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Category: albany

01/29/08 03:08 - 45ºF - ID#43082

some people

I read that the Kennedy’s are endorsing Obama. That surprised me a little bit, as I thought they were friends of the Clintons. Obama’s run seems slightly reminiscent of JFK’s, in my opinion. In both cases, it seems that both run on a message of hope and optimism for the future, without outlying concrete steps to achieve it. Both were/are relatively young and charismatic. I definitely like Obama, but I’d also like to have a more solid sense of what he stands for.

Work is going well. I really like the Professor that I’m working under this semester. We are doing a general US History II survey, and it’s been interesting getting a review of a lot of things that I had long forgotten, such as Reconstruction. I’ve been to one class so far- a seminar class on the Civil Rights Movement. Tonight, I have a reading seminar for the history of public health.

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Category: news

01/22/08 04:33 - ID#42986

roe vs. wade

I'm back in Albany. I start work tommorow, and class on thursday. I'm looking forward to it. I've been feeling blue lately about having to leave my family and friends back home. I also miss Buffalo. I've been feeling pretty homesick. I am thinking about going to see Ani Difranco in concert this week, as she is playing downtown. I probably shouldn't go because I shouldn't spend the money on the ticket. On the other hand, she's one of my favorite musicians, and I always wanted to see her a second time (I saw her back in 2002).

Today is the 35th anniversary of Roe vs. Wade. I was reading about how abortion rates have been decreasing:

I'm pro-choice, but I've always felt uneasy about the fact that I am pro-choice. I feel as though I should not have the right to tell another woman what to do with her body, especially when I've never walked through her shoes. Had my life turned out differently in certain points, I might have made the choice to terminate a pregnancy. I never became pregnant, but I've become aware of how quick your life can become permanently changed from another person's actions.

But I also feel uncomfortable about abortion, because I do feel that there is a developing human life that is lost when someone has an abortion. I always feel that whatever position I look at the issue from, I'm a little bit in the wrong. So hopefully, my views here aren't too offensive to anyone on here.

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Category: life

01/18/08 03:29 - 27ºF - ID#42938

solving the puzzle

This is a video of a guy solving a rubik's cube with a blindfold on:

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Category: music

01/10/08 08:38 - 30ºF - ID#42815

itunes card

I want to thank my (e:strip) secret santa.

I just got my itunes card in the mail yesterday- what a great surprise! I loved it. I bought "the toaster's" retrospective cd and a liz janes lp. Thank you so very much, to the person who sent it. That was the perfect gift.
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Category: dating

01/08/08 03:53 - 65ºF - ID#42790

the holidays

The holidays turned out really nice. I spent a few days before Christmas at Aaron's. I got to meet his brother and some more of his extended family over dinner. For Christmas, he gave me an emerald necklace, which was so beautiful. No guy had ever given me anything like that before. It meant a lot to me that he wanted me to meet all of his family.

I spent Christmas at my grandparents in Olean, then I went to a couple of friend's holiday parties. I went to Pittsburgh for a rheumatologist appointment and my bloodwork came back good. I was having some problems with liver functioning and blood cell counts, so it was a relief that is okay again. I've had bad arthritis lately, but its managable.

I went back on the 30th to Brockport for Aaron's 30th birthday. We had dinner with his mom, sister, and brother in law. On New Years Eve, we went to Rochester to see the "Golden Compass" and then go out for dinner at a great micro-brewery. I liked how the Golden Compass turned out, though part of the ending from the book was cut out of the movie. Later, we snuggled into bed with some ice cream and watched some tv. I wish I could have made it to the estrip party, but I couldn't imagine having a better time than I did with Aaron:).

Lately, I've been working on some research and school-related things. There's a lot of things I should do, unfortunately, I'm not a motivated person at all. I'm supposed to go back to Albany in less than two weeks. I have mixed-feelings about this. I'm looking forward to classes and seeing most of the people back there, but work hasn't been so great. Hopefully, this semester will go better than the previous semester in that respect. I'm grateful I still have a job, though.

Speaking of work, I should probably go do some...

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