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07/14/05 07:16 - 75ºF - ID#24398

A few More.....

I took this photo for Mike because this tree right near our flat looks just like an Elephant!!!!! I think of him every time I pass it!

I went to the March on Poverty rally and intended on marching, that is before I waited by my self in a crowd packed shoulder to shoulder for well over two and a half that time we moved about a foot (if that).......I started to get claustraphobic so I escaped to the part of the Meadows where the stage was set up and listened to speeches. Everyone was in a really friendly, united mood.

Two of our roomies. Tony - the Swede (I think he must dye his hair, I mean come on who has ever heard of a raven tressed Swede?!), and Julie - the French Canadian (and so as not to dissapoint I will inform you alll that yes, she does have the Celine Dion body wash!)

The Rilo Kiley concert was tremendous. It was a small intimate venue and the band was even better than I had expected, and I had some pretty high expectations too.

Here's the Beast hard at work!

The Beast and I desperatley miss our we try and squeeze out some maternal affection from a dice.

That's it for now I guess!

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07/14/05 06:30 - 75ºF - ID#24397

And now..........PICTURES!

Here are a few photos from the lovely Edinburgh. Enjoy!

THe crew at the airport.......Mike looks so sad, he's a good friend, the same cannot be said however about Yosepha and Jesse.....they look all to pleased.

View from Princes Street overlooking Princes Street Gardens.....sheer perfection! How lucky are we to see this everyday?

The castle is like something out of a fairytale. It's huge and perched on a craigy hill; looming over the city.

Our temporary home: the hostel we stayed in the first week here (and grew to hate!)

Our room in our apartment......err flat. Looking terribley inhospitable. But don't worry, we took care of that!

Me before.......

And after my professional haircut.

Yo and Eric came to visit.......and Yosepha redeemed herself (and now has one up on Mike!)

Beast and her beau Hamish. Good guy, even if he does leave his porno in the dvd player when he loans it to people.

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07/11/05 10:22 - 77ºF - ID#24396


A lot has gone on in the past few weeks. I'm not even going to try and post about it all now though because hopefully Beast and I will get some pictures uploaded today and my little stories will become illustrated.
Just Briefly though:
The concert was AMAZING!!!!!!!!
My roomate is a Baby (and takes our stuff)
I made a friend!!
Work is slowly killing me with boredom (I can't take any more Excel)
I've made friendly with neighborhood cats
weather has been terrific

But most importantly,
I still miss my home and all the little homies who keep me company and make me laugh.

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07/08/05 10:59 - 72ºF - ID#24395

all right!

I just figured out that I can update from work,
I thought the computer was too stubborn but it works....
now I'm really not going to accompllish anything.

I'm off in five minutes though so I can't write a lot, even though I have so much to post about.

!!!I am going to the Rilo Kiley concert tonight though!!!! Super excited!
I'll let you know how it was on Monday!
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