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Category: tech

08/11/08 10:51 - ID#45310

cyber warfare

Apparently, Russia and Georgia is at war. I didn't even knew they were fighting, but I guess its been a long-term conflict that has recently escalated.

The strange thing about is that hackers in the Russian Federation is actively attacking governmental, military, and personal sites in Georgia. Hackers spam the sites to the point where they stopped running. It's considered by some to be cyber warfare.

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Category: tech

04/12/08 08:32 - ID#43993

a (silly) question

I was wondering... if you had to make a choice between Internet Explorer and Safari as a web browser, which one would you pick? I've always had IE, and recently Safari was downloaded for me along with the newest version of Itunes. I was trying to figure which would be the best as my default browser.

It was another gorgeous, warm day here. I love it! I went to a coffee shop and just sat outdoors and did my work. I felt so much better to be able to do that in the fresh air.

The sky today:

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Category: tech

11/12/07 03:29 - ID#42097

bad luck

In the course of the past two weeks, I've had some misshaps. My computer has died (all files gone and unrecoverable). I lost my USB drive in the library today with my school files. Some were saved in another place, some not. My attendance files for the TA class are gone, though I saved most of the paper records for it. My TV stopped working. My DVD player no longer works.

I guess I wasn't suited for a world of techology, heh.
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Category: tech

08/04/07 12:56 - ID#40376

jess goes hi-tech

Do you guys know of any books or websites that might show me how to install a new cd/dvd drive for my computer (an HP laptop.)? The cd drive on my laptop has been broken quite awhile and I'm thinking of buying one to replace it (at or something like that). The problem at hand is that I tend to be a computer moron.
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