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11/15/03 08:56 - ID#21803

Hello Everybody!

After much proding from MK and Mike I am starting my online journal. I hope this works...What's new? Glad I asked, I've been missing a lot of class unintentionally which I am sure isn't good, but it hasn't seemed to change my ability to do well in class. At this school, I find that I could miss 95% of classes and still have at least an -A. Not that I am complaining, but it will probably make it a lot harder next semester when I start a real school again....Almost got in a fight Thursday night. These spoiled rich brat girls who live down the hall refuse to dry their hair in the bathroom where they are supposed to, and so they cause a power surge and kill the power on my side of the building every time. It was midnight and I wanted to make some mac and cheese and go to bed. Wasn't happening because they killed the power, so when I went and got the RA to get someone to fix it, she asked me why it kept happening and I told her. The brat girls were all drunk and flipped out about me telling the RA and kept yelling "you wanna fight" from their rooms. You guys know that I am always looking for a good fight, especially when I know I can take them, so you know it was extremely hard for me not to bust in and kick ass, but they were drunk and not fully aware of they were saying and I don't want to get kicked out of this school even if I do hate it...I'm currently in Matt's room in the city where he and his roomates are watching the simpsons and I am listening to C+C and the music factory on headphones. Matt rented me What a girl Wants tonight after bugging him for months about it. We watched the second Lord of the Rings movies last night which I agree with Mike to be better than the first. Legolas looking so very tasty...MEOW...You can only imagine how much Matt loved watching that with me swooning over everything Legolas did and saying how hot it was everytime he did something (the part where he surfs down the stairs in the big end fight on the sheild and shoots all the guys HOT, the part where they make him hand in his swords before entering the king's castle and he does this sweet move with them before handing them to the guy HOT..too many other parts to discuss..)...I need to dance, really need it. I haven't been to a club since I was home, mainly because as many of you remember Matt is not a fan of clubs. So I hear that Teres and Jill will not be in the B-lo for the summer? Where are they going this time? and Why for so long? I miss the old summers where we hung out all the time and did stupid stuff like play board games, or rented movies and sprawled in each others living rooms. Those were good times. We will probaby never have summers like that again after this one since most, if not all of us, will be graduating next year. Sad, how fast we all grow up. Well now that I have sufficiently depressed everyone I will end here. goodight!
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