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04/30/04 03:35 - ID#24318

Goodbye Hair o' Mine

Hair grows,......and apparently it is my duty to cut it.
Now I had all the best intentions of letting my hair grow long and wild, but I'm a weak, weak girl, and nothing feels more satisfying then slowly slicing through a thick chunk of messy hair.
-and lord knows that I'm a sucker for messy hair.....and instant gratification.

Now bring on summer!
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04/28/04 01:01 - ID#24317

Jenny Jen


Happy Belated Birthday Lady!!!!!!

Hope everything was fantastic!

We'll celebrate soon!
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04/26/04 01:16 - ID#24316

One More Week, Or Two Actually


I have to finish my paper......

but Sondre is playing and I'm getting flashbacks of driving around in "Karen Labaron" (wow, remember her?) my first year of college and singing along to "Faces Down" at the top of my lungs.............
and I wonder why I didn't make any friends that year....
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04/22/04 01:12 - ID#24315

Here you go Di


Cats are wonderful animals.
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04/20/04 12:38 - ID#24314

I know.....

THe worst part about the show "the Swan" (to expand on Tina's entry) is that after these women are all made over, and they look at themselves in the mirror for the first time and they think, "this is it, I'm finally beautiful, I'm finally good enough" of them is picked to be in the pageant and the other is sent packing. Basically told "yep we did absolutley everything that we could to you and you are still not pretty enough"....There's no end to're never pretty enough, that's just the way it is.........
Makes me feel like tuning in next week (actually in some masochistic way it does) Cause who doesn't enjoy an affirmation of their front of millions
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04/14/04 06:32 - ID#24313

Who would have thought?.......


Take a close look at this picture.....

Specifically at the gentleman on the right.....
Look vaguely familiar?......

Now remove the mustache and take off about ten years.......

Here's a clue: "Now we will share a lifetime of the fondest memories, by the Lake of Onawana...."

That's right, "Salute Your Shorts"'s very own Pinskey.....all grown up...
and he's in a band (well two bands actually), both of which rock.

Sure, he may not have been as endearing as the original camp stud "Mikey" (we all remember the episode where Mikey left and Pinskey appeared....chaos ensued)....but he was cooler....and lord knows that is an important quality when starting a band. Talent is fine but "coolness" is where it's at.

SO check out "Rilo Kiley" (on "Takeoffs and Landings" the hidden track is called "Salute My Shorts"), and his new band "The Elected" (the best of the two in my opinion).......I think you'll dig the music, but if you don't at least you can be one step ahead of the "Where Are They Now"-Salute Your Shorts episode!
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04/12/04 11:41 - ID#24312

Family Time


Another holiday with the fam....

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04/09/04 05:54 - ID#24311

Soon, My Precious

I want to move to Norway.....that's right Norway
And if that doesn't work I'm gonna live in Ireland.....

And I'm going work just enough to survive, and spend rainy days reading books under an umbrella in the middle of some obscure little town that no one has ever heard of...

Yep, that's what I'm gonna do
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04/07/04 12:16 - ID#24310

Squeak Squeak


Listening to the new Modest Mouse album....(now is the picture making sense?)'s fantastic....go buy it!!

Okay, it is now painfully clear that I have way too much free time on my hands.
I'm just so addicted to this sketch feature

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04/06/04 08:26 - ID#24309

Time To Rally


Let's all ban together and eradicate the term "No Offense" from our collective vocabulary.
I mean, all it really does is make whatever follows MORE offensive.
For example, if someone were to say to you: "I think people with big teeth are dumb" would only be insulted if you considered yourself part of that group, however, if he or she had said: "No offense, but I think beople with big teeth are dumb" than you are automatically implicated as not only someone with big teeth but also as someone lacking in intellegence.
SO, if I was to say to a friend : "No offense, but I think that people who use the term 'no offense' more often than 'hello' are completley insensitive bums who are too lazy to actually rephrase their comment so as to avoid insulting someone".....I think I would be making my point beautifully.
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