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02/27/04 04:58 - ID#24286

Bathing Beauty...of Sorts

SO last night after spending about an hour and a half in the magazine aisle in Wegaman's with Mike (taking every "discover the real you" quiz imaginable
which, by the by, Mike is apparently Jessica Simson and I am a lousy partier
but we all knew that), I took a Two Hour Bath. It was seriously two hours the time I got out, I was shivering because the water had gotten so cold. It was lovley though.......long baths always are....well almost always.
When I was little I used to stay in the bath tub for as long as possible. I would spend hours at a time in there, I even developed a way of laying that prevented me from drowning in case I fell asleep, which of course I always did (fall asleep, not drown)......THen, when my mother finally persuaded me to get out of the tub I used to wrap myself up in towels and fall asleep on the bathroom floor. It was my favorite thing to do.......Weird
I am totally due for another five hour bathing spree soon........I think we all are.
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02/25/04 11:38 - ID#24285

Oh Dear, Sweet, Crazy Miguel

Missing Image ;(

THis is NOT the answer!!!! Nor is there enough of a problem to require such "Victorian Lady" measures.......when will you learn.......
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02/21/04 05:54 - ID#24284


I'm a tired, tired drunk little lady, note to self, if I ever play a strip "j-lo booty shot" game again, do not go first......or I will be a nudey patooty way to early.......
Oh well, notyhing's wrong with that, among friends.....poor Mike, he's so drunk, and walking home, and doewsn't realize that we just t ook a whole roll of film of us getting drunk.......
I'll probably regret that when I am in the dark room developing my photos and most of them consist of me or Mike flashing the camera...but don't worry, it'll be blurry beyond belief.
Better go now.......tired
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02/19/04 02:42 - ID#24283

"Dance With Me"

Missing Image ;(

Gosh, I love Adam Green, and the Moldy Peaches, and that I find myself singing along even when the lyrics gross me out. It's just happy, silly music. Check out Adam Green's selftitled album.....good stuff.
Okay, I'm going to bed now.....seriously, I vow to sleep tonight......
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02/17/04 06:55 - ID#24282

Oh Happy Day

THere is a my house....that works!!!!! Ohh yeah baby!!!!
ohhh freakin' yeah!!!!

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02/17/04 02:28 - ID#24281


SO, obviously, or at least I hope obviously, my user pick is not me or my brother......It's actually the coolest dog ever!.....Pete, aka "the Haruba Kid".....notice the "too hot to trot" mohawk.......he's such a badass
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02/17/04 01:53 - ID#24280

Ahh the infamous user pic

So, after news that my user pic (the lovely Conor Oberst) was causing mass confusion I decided to replace it. So here is a picture of me and my Crazy bro......a bad picture of both of us but it wouldn't really be us if it wasn't!......

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02/15/04 07:41 - ID#24279

Take a look see

Hey there,
I'm really really bored,
Trying to avoid actually doing work,
Even though I really need to,
Doing this is so much better,
Darn my perpetual procrastination.

Notice anything?
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02/15/04 07:15 - ID#24278


All right, smiles for everyone EXCEPT this guy who has been hovering around my computer for the past ten minutes......I'm not gettin' off any time soon dude.....better luck elsewhere...
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02/15/04 07:10 - ID#24277

smiles to spare

SO despite the fact that I find myself, for the third Sunday in a row, camped out in a rather drafty Capen, I'm still a very happy girl. "That guy" to borrow, and slightly alter, a term, is a nice nice .......smiles for everyone!!!!!!
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