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11/29/03 03:00 - ID#24256

Holiday Time

SO THanksgiving has come and gone....another holiday with my increasingly wierd family. The day itself was pretty uneventful...lots of small talk and nodding. My father and I divised an escape plan...anytime one of us was trapped in a conversation that was going no where, we would shout "Tippytoe, Tippytoe" and the other would come to their rescue (a'la Seinfeld). Unfortunatley, my Dad has this way of completley zoning out, so numerous times I was left grinning and nodding...and shouting "tippytoe"... I don't think my family caught on.

Another rather distressing thing happened. All my every family gathering, I would be bombarded with comments from my Aunt Debby about my attire: "Where in the world would you find something like that?"..."I didn't think they made that in adult sizes"...."You look like my grandfather" (yah, I didn't really get that either). These comments never really bothered me, in fact I found comfort in knowing that my Aunt, with her assortment of turtleneck dickies, and puff paint sweaters, didn't "get" my clothing choices. However, last Thursday, the unthinkable I bent down to greet my Aunt she said the words that have haunted me since...."I just love your outfit, we almost match." I was shocked...I ran to the bathroom and pulled off my pants...nope, no stretch pants, the shoes were next, I tore off my stirrups, I tuggeed at my shirt, searched for the "dickie line" (similar to the panty line except around the shoulders and chest)...I was safe.
As I stumbled out of the bathroom, I began to accept the fact that my Aunt had seen a GLIMMER of her own personal style in me....I may have been safe then, but who knows....years from now I may just be another lady with a puff-painted dickie.
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11/23/03 02:10 - ID#24255

Star Crossed Lovers

Missing Image ;(

Missing Image ;(

AHh Ben.....who would have thought that the Family Channel would introduce me to my true love....okay so he might only be fifteen....but what is age anyway.....most of the time I act like a fifteen year old, (and an immature one at that).
If Demi Moore has taught us nothing else, she has taught us three things:
1) The real way to express a feminist spirit is through a shaved head (after all, nothing says "pro-women" like looking like a man....)
2) Strippers are people too
3) Dating younger men is a sure fire way to it gaurantees that your children will never have to look far to find a playmate.
So in a situation like this, I ask myself "What would Demi do?"
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11/17/03 02:58 - ID#24254

feelin' fogtastic

This fog makes me calm.....pleasantly calm. There's is something about fog, as opposed to rain or (God forbid) snow, that makes me really happy...not "skipping and singing" happy, more like "taking a big deep breath and feeling it in every part of my body" happy. It's a great feeling.

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11/10/03 05:41 - ID#24253

Azure Ray

Cleveland, Cleveland, Cleveland, last night Teres and I drove to the so called "city of rock" for the Azure Ray/Crooked Fingers show. Despite the small turnout (there couldn't have been more than fifty people there), the concert was great. Azure Ray sounded as they should...pretty and ethereal...Crooked Fingers on the other hand (fronted by Eric Bachman of "Arhers of Loaf") was slightly ruined for me when some random guy (Teres' "Boyfriend".."ooooooh") compared them to Neil Diamond. It seemed far fetched at first but the more I listened...the truer it became....seriously I thought they were going to break out with "Cracklin' Rose" at any minute...oh well..

With directions from the bartender (who bared a remarkable resemblence to David from "David and Goliath") we headed off to "Chuck's Diner" to get some grub. Here's where I began to develop rather negative feelings towards Cleveland....It is my understanding that any city that has at most six street names which they divide up amnongst hundereds of streets by definition "sucks"....therfore it is only logical that I declare Cleveland the "suckiest" city I have ever been to.

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11/07/03 02:21 - ID#24252

Ohh Yeah...

Missing Image ;(

John Malkovich......does it get any better?
...........(insert your suggestions for exactly who is better here)........
Nope, I'm afraid you have been deceived, in fact there is nothing better than Dear Sweet Johnny Boy!
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11/07/03 12:55 - ID#24251


I have a couple of messages for Mary Kate.....first, I posted a link to The Faint website...check it out, second, I have made plans to come to Fredonia and kick the "I choose really awful girlfriends" out of you know who....He is such a freakin' "MK"......(see how do you like it when your treasured nickname is used in a derogatory way?).....
Other than that I don't really have that much to say....
Here's a story that might amuse you....Every Saturday morning my grandparents come over to visit....I know it sounds completley lovely except for the fact that their visits usually happen long before I had originally planned to wake up. So more often than not, my Gramps (I think it's a German thing) makes the trek up to my room to say hi. Generally I would have cleaned my room the night before out of concern for his safety. Last Saturday, however, I had no time to straighten a thing (Halloween Costume time!). I was also in absolutley no mood to get up that morning to pleasantly greet him. So, after a brief exchange of grunts and forced, groggy, smiles my Gramps headed out of my room. It wasn't until he was in the hall that he noticed his foot was caught in something. On closer examination, he realized it was none other than my laciest bra.....poor man, panic set in as he desperatley tried to free himself from it's silky grip. I guess he struggled with it for a good five minutes before he finally just took off his shoe...
I can't actually imagine anything more distressing for an 80-something Marine...I have never felt such pity...
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11/05/03 10:07 - ID#24250

Sneaky Pete


Missing Image ;(

My boy Pete has been released from jail and is reunited with The Libertines!!!....Yah!
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11/03/03 02:23 - ID#24249

soooo classy

The picture.....what can I say....I have been accussed of many things in my twenty years..."appropriate behavior" has never been one of why start now...
Besides, if an embarrassing photo is the price I have to pay for a party where the guests do not battle eachother with light savers and find unimaginable glee in "hot-dick n'cider" jokes, than so be it!
And that's all I have to say about that...

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11/03/03 01:09 - ID#24248

Man oh Man

May I just warn everyone that anything you say or do or even think around a certain someone becomes his (or her) new favorite topic of sort of courtesy social censorship.....of course I guess I'm not really doing such a good job of warning you if you have no idea who I'm talking about....but just know I tried...

New topic, have you ever had drunkeness just sneak up on you....out of no where? Like one minute you are totally cool....using your kickin' motor skills, cutting out shapes to add to an "award winning" mask, and the next you are so drunk that you lose track of body parts.....and here's the dangerous haven't let go of the scissors yet..... (And they say running with scissors is dangerous...try downing vodka with scissors..)Well if you have may I join you in your walk of shame ....
The party on Friday was jammin', at least all the parts I remember....Really great people...Special thanks to Chris...the kind sole who came to my aid at least once!....and to Matt, Paul, Terry and Holly for throwing the party!!! You guys rock!!

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