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Category: news

02/28/08 04:22 - 13ºF - ID#43500

american prisons

1 in 100 US Adults are currently behind bars:

That does not seem like a good thing for the most part, on many levels.

Oh, and I agree with you (e:metalpeter) about "Across the Universe". I love that movie, and thought the music and the visuals for it was awesome. They should have nominated songs from it, but I think it had to be an original song.
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Category: news

02/25/08 10:34 - 26ºF - ID#43452

primaries and oscars

Thanks (e:ladycroft) and (e:leetee) for the comments from my last post. I'm doing okay. I was kind of sad for the past couple of days, and really missing somebody- but I'm feeling better today.

I actually watched the Oscars last night while I worked on some school stuff. It wasn't bad. I mostly wanted to see it because Jon Stewart was hosting the show. The Oscar Orchestra is annoying, though. I hate how they cut into people's speeches.

I think the primaries have been the real entertainment this year. It's been the most interesting primary season that I've seen in my lifetime (granted, I was born in 1982).
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Category: poems

02/23/08 09:30 - 23ºF - ID#43440

turned to blue


"My life has turned to blue" Maya Angelou

Our summer's gone,
the golden days are through.
The rosy dawns I used to
wake with you
have turned to gray,
my life has turned to blue.

The once-green lawns
glisten now with dew.
Red robin's gone,
down to the South he flew.
Left here alone,
my life has turned to blue.

I've heard the new
that winter too will pass,
that spring's a sign
that summer's due at last.
But until I see you
lying in green grass,
my life has turned to blue.
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Category: news

02/13/08 09:20 - 19ºF - ID#43317

a freeby divorce giveaway

Oh, man... a radio station in West Virginia is having a contest to give away a "free divorce" for Valentine's Day:

Because nothing says "I love you" like a divorce contest. Anyway, I hope all of you will have a nice Valentine's Day. I realize the contrived nature of the holiday, but I guess I still have a soft spot for it. I'm not really doing anything special tomorrow, but hopefully, Aaron may be able to come up on Sunday for a visit.

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Category: life

02/03/08 07:37 - 31ºF - ID#43162

football and politics

I guess I have to go with (e:lilho) about the whole superbowl thing. I don't really have anything against it, it's just that I'm not a football watcher in general. I never got into sports much. If I do watch sports, it will be hockey, and that's only because people in Buffalo got me into the Sabres. Either way, though, I hope it's an exciting game for anyone watching it.

I hope (e:James) won't be too appalled that I forgot to register to vote for the primary on tuesday. I'm registered in Buffalo, but I forgot to register when I moved here. I promise I will register soon!
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