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To be honest, I can't tell if (e:Robin) is being facetious. There isn't enough drugs out there that I could put in my body to convince me that somehow this woman from Georgia is a victim in this debacle. Sheer lunacy.

Did she break laws? Technically, yes actually. She literally wasted millions of dollars of PUBLIC TAX MONEY because she got cold feet. Just on that alone she can be brought up on charges and any rational person will come to the conclusion that she should. Feminazis and NOW have no defense for this woman.

That really isn't the worst of it though. Like (e:Ajay) very astutely pointed out, she did the one thing that a white Southern chick from the priveliged class would stereotypically do - blame it on a minority when it was her fault the whole time. There is absolutely no question that an apology from her is in order. Anybody who knows their American history knows that in the mid-1800's South a lot of white girls who had sex with black boys got away scott-free while the black boys went ahead and got murdered. Fast forward to 2005 - nobody is getting killed but its plainly obvious that there must be some Southern gene that this lady has that instinctively makes her blame other people for things she herself perpetrated.

I feel bad for the guy that she was going to marry, but then again he should be thanking whatever Lord he believes in that he doesn't have to be caught up with this woman ever again if he so chooses. Actually he should feel lucky - maybe he wasn't astute enough to realize what kind of woman this lady is... and who knows why really? Maybe she has money, maybe the sex was really good. Either way, now he is free to find another girl who is more mentally stable and isn't racist.
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