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01/29/04 05:06 - ID#24270


Sittin' in class today I started to think about how funny, or weird, or disturbing, it is that "self-realization" has become such a marketable idea. Think Dr. Phil, Oprah, self help books, psychiatry (to a large extent)....the list goes on and on and I just think it's funny that you need someone else, or someone else's opinion to tell you how to go about developing your own........strange

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01/25/04 06:01 - ID#24269


My computer sucks.........big time!
It has decided to ignore the whole "working" trend that has swept computers world wide.
SO........I find myself having to lug all my crap to freakin' UB to use the computers there.........In fact, guess where I am right now?........That's right, it's a Sunday evening and my parent's 30th Anniversary....and my sister's birthday.....and I'm on campus...........splendid........
However, I have spotted something peculiar, the middle of the library there is this little table that people use to organize their printouts......someone must have been cleaning though because the table is covered in cleaning products, you know, WIndex, paper towels, Clorox wipes....409........ketchup .....that's right.....ketchup... here I've been,like a chump, using my favorite condiment (next to relish of course) strictly as a topping, when apparently it does soo much more!

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01/22/04 07:45 - ID#24268

********Happy Birthday Paul**********

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01/22/04 07:41 - ID#24267


If you are.....let's say a wrestling coach, and you find yourself standing over a copy machine that just won't's a tip......DON'T break off it's little plastic parts......they may seem insignificant to you, but they may be all that is standing between the "mail girl" and a face full of finely-powdered, but remarkabley clingy copy toner............
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01/15/04 06:28 - ID#24266

Clem Snide....................Love 'Em

Missing Image ;(

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01/15/04 06:15 - ID#24265

Hot For Teacher>>>>

So, what skill could I teach?......That's tough......I know how to do a few crafty-type things, but due to my having the attention span of a 4 year old, I don't really know any one skill in depth enough to teach.
However, if anyone is having (or has had) issues with stress, I may have the solution, or at least some relief, to your problems. The "Hotdog" is a little technique that was developed my Junior (?) year of highschool (and it still works, 4 years later). If you are familiar with the rhyme "let's get the rythm of the head, ding-dong, let's get the rythm of the feet, (stomp, stomp), let's get the rythm of the hands, (clap, clap), LET'S GET THE RYTHM OF THE H-O-T-D-O-G", than you should get the basic idea of the move itself. It basically consists of rotating at the waist, although there are several variations (little kid run, thrust-rotate-thrust, full body shake). It's just an amazing way to burn off all your stress. So next time you find yourself getting really tense, or frustrated, give it a'll make you feel loads better.
I personally swear by this technique.....hope it works the same for you!
Let me know if a demonstration is needed, I'm always willing to do what I can to spread the "doctrine of the Hotdog"!
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01/11/04 12:55 - ID#24264

Mi Fotografia

Just to clear up any confusion, my user photo is of Conor Oberst, not me. Sorry to disappoint all of you who fell in love with "my" soulfull brown eyes and indie-cool hair.... you have my permission to continue imagining that I look like that if it somehow makes my journal more readable. I may post my own picture someday though.....I hope it's not a let down!
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01/10/04 04:10 - ID#24263

Visions of Athletics.........

Have you ever see a 6 foot, 350 pound, college football coach skip down the hall when he thought no one was looking?
Or witness an entire "macho-er than thou" college basketball team mount each other like dogs to "get a deeper stretch" during warm ups?
Or been immersed in a sea of shirtless, black short-short spandex-clad wrestlers seemingly out of nowhere?
I have..................Jealous?
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01/09/04 02:17 - ID#24262

Playin' in Pittsburgh

Missing Image ;(

M.Ward.......M. Ward and Bright Eyes......M. WArd and Bright Eyes and Mary Kate.....M. Ward and Bright Eyes and Mary Kate and a road fun...I could go on....but I'll spare you.
So Febuary 22nd, I had better be pressed up against the stage in Club Laga....immersed in a sea of (God love 'em) obnoxiously obsessive Connor Oberst fans (I swear I'm not one of them).....singing and swaying and ...... sweating (you try listening to "Lover I Don't Have To Love" and not break into a sweat) I have had too many let-downs latley and I need this to work out!
ANyways, thanks for agreeing to go with me MK.....hopefully, you don't end up despising concerts as much as Mike and Beast....I seem to have that effect on people. Check out M. Ward (picture above, link to the right)'s good stuff.

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01/02/04 06:28 - ID#24261

Read it, a'ight

Missing Image ;(

The following is taken from Chuck Klosterman's book "Sex, Drugs, and Cocoa Puffs".....It's a guaranteed chuckle (and if it doesn't make you smile at least, than I pity you....have you no joy in your life?)

I'm pretty careful when it comes to my socks. Certain philosophers (Emilio Estevez in St. Elmo's Fire, for example) have speculated as to why socks so often get lost whenever people do laundry, but - until recently - that had never happened to me. In the span of fourteen years, I had never lost a single sock. But then I lost a sock in October of 2001. And then I lost another two weeks later, and then a third around Thanksgiving. And it slowly dawned on me that something was afoot. "What in the name of Andrew W.K. is going on?" I asked aloud while sorting my freshly cleaned garments. Why were my socks suddenly disappearing like Chinese Panda Bears? What had changed?
The answer: Mr. Smokey.
It occured to me that the only aspect of my laundering that had changed in recent weeks was my newfound affinity for petting a feline of unknown origin. Accessing the public laundry room in my apartment complex required that I briefly walk outside of my building's back door, where I consistently encountered a large grey cat I liked to call "Mr. Smokey". Despite our initial differences, I struck up an amicable relationship with Mr. Smokey; whenever I saw him, I would scratch his kitty ears and his kitty tummy, much to his kitty delight.
Or so it seemed.
Evidence began to mount suggesting that Mr. Smokey was using this weekly exchange as a diversion to steal my socks, one at a time. It's still not clear why he wanted my socks, since it had always been my assumption that kittens wanted mittens (in order to acquire pie).
However, there was no other explanation for these disappearances. In fact I have reason to believe there was a whole network of cats involved in this: Perhaps Mr. Smokey stole my attention while a second cat (or cats) pounced into my laundry basket, snaring the best available footwear and fleeing into the darkness. I'm convinced an even larger cat ("Mr. Orange") from a neighboring building was part of the conspiracy.
"How often have I said" asked coke-addict Sherlock Holmes in "The Signs Of Four", "that when you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth?" This is true, I am nothing if not logical.
Mr. Smokey must die.

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