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03/14/04 07:24 - ID#24296

I'm an Aunt!

Hey Guys!!....I'm officially an Aunt....Aiden Daniel was born at 11:51 pm last night.....I saw him this morning and he is THE MOST BEAUTIFUL BABY EVER!!....Seriously, I felt kind of bad for the other babies in the nursery, I mean they were cute but ......lets put it this way, I hope their parents weren't making any comparisons.
Can't compete with perfection!
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03/13/04 08:13 - ID#24295

Birthin' Babies

Quick update:
The picture to the right is me and my sister in law Laura. Currently she is in the hospital hoping to induce labor by doing laps around her floor.......I'm excited but terribly nervous for her and baby Aiden. I'll let you know how everything goes!!!!
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03/11/04 05:06 - ID#24294

One More Thing

How many times a day do I mistake a middle aged woman for a hot guy?........I think it's the similar haircuts because you'd be surprised.....
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03/11/04 04:55 - ID#24293

E-E-E-E (sound of my favorite machine)

Last night was spent doing work (minimal) and piecing together my puppets.....I actually was having a really good time...listening to Ted Leo and the Pharamcists (perfect puppet-making music) and sewing to my hearts content. I love new little projects....ones that I create on my own.....none of that "pattern" business, that's for chumps (of course I probably only feel that way because I suck at following directions)......
So now I'm gonna finish my Sri Lanka application and hand it in......then it's naptime and (fingers-crossed) more private time with my sewing machine (how I love thee)......oh and perhaps a concert tonight...If it's not too wierd...(or lets face it, even if it is too wierd, never stopped us before)....
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03/10/04 06:36 - ID#24292

Wow, even I am bored by this entry

Work, work, work, I have to start doing my work, and on time. I wish I could temporarily detach the part of my brain that is responsible for making excuses....lately it has been getting overused......bad me.
Oh well, spring break is quickly approaching and I can catch up on everything then (see there I go, justifying procrastination........naughty)......
I'm putting on a puppet show tomorrow in one of my classes.....I stayed up all night sewing and gluing and creating the craziest looking "plastic surgeon" puppet ever....of course that time probably would have been better spent planning what I am going to say since that is the most important part.....but I have all tonight to do that (amongst other things).....
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03/09/04 10:28 - ID#24291

Oh No You Didn't.....

A contestant on American Idol is currently butchering my favorite song EVER! .......
seriously, "Lets Stay Together"........
Not for amateurs!

Meanwhile, I'm doing some research on Sri Lanka.......the trip is becoming more of an option, of course now I'm nervous that by typing this I have just jinxed myself.......oh well, fingers crossed....!

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03/05/04 02:35 - ID#24290

MMmm.....Lookin' Good Baby..

"So tell me baby how does it feel,
I know you like the roll of the limousine wheel,
And they all get them out for the boys in the band they twist,
and they shout, for the boys in the band"

How true, how true.......the concert was fantastic.....I had such a good time....thanks to good friends who not only provided me with liquor, but also made potentially akward moments a whole lot better!
By the by, I just listened to "Up the Brackett" (the Libertines) again for the first time in months.......they freakin' rock...!!!

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03/04/04 02:54 - ID#24289


That's my brother to the right......and no, we are not drunk (or "specially-abled")....just overly excited at the prospect of Christmas gifts. He is one of the most fantastic people I have ever met....or shared a room with (and there have been a lot "bow-ch-ch-bow-bow"). He is just a huge kid. That's why I am always so shocked when he does anything "grown-up" getting married or becoming a minister, heck, even the fact that he can leave an answering machine message that is not to the tune of "We Didn't Start the Fire" (or at least he did once) startles me. And so, when I heard that he was gonna be a dad I almost fell out of my chair. I mean this is the guy who rolled an apple into my room for a solid hour until I finally got so fed up that I threw it with all my might in his direction, to which he responded by shutting my door......causing the apple to explode all over my room......should he really be allowed to raise a kid?.......the answer......YES, In two weeks, little "Aiden" is expected to come into the world and I couldn't imagine that he could have better luck with his parents (and, dare I say.....Aunt). THis kid is going to have more fun and laugh harder than anyone ever..........
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03/01/04 11:11 - ID#24288

Just a Reminder

Missing Image ;(

Now It's Overhead is playing Neitsche's on Thursday.....hopefully I'll be there, I think you should be there too....
On a side note, a boy in one of my classes said something nice to me, and it made my day.
So for all of you boys out there (or girls I guess), say something nice to someone and make them smile!

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03/01/04 12:32 - ID#24287

O Happy Day

I didn't wear a coat today........And I'm not gonna wear one tomorrow either....
Life is Good.....
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