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10/28/03 11:48 - ID#24247

Check it Out!!!!

May I introduce you to the lovley Connor Oberst!!!!.....I would have posted my own picture, but let's face it, everyone would rather see him!!!!...I don't really have time to add a real entry but I'll be back!! Have a great day!!!
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10/27/03 02:15 - ID#24246


I have exhausted all of my computer know-how...and have still not been able to upload any sort of picture (okay, so mabye my know-how consists of "turn computer on...turn computer off, etc." but still). I guess I was just destined to be represented by the default face....It might actually be an improvement!!!
Anyways, I realize that my last entry was a bit on the depressing side so I am gonna tell a joke in the hope of lightening the mood.....(that's right baby, I'm all about setting the mood "Bow-ch-ch-Bow-Bow") Here Goes:
What happened to the Native American (I realize that just using the term "Native American" instead of "Indian" is in no way going to save this joke from being non-p.c. but at least it's an attempt..) Okay, I'll start over:
What happened to the Native American who drank too much tea?.......
He drowned in his Tea-Pee!!!!!!
Nothing but High-Brow humor for this chickie...Hope that helped!!
That's all for now I guess.....Peace out Boyzzz!
(have I used that one yet?)

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10/24/03 01:23 - ID#24245

Type Title Here

Elliot Smith comitted suicide last night....
I don't know why I am so affected by this...I mean it's not like I listened to his stuff that often but it just reminds me that people do reach that point...where there's no hope
This really scares me....he was really talented....wrote really beautiful music....I'm sorry, no one really wants to read about this but ...I don't know, it's just really unsettling...I guess I just really don't want anyone to feel that isolated....People are really important
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10/17/03 12:32 - ID#24244

Me Again

I have a few more things to mention....
First off....The Detroit Cobras did a cover of a Strokes song........does that strike anyone else as a little premature?
Also.....please do yourself the favor of checking out the band "The Faint" ....seriously addictive.....Jesse (I just found out that you read this)...don't be put off by the fact that they are from the same label as Bright Eyes.....They'll cause you to have a serious case of the "God I really shouldn't be dancing this much in public".....they're just that good!! it that wrong that I fell in love with a fifteen year old I saw on some reality show on the Family Channel.....I didn't think so...
One more thing....If anyone...during their crazy travels meets a gentleman who wants to travel across Europe....following Bright Eyes....sleep in bushes and avoid showering for crazy wild nights and sex in train bathrooms, let me know.....
That's about all I have to say for now....I hope everyone's happy and doing well.....
"Goodbye from, Jill...Elanor...and me.......
Mr. Dress-up!!!"
(I think we have a winner!)
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10/17/03 12:12 - ID#24243

Hey Y'all

I have not been keeping up with this whole "updating my journal" thing very well.....sorry (I realize that at most there are like two people who may have been affected by this...but I apologize to you)!! Nothing much has been going on in my life lately...
A couple of embarassing moments that I will provide as advice in "how not to be"...the first is just proof that my sister was somewhat justified in dashing my dreams of becoming a ballerina....I had just made myself some really hot Minestrone soup and I was carrying it up the stairs when I guess I just forgot the whole "right, left, right, left" thing and totally wiped out.....spilling REALLY HOT soup all over my chest.......So Cool. It stung like a mofo...I burned myself a what kind of a war wound is that????
Another tip (the last one was "never forget how to walk up stairs')....If you are wearing headphones before class starts, don't turn them up as loud as they go.....If you do, you will inevitably not know when class has started...nor will you aknowledge your professor when he has everyone in class turn their attention to you....sitting there boppin' away to the music like an idiot......and you probably won't notice for a good five minutes and then you won't be able to find your tape player in your bag (or "man purse" for all you fellers")...and you will finally resort to just yanking the headphone cord as hard as you can just to put a stop to the now obviously blairing music.
So that has been my life....
Oh closing phrase for today is......"See ya , wouldn't wanna be ya" is that a keeper?

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10/09/03 10:34 - ID#24242

Lovely, Lovely

The following are some lines from a Bright Eyes's a great song....always makes me think of all my "life partners" (that's really what we are aren't we..)......"I had a beautiful, beautiful time, the drives and the talks were amazing, the kind of friend I thought I'd never find, I had a beautiful, beautiful have beautiful, beautiful eyes, so bright and alive and enchanting, want to be with you all of the time, you have beautiful, beautiful eyes" goes's really pretty. Just wanted to say I Love You!!!!!!!
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10/08/03 06:12 - ID#24241

Here I go

So....I've never kept a journal before....actually, scratch that, I kept one for about a week when I was in 3rd grade. It actually began to drive me crazy because I was always paranoid that someone would read it. I took many precautions to gaurd against that though: it had a lock....which I replaced with a more heavy duty lock....I also refused to write this day I can't quite make out what it says. So you can see that this is a whole new experience for me.
I'll start off by admitting to be the "Jill" that Mike is always refering to in his journal (Of course any one who is taking the time to read this probably already knows that). This is actually a difficult thing to do because Mike makes me out to be a Lunatic!! As I've stated before "he thinks I have mental problems"....that's what boredom will do to you I guess. But I'm "cool yo" or even better "funky fresh"....
.....I apologize if my random displays of "hip lingo all the kids are using" just makes you sad...
All right....I actually do have more to write about but I'll leave that for another day!!!!...wouldn't want to put all my eggs in one basket.....yah that makes no sense I know....Peace Out......Okay that also sounds lame but I want to come up with a token sign off phrase and something tells me we are going to have to suffer through a lot of really crappy ones before we find a gem!!

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10/08/03 01:56 - ID#24240


I have finally gotten around to starting this but I have like two minutes until my I'll add more later....(I'm sure you're all on the edge of your seats to)!!
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10/08/03 01:53 - ID#24239

Why hello there...

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