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07/01/04 11:35 - ID#24354

"Keep Cool My Bab-ies"


All this talk of relationships has got me thinkin'.........I love to kiss and be kissed.

.....but doesn't everyone...

On a related note, good luck Jesse.....but finish this bet before I come to visit, I don't want your sexual frustration to impede our good time!
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06/29/04 04:53 - ID#24353



Iron and Wine is sold out........I knew it would be, but I had to go and leave everything to the last minute (even deciding that I wanted to go more than anything) now I'm sad,....terribley sad....
I should go do some crafting and break out of this funk......but crap, I forgot to buy more needles for my sewing machine....and I broke all of the ones I had........
so it's gonna be a sad jill day....

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06/29/04 03:54 - ID#24352

Paul is Cool

Check out my new user pic...all tech-savvy
....compliments of the Great and Powerful Visco Senior.....
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06/29/04 02:39 - ID#24351



I was going to mention two seperate singer/songwriters in this journal entry.....I was torn over which one to sketch.......
THe funny thing is, they both look pretty much the same, bushy beard and all.......
So that works out quite well.
Anyways, I've been listening to Bonnie "Prince" Billie (William Oldham) "Palace Music" constantly since's really good.....ALthough I'm generally not one for alt-country, Oldham's voice and singing style reminds me a lot of Nick Cave (and Holy Cow I love NIck Cave).......
Plus, I can only deny my country lovin' family routes for so long before I cave...

Tommorrow night Iron and Wine is playing in Toronto......I had resigned myself to the fact that I was going to miss the show but now I'm getting antsy.......Hopefully I'll find someone to go with.....and it won't be sold out......
Ey'se gots to fill my ears with the lovely sweetness of Iron and Wine!!!!
ANyone interested ?
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06/27/04 03:09 - ID#24350

?Donde esta mi sueter?


The fine peeps at the co-op house threw a splendid are all the sweetest people ever!......Thanks for the tremendous hospitality!!

Speaking of th co-op house, I think that I left my sweater's brown and button up and uber cozy.....if anyone finds it, I'd be much obliged.....there may be an edible reward of some sort (just to sweeten the deal)....

Just a note, I had a great time the past few days and I enjoyed chatting with EVERYONE......even when the conversation turned racey and the company, naked!
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06/24/04 04:29 - ID#24349



Makin' pasta salad and listening to "On My Way"........

And thinking that I would like to be friends with this fella Ben Kweller....
.....Now how to go about doing that, I don't know..... (but surely if he could taste my pasta.......)...
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06/24/04 02:57 - ID#24348

Fast Food and Slow Sobs



Last weekend I saw "Supersize Me" with Mike and Maureen...... after the film, as I waited in line for the ladies room (tiny a mouse) I was privy to the conversation of a group of fifteen year-old primping and preening girlies...
Here's a snippet of their conversation:
Pretty Tiny Girl: "Oh my gosh you guys... (pause for dramatic effect)
....every Tuesday and Thursday my dad and I go to Mighty Taco"
Friends: (Silence.....look of stunned disbelief......then resumed chatter)
Pretty Tiny Girl: "No seriously, EVERY Tuesday and Thursday" this is what these itty bitty, barely post-pubescent girls took away from the documentary.....A trip to Mighty Taco twice a week is cause for the re-examination of one's life......

Entertaining movie though...

Tonight I went to see "The Notebook" with Beast and Diana (and others of non-epeeps fame)......I didn't really have any desire to see it but I got free passes from work (and any excuse to eat popcorn, especially out of a gigantic tub, is a definite go)
......Man does that film use every oppurtunity to emotionally rape its audience.......I'll admit, I cried (of course it doesn't take much).....and at one point my sobs had to compete with my heaving laughter (thanks to the play by play of the old ladies next to us), and the result was this ungodly series of snorts and coughing......
Needless to say, I didn't make any friends in the theatre.....

Fun night though....
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06/23/04 01:25 - ID#24347

Random THoughts

I want to build a ex-boyfriend
once built a fort with his roommate that went through their entire apartment, they left it up until his roommate practically killed himself during a night of drunken debauchery......
Funny thing is, he told me all of these crazy stories (okay, so I guess that's not really that crazy), about his reckless youth but he was so incredibly tamed by the time we started dating......he used to reprimand me for looking in other people's windows while we were taking a walk at night .....I really resented that.....How dare he not appreciate my voyeuristic tendencies.....I put up with his pessimism.....quite the "Negative Nelly".......yes indeed.
Strange little twist that random thought took..........but I guess that's why it's called a "random thought"...

Maureen is a lovely lady and I am glad to see her on the site!!!

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06/22/04 03:40 - ID#24346


How many times would you correct someone who repeatedly calls you by the wrong name?
At what point would you just give up?
I ask these questions because a lady at my work has been calling me Julie for quite some time now.....(well actually "Miss Julie", which makes me even more uneasy because she's a good deal older than me, and she's black......and it just sounds wrong.....but maybe I'm just crazy)
At first I corrected her.....she'd get this blank look on her face and the next time I'd see her it would be back to Julie.......
Please note that although she is older, she is in no way old enough for the whole memory loss thing to be kickin' in....she has no problem remembering anyone else's name....
SO now I just let her call me whatever she wants......I think it confuses everyone else but she seems satisfied......

on another note, MK check out Ann Ryand (great sci-fi, social commentary type books), or Jean Rhys (depressed young women set in the twenties), or Zadie Smith (amazing character writing).....or anything by J.D. Salinger.... Catcher in the Rye is great but Franny and Zooey is good too.
.....Let me know if you want to borrow something.
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06/22/04 02:49 - ID#24345

Soo Good


Hooray for Get SMart!!!
It was my favorite show for the longest time. I had a bit of a crush on Max's boss....I forget his name, but he was slick......I aspired to be Agent 99...even if she was cross-eyed and had some sort of nervous twitch (she kept it real)...
Plus, you gotta love that although they had the technology to create a shoe phone, they couldn't fathom anything more efficient than rotary dialing...

In other news,...Keith - Dance troupe ....oh yeah!

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