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Some links and articles I found lately that I thought were kind of cool:

Free Punk Mp3's


(Article on myth and literature in videogames)

I've really gotten into the Sabres lately! Which is a little strange, because up until this season, I knew nothing about hockey. I guess I just find it exciting that we made it this far and might possibly make it to the Stanley Cup. I hope we win the next game in North Carolina!
(I should actually try to find a way to watch the games, but I find it more fun to call up a friend of mine and get the details from him. He's very colorful in his descriptions!). He was telling me about all the stuff that people have actually done with the "Stanley Cup" itself over the years... the stories are pretty crazy.

Another thing Tom was telling me about... there's actually a man out there named "Stanley Cup" who loves hockey. Everytime he goes into a bar, all the bartenders will give everyone there a free round because Mr. Cup came.
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Entertainment in my town

It's been awhile. I wish I could have made it to the e-strip party, but thanks to Paul for emailing me.

I'm back in Jamestown for the summer. I'm saving money by living with my folks until I need to be back for classes in the fall. It's definitely nice being with my family and friends, but to be honest, Jamestown is not exactly the most thrilling of places. Our big excitement is the fact that they just built a "Super Wal-Mart".

Fortunately, I get to go back up to Buffalo quite a bit because I'm doing some museum work, and I'm also taking a class to start working on my thesis. So it's all good.

You know what's kind of strange? It's when you're at a concert or something, and a guy is standing really closely next to you, or behind you... and then he'll keep smiling at you while he looks you up and down with his eyes. And he won't actually talk to you either, but he'll stand in exactly the same position. You'll turn a bit, then he'll turn a bit and so forth. Its creepy.

Do you ever get picked up in really atypical places? One for me that has always surprised me is the library. You would not think that it would be a magnet for romance. I've always wondered why I seem to meet guys in libraries like this. Plus, there's always the people who try to ask you out at bus stops or bus stations. Usually they ask you if you want to go some place where they could use their senior citizen discount or something! I mean, I'm sure we can all find true love on Greyhound, but still....
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