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02/15/04 07:41 - ID#24279

Take a look see

Hey there,
I'm really really bored,
Trying to avoid actually doing work,
Even though I really need to,
Doing this is so much better,
Darn my perpetual procrastination.

Notice anything?
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02/15/04 07:15 - ID#24278


All right, smiles for everyone EXCEPT this guy who has been hovering around my computer for the past ten minutes......I'm not gettin' off any time soon dude.....better luck elsewhere...
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02/15/04 07:10 - ID#24277

smiles to spare

SO despite the fact that I find myself, for the third Sunday in a row, camped out in a rather drafty Capen, I'm still a very happy girl. "That guy" to borrow, and slightly alter, a term, is a nice nice .......smiles for everyone!!!!!!
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02/13/04 04:21 - ID#24276


Wow, I hate feeling like I am not being a good friend. I hate not hearing about things until long after they happened. I want to be there for it all.....I guess that's a little wierd.....oh well, I'm gonna go make a phone call now and hopefully make everything a'ight again....
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02/13/04 04:13 - ID#24275


Just found out that Now It's Overhead is gonna be at Neitches March 4th.....I'm pumped...they're awesome!!
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02/12/04 01:11 - ID#24274

La Di Da

I also love my friends for the fact that they don't need to know the words to a song in order to sing along....
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02/11/04 05:13 - ID#24273

The People I Rely On

Valentine's Day is coming up and I decided to take this time to go over the reasons why I LOVE mis amigos:

1)'s unsettling (and bordering on unhealthy) how much they make me laugh
2) I am pretty secure in the fact that if any two of us were to get in a fist fight with eachother, it would be a pretty even match......I don't know why this makes me love my friends more, but it does
3) Pop Culture.....yes you did mock me endlessly for knowing LESS about Full House than you.....but for some reason that wealth of mindless t.v. trivia is still endearing.
4) Huge Paper or Friday Night Par-tay..... we would still do the same thing
5) Lazy Eye......I hate the jokes....I love the jokes.....I'm never really sure
6) "Princess Walkways"!!
7) Boriscopes......which, despite the name....are frequently the highlight of our night
8) Freaks......whether they can bend like Gumbi....have a whole in their chest....buns of steel....or speak in a pitch only audible to dogs
9) "two shy to shy, HUSH HUSH EYE TO EYE"
10) THose who excell in certain areas can somehow stomach the rest of us.....singing, "I'm not that much smarter than you" in general

THat's all I'm gonna write for now, although I could go on and on.....Happy Valentine's Day! I love you all!!

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02/10/04 01:54 - ID#24272

Good Times

I'm a happy girl.
Just thouht you should know......
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02/02/04 04:43 - ID#24271

Looks like fun!

.....okay, so my family doesn't really use spices.....don't have a favorite so I just used what sounded cool.
(Favorite Spice + Favorite Foreign Vacation Spot)

SOCIALITE ALIAS = Scarlet Dublin first serious partying at least....unless you count that time in 7th grade.....
(Silliest Childhood Nickname + Town Where You First Partied)

"FLY GIRL" ALIAS (a la J.Lo) = J. Za or Zac
...both dumb, yet very similar to Jay Z.
(First Initial + First Two or Three Letters of your Last Name)

DIVA ALIAS = Graham Cracker Vinegar
.......oooh that sounds so gross!!
(Something Sweet Within Sight + Any Liquid in Kitchen)

.....Di already said kitten
(Favorite Baby Animal + Where You Last Went to School)

BARFLY ALIAS = Tootsie Tea (as in roll)
(Last Snack Food You Ate + Your Favorite Drink)

(Middle Name + Street You Live On)

PORN STAR ALIAS = Snickers Keller
(First Pet's Name + Street You Grew Up On)

ROCK STAR ALIAS = Grey Goose Jagger
(Any Liquid on the Bar + Last Name of Bad-Ass Celebrity
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01/29/04 05:06 - ID#24270


Sittin' in class today I started to think about how funny, or weird, or disturbing, it is that "self-realization" has become such a marketable idea. Think Dr. Phil, Oprah, self help books, psychiatry (to a large extent)....the list goes on and on and I just think it's funny that you need someone else, or someone else's opinion to tell you how to go about developing your own........strange

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