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07/29/04 07:09 - ID#24366

Ode To A Goldfish

Curse the fish that ate
more than
what filled'em
Now I have to tell
my little cousin
"I killed'em"

I knew it, the moment my uncle charged me with the care of his little animal menagerie, I sensed that the fish was gonna be trouble.

He stared at me through the plastic walls of his little tank.....taunting me in between bubbles....."I make you nervous don't I?'re unnerved by my silky fins and gills, and big'ol're questioning your abilities as an animal're questioning can't do it, you don't know how, I don't bark, I don't meow or scratch on the door.....There's no telling how I'm feeling, how close I am to the edge.....don't slip up, any 'accident' is on your hands... "

He had it all planned out, and yet there was no fear in his little fishy eyes, just contempt.
And now the little bugger is dead, and I have to explain to my family why their beloved goldfish gorged himself to death the moment they left town.......suicide isn't pretty folks....

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07/20/04 09:09 - ID#24365

Little Mangos in the Big Apple


My Sis and her beau Benny.....
They took such good care of me!!


Siren Music Festival......soooo crowded, sooo hot.......but worth it.


TV On THe Radio,.....I was really looking forward to their set but to tell you the truth, they were kind of disappointing.


THe gentleman in the greeen button-down is from Blonde Redhead, I spotted him checking out TV On The Radio, so I snapped a picture.....
I'm the person that celebrities (or semi-celebrities, hate)

Mabye the only reason that TV On The Radio disappointed was because I had just come from The Thermals show.......which left me thouroughly rocked
Yep, that's me, the nerd who has her picture taken with members of the band.......I couldn't help myself, stopped to chat, in hand.....good-looking sweaty fella......
I'm weak...
The concert was held at Coney Island, I don't think I've ever seen as many pasty hipsters so near the beach........they seemed kind of lost.
Poor boy struggled so hard to role up his tight little jeans......

Way too much fresh air.....

Death Cab played a fantastic set, unfortunately, this was as close as I could get to the stage. The Till'T'Whirl to my left made it a bit hard to hear......

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07/15/04 04:27 - ID#24364

I'm Outta Here


Heading to NYC this weekend.
Gonna spend some quality time con mi hermana......
And see some great bands (Siren music festival.....yayyyyyyyyy!!!)

Hopefully I'll be able to catch Deathcab's set, and THe Thermals (Who, despite the tightly packed crowds will still squeeze some booty-shakin' out of me)
....and Mission of Burma, and.....I'll stop listing now....

I love my sister!!!

Pictures to be posted upon my return...

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07/09/04 05:55 - ID#24363

And yet another picture


Gotta love the artistic cropping......courtesy of several gin and tonics...


It's cool to wash down your breakfast with an "Irish" slushie right?
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07/09/04 05:50 - ID#24362

Another photo....


Peeps at the Pink.
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07/09/04 05:46 - ID#24361

Picture Time


AHhhhh......Mike scares me.

And now, dancing, Hawaian bobble-head toys scare me too.........

Constant fear.......that's no way to live....
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07/09/04 05:32 - ID#24360

Sketching, Regretably


Man, That is proof that I should never sketch on a tummy full of beer and raasberry vodka......bad combo....
Tonight was fun, Mike and Beeast went home early but Rachel and Souithern yankee and Drchlorine made the night fantastic, thnanks are lovely.....
Now I'm sleepy and stoill pretty aided by the ale, so I'm gonna hit the couch....couchy couch......couches aare grweaat.......
Dance Paarties are beetter......dancin', fun, boogie-oogoe-oogie......Missed Felix tonight, so saad, he makes me smile andd givees me goose-bumps (in the south they say "goiose-flesh".....wierdos", no offense to the sooutherneers), I'm gonna reeally talk to him some daay, I sweaar, and it;s gonna be loverly.......But tonight was also loveryly and I did not talk to him, so I guess me loverly-ness does not deepend on him......which is terribley lovleey in itseelf.....
Gosh, someone should r eally shut off the computerr.....and that someonne is me.....night all
Much Lovee!
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07/05/04 08:16 - ID#24359

Lovliest Beaster


I don't want to hear (or read), that any of my friends are ever feelin' blue, least of all my lovliest of all friends: Beast.

She is a kind and genuine lady....I thank my lucky stars that I can call her mi amiga.

I hope you're feeling better, Beaster, but if you need some cheering up, I shall do my best to provide..
And if you need a more immediate pick-me-up, read Drchlorine's journal entry about the pretty ladies of estrip, I am certain that you are the most deserving of such adoration....

Much Love!!!
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07/07/04 04:49 - ID#24358

Hey Listen Here Sally....

Yo-Yo, come home from Philly........kay?

(My computer keeps on losing my sketches.....biotch,)

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07/07/04 04:32 - ID#24357


I had a sketch to accompany my last entry, but for some reason it didn't take.........
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