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Category: music

06/30/07 06:22 - 56ºF - ID#39855


Lately, I've really been getting into podcasts for my i-pod shuffle. I like to listen to some of the programs from NPR-such as Democracy Now and Science Friday. Actually, a really cool NPR program that is podcasted on I-tunes is called "All Songs Considered". All Songs Considered features a few select artists each week. Sometimes they are indie or unknown artists; other times they are established mainstream performers. It introduced me to some new bands/artists that I like- "Ok Gogol" (Ukranian rock lounge band), Elizabeth Cook (country singer), the National, and Hypernova (Iranian Stroke-esque rock group).

They Might Be Giants, Hem, and Wilco both have their own feeds. It's interesting to have performers discuss their songwriting process while they play their own songs.

What programs do you listen to?
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Category: photos

06/27/07 07:16 - 78ºF - ID#39823

a couple of pictures


I took some photos of Lake Erie on my way home last week (I spent some time visiting some friends in Buffalo).


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Category: dating

06/26/07 04:38 - 68ºF - ID#39810


T. and I aren't together anymore. I guess we haven't been for awhile now. It wasn't a formal kind of break up where you sit down and say hey, "I'm breaking up with you". We were never fully together. Sometimes he would say that we were during the year and a half; and then other times it would be like we weren't. I guess the way that I saw it was that I knew he had been through a lot. Maybe if I had been through some of what he had, I would have reacted the same way.

He had used the "love" word and the "relationship" word at different points and then backed down from it. So I allowed myself to hold onto a lot of false hope. I held on thinking that because he had said all those kinds of things before; that maybe he would again. I guess you can say I was a naive person. It is a difficult situation when one person is in love with someone, and the other isn't. It was hard on me, but I imagine it also was hard on him... because it put a lot of pressure on him for not wanting/feeling the same things back. I have felt bad and guilty about putting that pressure on him.

He's a wonderful person in a lot of ways. I want him to be happy. I honestly want him to have someone in his life that he truly does love. Right now, it's weird figuring out how much I should care or not care, how much I should call him, etc. Hopefully, it will feel normal again sometime soon.

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Category: music

06/21/07 06:26 - 80ºF - ID#39757

thursday at the square

I hope you guys will have a great time at the Violent Femmes tonight! I wish I could be there:).

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Category: life

06/13/07 02:46 - 79ºF - ID#39640

just thought i'd update

I'll have to print out (e:joshua)'s latest posts about the political candidates. It looks interesting. I don't know much about many of the candidates that are running. Which is kind of lame, considering the primary is coming up not too long from now.

I'm doing okay. I've been back in Jimmytown for awhile now. It's been nice being able to spend more time with my family and friends here, though, I wish I still had an opportunity to do all the fun stuff going on in Buffalo. I miss everyone there a lot. I hope to stay up there with some friends for awhile sometime over the summer for a couple of days.

(e:lilho), (e:ladycroft), (e:anne), (e:mk), (e:tinypliny), and (e:fellyconnelly)- I hope your moves are going well.

I applied to a bunch of places for jobs, but nothing has come through yet. I've been busy with other stuff that I've been behind on, though. Haven't felt well lately. I've been trying PT and accupuncture, though- and they have seemed to help a little bit.

There's things that made me feel down, but I feel hopeful that everything will turn out okay. You probably better not quote me on that, though.

Have a great day, everyone.

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Category: religion

06/06/07 09:16 - 60ºF - ID#39557

finding religion

It seems as though there a lot of posts on theology and Paris Hilton lately on estrip. I found an article that combines both:

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