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10/28/08 03:23 - 40ºF - ID#46388

Condiment Moratorium

I'm establishing a moratorium on disturbing condiment products such as baconnaise and mayostard. Some things just aren't meant to exist, and the combination of bacon and mayo is one of them. Why is stoner cuisine gaining legitimacy? Look - I understand the novelty, and perhaps the product is good. Nothing, however, will replace the crunch of salty, smoky bacon on a sandwich. I can understand the pull with vegetarians/vegans, but even those people can get the faux bacon. I need crunch with the bacon flavor and can't understand those who might slather an unholy product such as that on a sandwich! Deep down you know it's wrong.

If you are curious about what the pinnacle of mustard production is, please check out this link - - Maille of Paris. This boutique was featured in Andrew Zimmern's Bizarre Foods, on the Travel Channel. Here they pull mustard out of a tap like a pint of stout, except the pint glass is substituted with small earthenware. Any wacky flavor you can imagine has been produced here. They've been at it for over 250 years so you'd think they might have exhausted their flavor options. Personally I'd like to know what mustard tasted like 250 years ago, rather than try a lavender or thai spice mustard. Are you are jerk at this store if you buy "original flavor?"
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10/24/08 02:03 - 52ºF - ID#46304

Upcoming Trip (Maybe)

I'm trying to weasel my way back here -





The pacific northwest came back around... and there is a lot to do. I definitely am going to talk my boss into letting me go.
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10/23/08 01:53 - 48ºF - ID#46276

The Dark Side of the Music Business

With emphasis on business. I promise this will be worth your time, more than anything I've posted. Many bands get into the game with absolutely no wherewithal regarding business acumen, and many times they make incredibly naive decisions. Here is one of the funniest illustrations of what I'm talking about, conducted by the leaders of the 60's band The Turtles. It really is a tragic story - these guys were railroaded very badly. It is amazing they can take the piss like they do - this had Jay and I LOLing last night. the one with the big hair teaches a music business course at Belmont University in Nashville these days.

I wouldn't leave you hanging - here's a song to cheer everybody up. I can't even explain to you in words what this song can do to snap me out of a bad mood. Buddhists have claimed that the Beach Boys' "Good Vibrations" is so perfect that it even has spiritual healing qualities. On a personal level, this song serves the same purpose for me. Music from the past allows me to escape from the chaos of today, if for just a little while. Damn I love this song!

Have a good day everyone -

Your friend Josh
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10/22/08 07:56 - 38ºF - ID#46259

Music Picture Game

No cheating. Who are the folks in this picture? These four could be classified as late 60's/early 70's musical royalty.


No prize, except for a hearty well done - sorry!
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10/21/08 04:06 - 39ºF - ID#46235

F You, F you, F you - you're cool...

F you, I'm out!

One of the most spectacular resignations I've ever seen. This would definitely be me if I had a hedge fund that gutted the aggressive guys on Wall St. and made me 8 figures as a consequence of taking advantage of greed.
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10/13/08 12:40 - 62ºF - ID#46088

Liberals are mean-spirited people.

Generally speaking this is true. You may find this video of a McCain march through the UWS in Manhattan interesting -

We live in America in 2008 and yet we have grown men and women acting like the spoiled, ridiculous children that they are.

Now, I'm sure I'm going to read various comments from some of you suggesting that I'm cherry picking, but let's nip that at the bud right here and now. If I led a McCain march down Elmwood, or in SF, or in Boston, or in Chicago, or in Los Angeles, the scene would be identical to what you've just watched. Nowhere in America will you find Republicans shouting down liberals in the middle of the street. Let's forego the pretense of general decency on the side of the left - they threw it away when they spat on their brothers and sisters coming home from Vietnam. Now that sort of idiot is in Congress, and they STILL cannot accept responsibility for their own actions.

Now, I'll give liberals at least some credit - long ago they abandoned the notion that they are the tolerant ones. Nevertheless it is important for people to see these sorts of videos because it sheds light on the base of support for Barack Obama. If you support Barack Obama, you are lining yourselves up in alliance with people like this. There isn't a shred of decency to share between them. I would never vote for a liberal Democrat anyway, but allying myself with lunatics such as these? That pretty much seals the deal. Some people don't know enough to be embarrassed by it.

By watching this video you might think that we're watching an American version of the Catholics marching down Shankill Road. What is next - instead of this:


are we going to see deifications of Obama in mural form along Columbus Avenue, with or without revolutionary regalia? (Think Che/Cuba flags, like the lady at the Obama office you've all seen).

Why do these liberals have no ability to get a grip whatsoever, and why is this style of persona so prevalent among liberals? I doubt they lack intelligence or patriotism (I've always hated that charge - it's unfair in 99.99% of cases) but based on this behavior they aren't doing themselves any favors. This is the style of "thinker" that wants Barack Obama in office? Scary. I think middle America would find this hard to swallow. And liberals refer to McCain rallies as "mob-like?" Haha! Riiiight. These people are openly hostile because it is who they are, straight to their cores. Don't bother justifying it - it is what it is. It is a sad and regrettable state of affairs indeed.
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10/10/08 09:09 - 45ºF - ID#46036


I spent a day in the Boston metro area yesterday -


The leaves are just beginning to turn in New England. I saw deep ruby red, amber, orange, brown - it was very nice. As you might have guessed I had lunch at Legal Sea Foods in the airport after work. I enjoyed an outstanding fried clam roll, a cup of chowder and an iced tea. I think I might have been the only one drinking a non-alcoholic beverage! The lady to the right of me was enjoying a snifter of cognac, which I thought was a little odd for a 3pm beverage choice. The man to the left of me was enjoying raw oysters. I have it in me to give that sort of stuff a try, but growing up we never, ever ate anything remotely "risky" in the eyes of our grandmother. By risky, I mean seasoned, spicy, slimy, raw, shellfish or anything foreign. Or maybe by risky I mean fun. As a result I never learned how to properly eat shellfish, so at a restaurant I have a tad bit of a phobia regarding looking like an idiot by eating the food in the "wrong" way. I did take a step this summer though - during the Taste I stopped by the cajun stand with the crayfish. Twist, pull, suck. (Ok, I now regret phrasing it that way).

New England is an interesting place, full of honest, hard-working people. These are people with firm handshakes that will look you in the eye. They also seem to have a regional sense of humor that some people may not understand - in fact, if you aren't paying attention you might think you just got insulted or otherwise screwed with. Personally I enjoy people like that, but the key to it all is the deadpan. New England is full of stone-faced comedians.

I think I finally realized my dream housing setup. A small cottage with a little boathouse and a dock off the Atlantic coast for the summer, and a beach house on the Pacific coast for the winter. I really liked the coastal, pseudo-seafaring vibe I picked up as I looked down along the shoreline. That might be one of the most relaxing places in America!
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10/08/08 12:36 - 57ºF - ID#45994

Outrage We Can All Believe In

Maybe you've heard of this, maybe you haven't:

AIG, after receiving their bailout, sent their executives on a $400,000 vacation at a posh resort in California. Here's the invoice -

Although a lot of trash is peddled on The Smoking Gun, you've still gotta love it.

This is a redefinition of the word "hubris." The American people hate corporate America today, and who could blame them?
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10/07/08 02:56 - 60ºF - ID#45980

News of the Weird and Sickening

Former Mr. Gay UK 'slit boyfriend's throat then marinated his diced flesh with fresh herbs' -

His defense was that the other guy was trying to rape him. I wonder i forensic evidence will bear that out... not that I ever plan on following this story.
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10/03/08 10:51 - 48ºF - ID#45916

Spot in the Morning

10am on a Friday, and there was a line to the door. Get some jobs people - my God! What are these lazy bourgeois doing? Paying taxes is "patriotic" so get cracking - we're in a mess, you know!
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