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Category: travel

12/29/05 09:57 - 39ºF - ID#24582

Whattup Buttercup

At work yesterday I got a big bomb dropped on me - I'm going to be travelling to Portland, OR and Seattle, WA! Outstanding, I've been waiting to go to the Pac-NW. The problem is that I'm going to be gone for 2.5 weeks straight - yes thats right, 2 weekend stayovers. At least I'll be in Seattle and will have some crap to see and do.

I hope everybodys Christmahannukwanzikah was bright and full of good cheer, and what not. Ours was fairly good - I got a bunch of cash and a full set of brand new kitchenware. I usually just want cash, but my grandma always insists on having at least one "present" to open. Such a sweet lady!

Now, on to some news -

UPS worker goes postal! Article ->

And also back to my personal pet peeve - the media elite. You've read the article in a previous journal of mine about the media and their incapability to deal with realities the rest of us face, if you are in fact a discerning lurker at estrip - now this one truly is over the top. Article ->

This is going to set off a rant. This guy is arguing that pricing the creative class out of living in Manhattan is somehow going to doom journalism. I don't think I've read anything so lathered in bullshit all year long. Poor, poor journalists. They can't get by on only $250k a year in New York. There are graduates coming out of college now that could do their job equally well for HALF of what these journalists are making currently, and would jump at the chance. Hey (e:hodown), think its possible to live in Manhattan on $250k a year? They face "excruciating" - their word, not mine - choices like public or private school. Are they even reading what they are writing? Yeah, you can definitely live on $250k a year in Manhattan - but not how they want to live. They think they should be earning what i-bankers and lawyers earn, because these are who they consider to be their "peers." BAHAHAHHAHAHAHA! Nothing personal, journalists, but a journalism degree isn't really considered a professional degree like an MBA, JD or MD. You aren't on par with the real professionals, and no amount of telling yourself over and over that you belong in a certain class in society is going to change fact!

The print business is a bad business to be in - readership is dropping like a rock. Unfortunately for these purveyors of self-delusion, they use the same argument to make their argument that other people use to criticize pay for professional athletes. Our society doesn't pay people based on their status or benefit to society(actual or self-perceived). People make what they make based on market conditions and their benefit to the company that they work for. PERIOD.

Essentially, the thrust of this article is that these journalists feel that they have a certain "status" in society, and that because of that status they are entitled and should demand pay and a lifestyle that befits their "status." The sense of entitlement and arrogance from these people literally makes me want to vomit.

My favorite quote from the article is this -

"We New York-area journalists shouldn't ask for pity, and we don't deserve it. As a class, we're bourgeois and ambitious. We like comfort and access, but we don't want to work all that hard."

If you didn't want pity, WHY DID YOU WRITE THE ARTICLE? They, in this journalists own words, don't want to work that hard? Thank you, dear journalists, for proving what a lot of us already knew was true - you don't understand how regular people live, and you can't relate to them whatsoever... and as a result the regular folks should be paying attention to your views on things such as domestic issues and politics. These are the people that are supposed to guide us on how we should be viewing the world? BULLSHIT.
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12/20/05 09:59 - 20ºF - ID#24581

News, baby!

Couldn't help but laugh after seeing this -


Harry Reid the day that the Patriot Act was signed. I also read this morning that Eminem's music was used as a "torture device" during interrogations - no lie. The indignity of it all!

In todays news -

1. Atlanta theater promoting pedophile musical - sorry if I offend anyone, but if you consider that "art" you are a piece of shit human being. These people are refering to this abomination as "delicate" and "heart wrenching" - I want to vomit. Article here ->

2. My personal second favorite crazy asshole, the leader of Iran (close second behind Hugo Chavez) bans Western music from Iranian radio. Article here ->

3. Drunken Santas on rampages worldwide! Article here ->
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12/19/05 10:33 - 19ºF - ID#24580

Yo Yo

I had intended on going to the Snow Party but I hit a snag and couldn't make it. I hate owing shit to people.

Firstly, HAPPY B-DAY (e:hodown)!! I was interested to see that (e:jessbob) was there, as well as the usual suspects. I'm glad that some people posted some pictures from the party - looks like it was a blast!
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12/16/05 11:07 - ID#24579

Ajay, Ajay, Ajay....

You should be the last guy questioning sources, considering that you constantly use things like the Guardian here, which is unabashedly anti-American. You want me to give you credit for using a government document for once? Lol. Firstly, the 9/11 Commission is not a government entity, so it wasn't a document produced by the government of the United States of America. Secondly, this same document and the people who wrote it contradicts itself on several occasions.

Lets talk a while about who is wasting who's time here. Thomas Kean, you know... the guy who lead the 9/11 Commission? This is what he said on July 22, 2004 - 10 days after the usual suspects like the NYT blared on their front pages that the Commission found no link between Iraq and Al-Qaeda -

"THERE WAS NO QUESTION (my emphasis) in our minds that there was a relationship between Iraq and al Qaeda."

Go ahead and look through the 9/11 Report (something that I don't think you've read, either). Stop stealing from liberal talking points for once and read it for yourself. You'll find several references to "friendly contacts" between Al-Qaeda and the Iraqi government.

By the way, what you aren't telling our good readers here is that the Report also doesn't mention that the guy who made the chemicals for the 1993 WTC attack was an Iraqi, which the Commission conveniently brushed aside.

You also aren't telling our readers that the Report mentions thinks like meetings between bin Laden and Iraqi officials as early as 1998, when several Iraqi officials went to Afghanistan.

You also aren't mentioning that these meetings were arranged by, according to the report, Zawahiri.

The report also mentions, although once again in a passing glance, that an Iraqi named Ahmed Hikmat Shakir was part of the 9/11 planning sessions - apparently for some Commissioners this was not important and received a footnote... a footnote!

The report mentions an email from Richard Clarke to Sandy Berger, the same guy who provided evidence against the connection, who speculated that the heavy Iraqi presence at Sudanese chemical factories was "probably the direct result of the Iraqi/Al-Qaeda agreement." What was Richard Clarke talking about?

The report also mentions that the Clinton Justice Department noted the Iraq-Al Qaeda connection in its sealed indictment of Osama bin Laden. Gee, Billybob, there sure weren't any connections there between terrorists and Al-Qaeda, hyuk hyuk!

Clinton's former SoD William Cohen testified to the Commission, suggesting that Iraq and bin Laden collaborated on the construction of a VX factory in Sudan. Chairman Kean was asked why this testimony wasn't given weight. His answer was that the information was given weight, but the lefties on the Commission didn't believe William Cohen!

Pay attention to the document and the testimony, and you'll find the argument that there was no connection between Iraq and Al-Qaeda laughable - if the commission ignored its own information and would not connect the dots (although the LEADER of the damn organization said that there was no doubt of a connection) thats another story.

Actually, I have to admit that I set a trap for you. There was a speciic reason why I chose The Weekly Standard -

a) The article was based on REAL government documents, not some whitewashed report produced by people who helped cause the communication problem between intelligence agencies and law enforcement, a major problem during 9/11 (coughjamiegorelickcough). You may not like the Weekly Standard, although you've never read it, but the facts of the matter are unclassified and part of the public record now. You need to do your own homework. Even organizations such as the World Socialists agree with me, which is scary.

b) I wanted people to see that you would ignore the facts of the matter and jump on a conservative magazine that you'd never read. You've still not countered the cross-referenced GOVERNMENT documents that show that Zawahiri met with Saddam in 1992, and that Saddam paid the guy $300,000. I can't blame you; if the Democrat politicians can't figure out a way to counter it, you probably couldn't either.

c) I wanted people to see that you weren't actually interested in debate, and that despite your own admission you ARE trying to bait people.

I'm not playing your game. If you are interested in debate, then stick to the topics instead of shifting away from things you are struggling with. And, for the love of God, do your own damn homework and come prepared before addressing me - otherwise, I'm going to insist on ignoring you. I'm not going to have my time wasted by some liberal who is falsely declaring that he is interested in legitimate discussion on serious matters. I was hoping for a lot more. Get the Kool-Aid out of your diet.

p.s. Why is it mindblowing to you that the President said something that all of us already knew? By the way, what Bush said is not a condemnation of every single bit of information the CIA and the REST OF THE FREAKING WORLD came up with regarding Iraq. To draw a conclusion like that is completely silly.
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Category: hijack

12/14/05 03:46 - 20ºF - ID#24578

Joshua's Journal Hijacked By Aliens!

Just joking.

This is just an anonymous former e-stripper letting everyone know that I refuse to shave or cut my hair until the end of Dart League. It's like the NHL playoffs, yo!
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12/13/05 10:16 - 10ºF - ID#24577

Virgin Galactic

Ok... you can be a geek or a non-geek, but anybody with any bit of imagination at all would get a kick out of this -

Richard Branson is building a $225 million spaceport in New Mexico. At the moment, commercial spaceflight will begin in 2008 and will cost the traveler $200,000. I would give just about anything to be able to do this.

Cut and pasted from the site -

You may well fly Virgin Atlantic Upper Class into the nearest major city. Possibly we will pick you up in the Virgin Galactic executive jet and shuttle you to the Virgin Galactic space resort, where you will be guided to your luxury accommodation. This will be home during your stay.

Every morning you could be ferried by helicopter to the training base and spaceport where you might undergo six days of medical preparation, G-Tolerance training, talking to space experts about how to get the most from your experience, fly the simulator and in the evenings dine with astronauts and guest speakers.

You could possibly have the opportunity to ride in fast jets, to experience negative gravity in our executive jet and then watch as one of the other launches leaves earth for the near reaches of space; possibly you may even ride in the mother ship. That in itself will be phenomenal, as you watch the ship rise vertically to Mach 1 (around 600 mph) in less than 10 seconds and eventually disappear into space at over 3 times the speed of sound.


Your journey out of this world begins not on the launch pad like a conventional space rocket but on a runway. Virgin Galactic craft are carried under a mother ship to almost 10 miles above sea level. Then the countdown begins.

5, 4, 3, 2, 1.....the VSS Enterprise, your spaceship, is released from the mother ship. Almost immediately, as your astronaut pilot ignites the engine, you will hear the roar of the rocket behind you as the enormous power accelerates you at 4G to a speed faster than a bullet.

All the time, the ergonomic design of the seats will keep you comfortable.

As you hurtle through the edges of the atmosphere, through the panoramic individual windows you will be able to see the cobalt blue sky turn to mauve and indigo and finally black. Out will come the stars, clear and bright... even though it is daytime!

Soon the rocket motor cuts out. Now, from the rush of adrenalin and the rocket motor, everything is quiet.

You are weightless...

You are in space!

The ship will manoeuvre, so you can look for the first time back at the planet you have just come from. The view will be over a thousand miles in any direction. That's like seeing North Africa if you were in a spaceship above London or Miami from overhead Washington DC. You will see the clarity of the solar system and the harshness of the sun.

It will be humbling. It will be spiritual.


After these precious minutes soaking up the thrill of space, you will start your return to earth. Your seats will recline to make the journey through the atmosphere as comfortable as possible. At around 50,000 feet the spaceship will return to a glider-like configuration for the landing back at the spaceport.

Possibly, later that evening, at a magnificent gala dinner, you will be awarded your astronaut wings and maybe even a part of the rocket motor used on your trip for you to keep as a memento.

Video and photographic images of your moment of making space history will be yours to show your kids and grandkids. Remember, of course, in their lifetime Virgin Galactic might have made it possible so that space travel is as common and as fun as flying with Virgin Atlantic.

You can tell them you helped make it happen.

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12/13/05 04:51 - 21ºF - ID#24576

The Stupidest Article Ever

I guarantee you won't be disappointed -

This is probably the silliest thing I've ever read in the "A" section of a major paper. Gee, who would think... an elite reporter dedicating a 2-page article proving their weeniedom and pettiness.

My answer to them would be this - shut up, sit down, put the food down your neck and move on, or fly coach like the rest of us. If somebody like that has a pathological and disturbing incapability to deal with whats served on Air Force 2, why should I pay attention to this person when they write something other than a fluff piece?

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12/12/05 02:08 - ID#24575

I can't be silenced!

While (e:jason) is extremely discouraged, sorry fellas and ladies - it only motivates me more! :)

Something dawned on me today - well, no... I suppose this is something that I've known subconsciously for a while but have had too many distractions to acknowledge properly. I'm a creative person at heart - I was a musician for many, many years. My days of participating in organized music making are over, but I've found other ways of getting "it" out of me. For a long time I began writing - I had all kinds of inspiration... politics, girls... you name it. I was so head over heels in love for a girl one day in the past that I went over to Spot, armed with music, pen and paper and rattled off a dozen poems. Nowadays, I can't even look at them. I will share one with you, though - I don't have any presumptions of skill at writing... I wrote purely for myself..

Thoughts from 30,000 Feet

Being amongst the clouds makes you think
And lends itself to reflection
Thoughts wander
Like shifting colors in a prizm

As I ride through the sky
I wonder; if today I were to die
Did I let you know?
Did I say what I wanted to say?
Was I clear?
Do I regret anything?
Did you know that you mean the world to me?

When its time to come home
There will be no doubts
Looking through my eyes
You will know
What lies within my heart.

I wrote a poem after 9/11 that was EXTREMELY left wing - I'd share it but none of you would actually believe that I wrote the words. I was inspired to write it because of two things - at the time I knew that 9/11 was going to be a turning point for us, and not for the better. The second thing was that when it happened I looked at my poor grandfather, who earned a Purple Heart during WWII. He was a member of the generation that likely saved the world - we take for granted things that people during his generation died for. I thought to myself, "What would my grandfather think about the ugly things my generation would have to sort out?" I never thought to ask him, and he died during the coming springtime. Would we find a way to come together, like my grandfathers generation did, or would we be torn apart forever? As a result, I wrote about it.

I miss terribly being able to express myself... its like I have a lack of outlets. Maybe its because I've had a lack of inspiration. Maybe thats why I value (e:paul)'s project here - I'm able to get some thoughts out of my head - anonymously if I choose to but I don't choose to because I have nothing to hide... although I'm a difficult person to get to know. Whatever you might think about me, I know that you know one thing - I'm a complicated individual. Maybe thats why its important for me to express myself - I can be bad at offering more than whats at face value, and there are times where simple conversations will never grant the possibility for getting inside my head.

Want to know what inspired this journal entry? An Enya greatest hits album. New age music is my fathers thing, not mine... but I have to admit that Enya is a sexy lady.
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Category: what... humility?!

12/11/05 01:06 - 29ºF - ID#24574

Ok, I'm Sorry

I take back what I said about (e:ajay), and I apologize. Although, outside of issues like gay rights, etc. I pretty much disagree with everything the left thinks, I don't think that (e:ajay) was trying to be malicious to (e:jason). And, I don't actually want to punch him in the face - after bumping my gums with him yesterday he seems like a decent fellow and someone I wouldn't mind sharing a drink with (your own, sicko - I don't do the "two straws" thing). Was what he said stupid and ill-conceived? Sure. But so was my rant - two wrongs don't make a right. I broke one of my own rules, which is why I'm retracting what I wrote. However, (e:ajay) should still apologize to (e:jason) for being a jackass, and I don't mind saying that I don't understand the reasoning behind (e:ajay)'s sick fascination with continually picking on (e:jason). For all intensive purposes, he doesn't know him, and he looks foolish when he does it. P.S. Just because the Washington Post managed to dig up another Wesley Clark in the military doesn't mean that the military is fractured about the war... the opposite is true.

You have to understand something about me that would never come off in a journal - the only way you'd know this about me is by being my friend for a while. Or by reading my previous journal entry concerning what I did for my friend Mary. I'm intensely loyal to people I care about, and for principles that I hold close to my heart. If I witness somebody committing, shall we say, an unflattering transgression against a friend... I am the attack dog - and I won't lie to you, I LOVE the role. While being crude and rude isn't the most polite way of going about things, often times its the most effective. I don't waste my time debating people when its merely going to get in the way of me achieving my desired goal - if somebody pisses me off, I'm not in the mood to have civil discourse. Its rare that I don't get my point across to people who are doing wrong by somebody I know. I proved chivalry is not dead, and I also proved recently that if you have the guts to drop racial slurs in a public place when my co-worker is a black guy from Haiti... well... how many people would walk up to a table of 4 rednecks and tell them to stop dropping N bombs because it makes them look ignorant? I'm not telling you this because I want recognition, because frankly it disgusts me that EVERYBODY isn't keeping people in check like that. Calling someone a nigger is wrong, gay bashing is wrong... you get the idea. Why is it that our society has continually gotten less and less civil since the 1960's? To me its not an improvement - people can't talk without shouting anymore. Its sad, and it says a lot about us.

I guess you could call me a policeman in some respects. (e:ajay) got hit with the nightstick a little, so I'm going to atone the old fashioned American way - bribery.
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12/10/05 01:54 - 30ºF - ID#24573


So I've decided I want my 80's collection back. All of my MP3s went away when my spare HD crashed - I had to do a full wipe. So, stripmates, since I can't remember every single 80's song I had I think it would be best if we put our collective wisdom together. Post a comment with some songs!

For some reason I have The Cars and Human League in my head and I can't get them out!
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