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02/22/05 03:26 - ID#24390

Attention e:strippers

I am looking for some friendly people who would be willing to let me photograph them in their bedroom . It's for a project I am working on for my SOcial Photo class.
I am looking for a diverse group of people so any vollunteers would be greatly appreciated!!!

Email me.....or leave me a message...

Thanks , folks!
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02/16/05 07:18 - ID#24389



......wait, that doesn't have sexual conotations does it?....

Anyways, I've just finished eating a rather tasty taco in the UB Library......
I had to be real sneaky about it though because there is clearly a "No Food or Drink" sign in right in front of me.....

A girls gotta do what she's gotta do... and I HAD to eat a taco.

I also had to dip the taco into sour cream......a very messy endeavor...
At one point I made direct eye contact with one of the library staff....and we both stared....politely ignoring the small dallop of sour cream that had found it's way out of my taco and onto the tip of my chin.....

what a crazy life I lead.
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