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03/23/08 06:44 - 32ºF - ID#43771

spring holidays

So I've been on vacation since thursday. I'm here in Jimmytown for a few more days.

Friday was Purim:

(for the megillah reading, people often dress in costume and boo/cheer with noisemakers.

(Hamantashen... a really good pastry that is often made at Purim).

My mom, who went to temple with me.

My sister, who I think is beautiful:

Last night, I hit the local bars with Roberta. The funny thing is that we didn't really drink anything-we just met up with our friend Matt and some people that we know. It was pretty fun. We also went for coffee at this fun greasy spoon place near my house and talked about old times. Her baby has grown so much. I've only been gone a few months, but she's already walking and has teeth now.

Today, I went to church with my dad. I'm not too much of a church person, but it was nice going with him.

Crazy Me:
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03/14/08 05:40 - 44ºF - ID#43669

what we all do behind your back

I'm somewhat ashamed to admit this, but once in awhile, I look up my students on facebook.(Hopefully, that doesn't make me some horrifying stalker type). I think its mostly because I am curious who they are. You only see such a small slice of them in class (usually of being disinterested). So it's kind of interesting seeing aspects of their actual personalities and interests that I wouldn't get to otherwise.

It does surprise me a little just how much information some of them put out publically about themselves. It seems unsafe to me to put information such as your address, phone number, workplace, class schedule, etc. public for everyone to read. Plus, I wouldn't put stuff about drinking and/or sex out in the open like that when I know professors or employers could read it. maybe I'm just paranoid about stuff like this.

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