work to do and naps to take.......
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09/14/04 06:31 - ID#24372



AAAAAAHHHHH, I forgot how much I loved the sketch feature.......It makes a journal entry much more satisfying.......I'm not much of a word person.

Not much to wite about really,

Today, I made the mistake of sitting next to a gentlemen with a massive poof of hair.
He was writing a letter to his Spanish girlfriend (in Spanish too), I was quite impressed....he hardly opened the Spanish/English dictionary by his side.
All the while he was writing he was twisting and digging and just generally disturbing his curly moptop.
.....strands, and at times small clumps of hair floated down to the table, landing inches from my hand.
What does one do in such a situation?...
I tried to put as much distance between myself and the hair-puller, but you can only lean over so far before you start to creep out the girl next to you,
So I just dealt with it......
Not at all pleasant though.

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08/30/04 07:24 - ID#24371

Schoolie School School

First day of classes.....not much to say.
My class schedule is all screwed up......but it always works out so no worries I guess.
I'm taking a class called "War and Postmodernism".......our assignment for Wed. is to research postmodernism and be able to define (or at least describe it)
.....I was under the assumption that postmodernism was this incredibley abstract yet ridiculously multi-layered concept.........understand it by Wed....yay, that's gonna happen....
so if any of you thinkers have any thoughts on the subject (Terry, Ajay, Holly,etc) I would appreciate your input........
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08/11/04 04:00 - ID#24370


October?, going to be the greatest month of my life?.....Quite Possibly.

Here's why:

Just Announced Tour Dates:

REM/Bright Eyes/Bruce Springsteen
10/2/04 Cleveland,OH - Grog Shop
....yep, all together for some political benefit thing
God bless George W. for pissing off so many cool people

The Faint
10/8/04 Cleveland,OH - Beachland Ballroom
10/10/04 Toronto - Lee's Place
.......Finally, I was beginning to think that I would have to travel to Japan....
Also, New Album comes out Sept. 12th, check it out if you like to shake your money-maker to sexy beats!

And, Finally, I saved the BEST for Last:

Rilo Kiley, Now It's Overhead, and TILLY AND THE WALL
(That's right T.K., you read correctly....)
10/1/04 Cleveland,OH - Grog Shop
10/3/04 Toronto - TBA
......All three bands rock!!!!!!........I seriously almost peed my pants on purpose (I felt it was the only way to truly express my excitement), but then I realized that I was at work and that might be akward.......

SO Folks, if you like live music, and dancing, and road trips, and fun, Drop me a line, I am officially designating October "ROCTOBER"!!!!!!!!!!!!


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08/09/04 10:03 - ID#24369

Crazy Crazies


And that's why Laura will always be one of my favorite people.
Her improptu performance at Mr. Goodbar brought me within seconds of peeing my pants.........apparently the bouncer was having a similar problem as he reprimanded her behavior "THis is not a jungle-gym"..........
........I guess not, now a skanky bar designed for beer soaked bumpin' and grindin', that's a whole different story......
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08/09/04 09:52 - ID#24368

R.S.V.P. Sades


Goodbye Sweet Sades, you've served us well.......the drives and the jumps,
the laughter and the fear you evoked.


And poor sad Mike.....the night before he said his final goodbyes to Sades......:(
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08/09/04 09:46 - ID#24367

Thank You Jessboberino


Ahh yes, thanks to the most terrific host this side of the Mississippi, my trip to D.C. was a blast. Here are some visual highlights:


Nothing says tourist like a bright blue Smithsonian Institute poncho........travelin' round town like little slippery smurfs......


Besides the massive amount of "oohing and aahhing" over monuments and buildings we also got the chance to catch a few shows. David Dondero (pictured above) opened for the Good Life. He was terriffic, in fact the whole show was amazing.......I apologize to Jesse for my "superfan" behavior......


Tim Kasher of the Good Life.........swoon.


Ted Leo and the, fun, fun


Thanks for the hospitality Jesse, you're the BEST!!!!!!

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07/29/04 07:09 - ID#24366

Ode To A Goldfish

Curse the fish that ate
more than
what filled'em
Now I have to tell
my little cousin
"I killed'em"

I knew it, the moment my uncle charged me with the care of his little animal menagerie, I sensed that the fish was gonna be trouble.

He stared at me through the plastic walls of his little tank.....taunting me in between bubbles....."I make you nervous don't I?'re unnerved by my silky fins and gills, and big'ol're questioning your abilities as an animal're questioning can't do it, you don't know how, I don't bark, I don't meow or scratch on the door.....There's no telling how I'm feeling, how close I am to the edge.....don't slip up, any 'accident' is on your hands... "

He had it all planned out, and yet there was no fear in his little fishy eyes, just contempt.
And now the little bugger is dead, and I have to explain to my family why their beloved goldfish gorged himself to death the moment they left town.......suicide isn't pretty folks....

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