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Category: life

10/24/07 10:29 - 49ºF - ID#41776

i write on a rainy october day

I just read on yahoo news that the winds in California aren't supposed to be as severe today, so hopefully the fires won't spread as fast as they were yesterday. I feel so bad for everyone having to deal with this. I hope everything will be okay for anyone here who might be affected by it.

Thanks so much to everyone with the cooking advice! That was awesome and much appreciated. It's funny... I tried to cook chicken-flavored rice a roni the other day and butchered it. It tasted like barbeque-a-roni.

I'm mostly doing pretty good. School is going well and things at my job are fine, though, it's stressful keeping up with everything. I've been battling a bunch of respiratory infections. I think because my immune system is kind of down from being on prednisone. Maybe I should take more Vitamin C or something.

I've been reading a lot of Charles Bukowski lately. It's really easy to get into a Bukowski mindset. I'd like to try reading some of his fiction, too.

I hope all of you will have a great day!
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Category: cooking

10/17/07 09:06 - 59ºF - ID#41683

since we've had some food posts lately..

I have a confession: I can't really cook. Or I do cook, but not well, at any rate.

What's the best way I can learn to make real (simple( meals? Do you know of any good books/websites to help me get started?

I should mention my apartment has a stove and microwave, but no oven.

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Category: photos

10/16/07 12:50 - 61ºF - ID#41673

over goldengrove unleaving...

I'm really enjoying the beautiful weather lately. It's great going outside in the sunshine and walking through the leaves.


Fall always reminds me of this poem, for some reason:

"Spring and Fall to a young child" by Gerard Manley Hopkins

M�RGAR�T, �re you gr�eving
Over Goldengrove unleaving?
Le�ves, l�ke the things of man, you
With your fresh thoughts care for, can you?
�h! �s the heart grows older
It will come to such sights colder
By and by, nor spare a sigh
Though worlds of wanwood leafmeal lie;
And yet you w�ll weep and know why.
Now no matter, child, the name:
S�rrow's spr�ngs �re the same.
Nor mouth had, no nor mind, expressed
What heart heard of, ghost guessed:
It �s the blight man was born for,
It is Margaret you mourn for.

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Category: music

10/11/07 05:15 - 58ºF - ID#41604

dylan concert

I had a great time at the concert with Aaron. I liked Amos Lee, and Dylan was good (though his voice was in bad shape). The best act of the three was definitely Elvis Costello. He sounded incredible, and was great at interacting with the audience. I loved his versions of Red Shoes, Veronica, Oliver's Army, and I Can't Stand Up for Falling Down.

Here is a picture of Elvis playing (though it's hard to see him):


The best part of last weekend was getting to see Aaron.

Here's a picture of us (definitely not a good picture of me, but it's a good one of Aaron):

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Category: news

10/06/07 11:42 - 75ºF - ID#41516

pirate treasure found in Cape Cod

I have trouble figuring out how to embed youtube on here, so I thought I'd send a link:

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Category: albany

10/03/07 09:46 - 68ºF - ID#41471

things I like about Albany

I realize I've been kind of a downer lately, so without further ado...
Top 10 things I like about living in Albany (hope it was okay if I did a top 10 list, (e:drew)):

1. Albany has an interesting blend of history and culture.
2. The countryside is really pretty, and its near the Adirondacks and Catskills.
3. I'm close to the cities I've always wanted to see- NYC, Boston, Montreal. I'm also near New England, which I also hope to travel around.
4. There's lot of museums and cultural events going on.
5. It's really convenient to be in the state capital.
6. I'm very grateful to have a steady job and insurance here.
7. Although my classes have been stressful, I really enjoy the class conversations. My professors are very good, too. I feel stimulated and motivated.
8. It is nice to get to some of my cousins from my dad's family who live here better.
9. There are some great diners here, and uncommon Grounds is good for my java fix (thanks (e:James)).
10. I have my very own apartment (I always shared my living space with other people).
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Category: life

10/02/07 11:48 - 60ºF - ID#41450

living arrangements

I've decided I'd like to live with either a puppy or a guy. Since I don't think the "living with a guy" thing will work out soon... I kind of like the thought of having a puppy. Maybe if I find a place that allows animals or something.

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Category: life

09/29/07 09:11 - 60ºF - ID#41410

another post

(e:Jenks) gave me some good advice about something, and it helped me out a lot. It made me see things in a different way than I had been. I appreciated having that perspective from someone who was willing to say it like it really was.

It hurts about what has happened over the past few months, but there's very good things that came about as a result of that hurt.

Work hasn't been going that well. I can't get into the situation on a public forum like this..but it's definitely not the best. I have been enjoying my classes (though the workload is very stressful). I especially like my state and society seminar. We get guest speakers each week from the department who introduce us to different fields and specialties. It's fun to have new professors every week. I still don't really know anyone that well. Most people are nice, but they are mostly just people I talk to about school stuff. Hopefully, that will start to change. I think they need an albany estrip or something.

Aaron's coming up next week, and we're going to see Dylan and Costello! I'm so psyched, it helps me get through the drugery of the days. Then, the next week, my sister and her boyfriend are coming up for a visit.

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Category: news

09/27/07 01:14 - 61ºF - ID#41358

anti-democracy crackdown in Burma

I guess not much in the news is shocking anymore, but it chilled my spine to think of soldiers going into temples and beating/killing monks.
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Category: life

09/26/07 09:49 - 73ºF - ID#41336

i thought this was kind of cool...

Scientists find new species in Vietnam 1 hour, 23 minutes ago

HANOI, Vietnam - Scientists have discovered 11 new species of plants and animals in Vietnam, including a snake, two butterflies and five orchid varieties, the Worldwide Fund for Nature (WWF) said Wednesday.

The new species were found in a remote region known as the "Green Corridor" in Thua Thien Hue province in central Vietnam, it said.

"You only discover so many new species in very special places, and the Green Corridor is one of them," Chris Dickinson, WWF's chief technical adviser in the region, said in a statement.

The new snake species, the white-lipped keelback, generally lives close to streams and eats frogs and other small animals, WWF said. It has a yellow-white stripe along its head, red dots over its body and can reach a length of 31.5 inches.

The new butterfly species are among eight discovered in Thua Thien Hue since 1996. One is a "skipper," a butterfly that flies in a quick, darting motion. It is from the genus Zela. The other is from a new genus in the subfamily Satyrinae.

Three of the new orchid species are leafless, which is unusual for orchids, WWF said.

The other new plant species include one in the aspidistra family, which produces a black flower and can subsist in low light, and an arum, which produces yellow flowers surrounded by funnel-shaped leaves, it said.

"It's great news for Vietnam," said Bernard O'Callaghan, Vietnam program coordinator for the World Conservation Union. "The jungles and mountains of Vietnam are fascinating places and they continue to surprise scientists."

All the new species are exclusive to tropical forests in Vietnam's Annamites mountain range, which offers unique habitats.

All species in the area are under threat from illegal logging, hunting and development.

Many threatened species live in the Green Corridor, including the white-cheeked crested gibbon, one of the world's most endangered primates.

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