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04/25/06 04:31 - 43ºF - ID#24410

Lookin' all Disney


I started to sketch a picture of Mike and I on our "chalking rampage" but by the time I had finished with Mike's head I realized that it really din't look that much like him...
but it did sort of look like him... fact it looks exactly like the kid who would be picked to play him if our lives were a show on the Disney Channel....

.... so I drew my Disney Channel equivalent as well....

Look at us all big-headed and smiley.....

Those Even-Stevens' don't stand a chance....

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04/04/06 03:01 - 37ºF - ID#24409

El Jumparino


My mom first fell in love with my dad because she thought he looked like Paul Newman....

I wonder how many kids my age can say the same thing....probably everyone whose dad had curly, blond hair and blue eyes....

Paul Newman was such a stud......but I digress

When my dad was in middle school his #1 desire was to be called "Jumper" by his friends........ I know, coolest nickname ever......but it never stuck.

Sometimes, amongst the privacy of family my dad will do his "Chiquita Bannana" dance, which involves akwardly lunging from side to side while carefully balancing a pair of underwear on his head....

He loves Gordon Lightfoot... in fact for several years our family cd player mysteriously refused to play cds by any artists other than the much revered Gordo.

I have this very vivid memory of my dad making every member of my family march up to bed according to the month in which we were born, acting out the month as we saw fit. dad denies ever having done this but I remember quite distinctly seeing him beat his chest and scratch his chest....howling "ape..ape..april"

Happy Birthday Dad !!
(even though he won't read this I thought I would just send out the happy birthday vibes in as many ways as possible.)

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