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06/15/05 09:54 - ID#24394

On a sadder note...

Drchlorine, I'm so sorry to hear about your cat Madeline.
From her picture she looks lovely.
Losing a kitty is a terrible thing.
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06/15/05 09:49 - ID#24393

Lookin' all swank


Yesterday was the day of the big haircut ....see I have to call it that because otherwise it is just yet another day without a job.....
I offered myself up as gineau (wow, how in the heck do you spell that?) pig.
My haridresser in training was shaky, obviously nervous, sighing and pausing. I was watching her face the entire time in the mirror and I felt so bad for her.....she seemed at first nervous with anticipation, then unsure of herself, then frustrated and clueless.....
Luckily the head hairdresser never strayed far from my head, in fact he did most of the cutting,.......actually a little disappionting, I think I might have preferred a fantastic blunder of a haircut accompanied by a tremendous scene with tears and yelling.....instead of getting such a sleak sharp proffessional-lookig bob.
....It looks fine, and I enjoy truly enjoy the change, the fresh feeling on my neck, but let's face it, slick, shiny, perfectly in place hair just looks odd framing my pudgy cheeks and squinty-eyed-crooked smile.
I'm reassured by the knowledge that when I finally have to give in and wash out all of the professional product and fancy-pants grooming I'll be left with a haircut that really isn't suited to frizzy curly hair.
I have taken pictures, before and after.
I hope to get them all put onto a picture cd soon so that I might be able to post them.
For now, description, and quickly drawn sketches will have to do.

I have a job lined up, unfortunately it is only a week long, two tops. Who knows what I'll do after that......
According to the restrictions of my work visa I cannot be a professional performer or sports star, so there go my best bets.

Hehe, I just noticed that my very favorite libraian has had his hair cut too. What a funny coincidence.
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06/13/05 10:54 - ID#24392

Edinburgh and The HOFF

Brits like cheesy things.
Like David Hasselhoff.....I recently read an interview with him in some British magazine and they described the aging C-list celeb as "undeniabley cool".
I've also had to spend some time recently in a couple of dance clubs.....Jon Bon Jovi, Abba, whoever sings "If you think I'm Sexy", oh, not to mention the dance compilation from Grease.
And their tv shows.......oh my gosh... I can't even get into that right now, not nearly enough time.

However, I have found amusement in the unabashed embracing of all things cheesy (even if my incolvement in said embracing is restricted to merely a witness)
And I have been finding solice in anticipation of some great shows coming up.....even if I have to venture out alone:
T on the Fringe (rip off of T in the Park - yes) is coming up in August and some great acts are coming, I really hope to catch a ton of shows ....Yo La Tengo...wooooohooooo, Magic Numbers, the Pixies (that's right Viscaroonie, end of August drag your scrawny bum out to visit)....lots of other great bands....
Also, Rilo Kiley is playing I think on July 8th and you had better believe I shall be there.
I am curious to see how attending a concert by myself will go.....
Will there be a complete mental breakdown?.....willl I latch on to the nearest stranger and insist on instantaneous best-friendship....I really wouldn't put either of these reactions past myself....

I miss everyone so very much....

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06/09/05 10:58 - ID#24391


I MISS EVERYONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

No time to add a proper entry, but I'll write more later.

Edinburgh is BEAUTIFUL.....the weather has been fantastic the past few days.

The job hunt continues for this girlie......

More later!
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