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Category: albany

05/02/09 12:17 - ID#48564


Last month, I traveled through the Adirondacks for the first time when I went with Aaron to see his family in Northern New York. I've never really seen anything like it in person before. I think I've fallen in love with the mountains. I breathe easier when I'm there.

I'm looking for a new place. I want to spend a little less than I am now, and live on my own again. I think I found a complex that I like. It's on the bus line from the University, has utilities included, has a laundromat, and it is next to a beautiful little park. It also seems very safe and quiet.

It's strange to me how many times I've moved over the past three years. I think I counted about six places. I honestly miss Buffalo so much. I miss the people there.

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Category: albany

03/14/08 05:40 - ID#43669

what we all do behind your back

I'm somewhat ashamed to admit this, but once in awhile, I look up my students on facebook.(Hopefully, that doesn't make me some horrifying stalker type). I think its mostly because I am curious who they are. You only see such a small slice of them in class (usually of being disinterested). So it's kind of interesting seeing aspects of their actual personalities and interests that I wouldn't get to otherwise.

It does surprise me a little just how much information some of them put out publically about themselves. It seems unsafe to me to put information such as your address, phone number, workplace, class schedule, etc. public for everyone to read. Plus, I wouldn't put stuff about drinking and/or sex out in the open like that when I know professors or employers could read it. maybe I'm just paranoid about stuff like this.

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Category: albany

01/29/08 03:08 - ID#43082

some people

I read that the Kennedy’s are endorsing Obama. That surprised me a little bit, as I thought they were friends of the Clintons. Obama’s run seems slightly reminiscent of JFK’s, in my opinion. In both cases, it seems that both run on a message of hope and optimism for the future, without outlying concrete steps to achieve it. Both were/are relatively young and charismatic. I definitely like Obama, but I’d also like to have a more solid sense of what he stands for.

Work is going well. I really like the Professor that I’m working under this semester. We are doing a general US History II survey, and it’s been interesting getting a review of a lot of things that I had long forgotten, such as Reconstruction. I’ve been to one class so far- a seminar class on the Civil Rights Movement. Tonight, I have a reading seminar for the history of public health.

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Category: albany

12/15/07 11:04 - ID#42523

adventures in albany

I went to see Enchanted at the beginning of this week. I see why it came so highly recommended by many of you. It's not the type of movie I usually watch, but I found it to be funny and charming. Amy Adams has a lot of talent. Plus, Dr. Dreamy is in it. That's worth the price alone.

I had my first ever glass of champagne on weds. It was good! No wonder people like it so much. One of my profs was serving us glasses at an end of the semester party for some of the grad students and faculty. I definitely enjoyed the party and thought it was fun, but I felt somewhat self-conscious. Most people there were sophisticated and well-traveled, and obviously, I am not really either of those things. I'm just this girl from a small-town.

I met up with some of my friends on thursday night, for karaoke at a place called Pintos. It was my first time going through the lark st. neighborhood. It's neat... lark reminds me of allentown in Buffalo. Lots of bars and small businesses. My friend Matt sang some cheesy eighties songs, christmas tunes, and even a Hank Williams number. I think it made him happy that I told him that he sounded like Bob Dylan. (I didn't tell him which Bob Dylan era, heh). Seriously, though, he was good.

I'm all done with my classes. A few more days of TA stuff, then I'm headed back to WNY for the holidays. I'm looking forward to it.

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10/03/07 09:46 - ID#41471

things I like about Albany

I realize I've been kind of a downer lately, so without further ado...
Top 10 things I like about living in Albany (hope it was okay if I did a top 10 list, (e:drew)):

1. Albany has an interesting blend of history and culture.
2. The countryside is really pretty, and its near the Adirondacks and Catskills.
3. I'm close to the cities I've always wanted to see- NYC, Boston, Montreal. I'm also near New England, which I also hope to travel around.
4. There's lot of museums and cultural events going on.
5. It's really convenient to be in the state capital.
6. I'm very grateful to have a steady job and insurance here.
7. Although my classes have been stressful, I really enjoy the class conversations. My professors are very good, too. I feel stimulated and motivated.
8. It is nice to get to some of my cousins from my dad's family who live here better.
9. There are some great diners here, and uncommon Grounds is good for my java fix (thanks (e:James)).
10. I have my very own apartment (I always shared my living space with other people).
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08/24/07 02:22 - ID#40710

i can't believe August is almost over

From my last post:
(e:james)- I don't think I'm by Lark Str. But I will definitely have to check out the burritos and the pizza!
(e:lizabeth)- It was metro 20. Thanks very much:).
(e:libertad)- thanks you so much!

I've been using a lot to find music and documents.
I found a bunch of tori amos Mp3's:

I'm doing well. I went to orientation yesterday. It was a long day, but I enjoyed it. The most helpful part was the morning sessions. They had a bunch of teaching workshops; showing you different techniques you could utilize. The second part of the day was mostly about being a grad student and the various things that you should do to get ready for classes.

They also had a panel discussion of grad students. One of the students spoke about his experiences being both deaf and legally blind. He's getting his PhD in chemistry. Sign language is so awesome. It's amazing to me how people can move their hands so fast. I would love to learn how to sign sometime.

Today, I had a lot of errands around campus to run and my arthritis has been kicking up lately, so I borrowed a scooter for the day from disability services. Some people have stared at me and it makes me feel kind of awkward. Like I'm supposed to not stare back at the people who are staring at me. Most people are cool, though.
Take care and have a great weekend, (e:peeps)!
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Category: albany

08/22/07 12:56 - ID#40669

i like diners

I made it to Albany tonight. I like my new place so far. It's a small studio apartment, but it feels comfortable. It was already furnished, so I didn't have to bring much up other than my clothes and books. I have internet and cable included with my utilities. It's also right next to Dunkin Donuts, which could be a good or bad thing depending on how you look at it...

We stopped at this great diner for dinner on western avenue(?). It was decorated in an awesome retro 60's style. It had your regular diner foods, but it also had a bar with all kinds of mixed drinks. I had a terrific corned beef on rye sandwich.

Good night, epeeps.

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04/18/07 05:09 - ID#38943

so far

I'm in Albany right now. i went up there to put a few things in place with school. I really like it there, so far. The campus is very modern, but appealing looking. I went to Disability Services, and they were a huge help and were very nice. They have power scooters that people can use for the day anytime they need one. That would be a huge help, with the arthritis. Plus, they have adaptive technology so that I don't have to write by hand anymore. They gave me the lowdown on a lot of the university information I needed.

The one problem I've been having is finding housing. The entire campus housing is booked up already. I'm trying to find an apartment on the busline. I think I will find one okay, but it's kind of difficult being in Buffalo. Residence Life was disheartening to deal with, and the person we spoke with was pretty rude. Maybe she was having a tough day, though. I know it's not an easy job. Tommorow, I meet with my advisor to hopefully register for classes and find out more about the teaching job.

It was good to get away from everything. My Aunt and Uncle lives in Albany, and I went out to lunch with them and my parents. We went to this fancy chain restaurant called the Cheesecake Factory. I had never been there before. It was kind of pricy, but the food was good. Especially their key lime cheesecake:).
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04/12/07 02:46 - ID#38860


I just got an email today from SUNY Albany. They just offered me a teaching assistantship that opened up. Three years of financial support from the department, plus my tuition is paid for. I also get health insurance. I teach a class or two a semester.

I can't believe it... I'm just shocked. I'm so excited to have the chance to get the doctorate, and to teach. I can't wait.

The hard part is going to be leaving Buffalo. I'm going to miss the city a lot, and especially miss all my friends here. That's the part that makes my heart ache. I'm 24, but I've only ever lived in Jamestown and Buffalo. I'm not leaving Buffalo till the end of the summer, though. I'm going to finish up my thesis, and work at central library for awhile.

Wow, I feel so wierd... but so happy at the same time.
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03/24/07 05:07 - ID#38606


I was having the worst day yesterday... but I got some good news. I actually got accepted into a PhD program, at the history department at SUNY Albany. I don't think I am actually going to go there, for a number of reasons. One is that I have always loved Buffalo and the city here, and I don't really want to leave. The second reason is I really hope to get into the program at UB (it's very good), and I am still waiting to hearfrom them. Three is that I have no idea whether I will be able to get any funding for the Albany program, and there is not way I can go for a doctorate without funding. I'm just so psyched that I didn't get rejected to all three schools that I applied to. I got a rejection through email from Binghamton that was kind of nasty. So I am hoping either things will work out with UB or that I will find a good job in Buffalo, but I am glad to have a remote backup out there if all else fails.
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