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Category: life

04/28/07 07:47 - 42ºF - ID#39070

oh, so random...

I have this wierd feeling that either Estrip or Paul's blog is going to win the artvoice award. Somehow, I just know one of them will win. So don't worry, (e:Paul).

Oh, and I went to Grandma Mora's on Hertel yesterday with my best friend Kristi. The food was decent and the margarita was inexpensive and tasty. I think I liked Cozumel a little better, though. The atmosphere at Cozumel is pretty fun.

I'm trying to finish up my thesis like a mad fiend... that's the rest of my life.

I would have written this in haikus, but I think (e:carolinian) is the master:).

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Category: thoughts

04/22/07 06:40 - 69ºF - ID#39003

earth day

Happy Earth Day!

It's a really beautiful day. The sky is so clear and sunny. I woke up feeling sick from the lupus this morning, but as soon as I went out for a walk- I felt so much better. It was great to sit outside in the breeze.

In recent years, the current presidential administration hasn't seemed to put the environment as much of a public policy priority as they really should have (I don't mean to single out the most recent one entirely- many leaders didn't care that much). Hopefully, that trend will reverse. There are so many interesting ideas out there to use new technologies that would combat polution, sustain our fossil fuels, and improve the quality of resources around the world. I hope greed and shortsightedness won't thwart this.

There is a lot that can't be undone, but there is still the possibility that we can turn things around for the better (if only we make it a priority).
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Category: life

04/19/07 07:43 - 58ºF - ID#38963

the chef

Don't believe me when I say that I cook dishes like "Palak Paneer" and "navratan kurma" and "couscous". I can't cook worth anything. I honestly would like to, but I tend to make things implode (or is it explode?). I really just get those already prepared meals in a box at Wegmans, and I microwave them. It's cool to be able to tell people I make meals like that, though:).

I was able to register for classes for the fall. I wasn't able to get into one of the classes I was required to take, but I think I can get that worked out. I found out with the TA stuff that I don't have to teach any classes next year. I just grade papers and help students in large classes. I'm so glad that I don't actually have to teach my first year.

I'm taking:
American Cultural History of the 1950's
American Environmental History
The Politics of Memory (studying communist and fascist regimes)

I'm glad to be back in Buffalo. It's so warm out! Well, I probably better get back to work. I hope all of you will have a wonderful weekend.

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Category: albany

04/18/07 05:09 - 44ºF - ID#38943

so far

I'm in Albany right now. i went up there to put a few things in place with school. I really like it there, so far. The campus is very modern, but appealing looking. I went to Disability Services, and they were a huge help and were very nice. They have power scooters that people can use for the day anytime they need one. That would be a huge help, with the arthritis. Plus, they have adaptive technology so that I don't have to write by hand anymore. They gave me the lowdown on a lot of the university information I needed.

The one problem I've been having is finding housing. The entire campus housing is booked up already. I'm trying to find an apartment on the busline. I think I will find one okay, but it's kind of difficult being in Buffalo. Residence Life was disheartening to deal with, and the person we spoke with was pretty rude. Maybe she was having a tough day, though. I know it's not an easy job. Tommorow, I meet with my advisor to hopefully register for classes and find out more about the teaching job.

It was good to get away from everything. My Aunt and Uncle lives in Albany, and I went out to lunch with them and my parents. We went to this fancy chain restaurant called the Cheesecake Factory. I had never been there before. It was kind of pricy, but the food was good. Especially their key lime cheesecake:).
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Category: news

04/16/07 02:10 - 37ºF - ID#38918

virgina shootings

You wonder what could lead someone to go on a shooting rampage that would kill dozens of innocent people. What inside their brain snaps? What leads them on a path like that? Are people who do something like that always mentally ill, or are some of them just evil?

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Category: dating

04/15/07 08:55 - 33ºF - ID#38896

i wish...

I talked to the boy for a few minutes last night. He called me during a break on the Sabres game. That meant a lot to me. Usually, the hockey game is always a sacred time for him, not to be interrupted by anything. He sounded happy for me when I told him Albany- he was supportive about it.

I wish i could have been able to really talk to him about it as far as us goes. I probably won't have a chance for awhile, because he's so busy with everything. He has to write forty pages worth of papers for college, he has paperwork from his business, all kinds of crazy stuff. Which I understand, and feel bad for him about.

What's hard is that I know there is no possibility for a long distance thing. I didn't have the chance to talk to him about it. One of the first times I ever hungout with him, he had told me that he would never do a long-distance relationship with someone again. He's told me that numerous times since. He had a really bad experience in the past with someone he loved in which he was in a long-distance relationship with. I may want it, but it would be unrealistic of me to think it would even work if he actually wanted it.

I am really happy for all these good things coming up in my life, but the thought of not having him with me hurts so much.
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Category: books and writing

04/13/07 10:39 - 33ºF - ID#38877


All time is all time. It does not change. It does not lend itself to warnings or explanations. It simply is. Take it moment by moment, and you will find that we are all, as I've said before, bugs in amber.
Kurt Vonnegut, Slaughterhouse V

My friend sent this to me:


(Thank you guys for all the encouraging comments on the last entry! I really appreciate it).
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Category: albany

04/12/07 02:46 - 47ºF - ID#38860


I just got an email today from SUNY Albany. They just offered me a teaching assistantship that opened up. Three years of financial support from the department, plus my tuition is paid for. I also get health insurance. I teach a class or two a semester.

I can't believe it... I'm just shocked. I'm so excited to have the chance to get the doctorate, and to teach. I can't wait.

The hard part is going to be leaving Buffalo. I'm going to miss the city a lot, and especially miss all my friends here. That's the part that makes my heart ache. I'm 24, but I've only ever lived in Jamestown and Buffalo. I'm not leaving Buffalo till the end of the summer, though. I'm going to finish up my thesis, and work at central library for awhile.

Wow, I feel so wierd... but so happy at the same time.
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Category: buffalo

04/10/07 06:58 - 41ºF - ID#38841

Rust Belt

Oh, I forgot to mention that I stopped into Rust Belt Books today. I had never been there before. It's really awesome! A lot of great used books at good prices. It seems to have some unique kinds of books that you wouldn't normally find elsewhere.

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04/10/07 06:50 - 41ºF - ID#38840


I went on two job interviews today, and they both went well. I was hired at the first job I went to, which was a telemarketing job. It pays decent, but not something I really want to do all that much. Still, it's good to have it as an option.

The second job interview was at central library, for a part-time assistant position. That's the job I am still waiting to hear about, and the one I hope I can get (I'm not really sure if I will be hired, though). It pays a little less than the telemarketing job, but it has more opportunities for advancement and promotion. I might be able to get promoted to work as an assistant with local history/archives. Plus, I just think it would be fun to work in the library.

Both positions would start at the beginning of May, so I am going to use the next couple of weeks to crunch down on finishing up my thesis as much as possible.

I was rejected at the doctoral program at UB. I think what I am going to do is defer admission to the SUNY Albany program for a semester or maybe a year, save up some money to live on and reapply for an assistantship, and then possibly go. Or maybe apply to UB law for next year. I'm interested a lot in different facets of activist law, as well as cultural and intellectual property law.

So that's my version of a boring update:).
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