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04/21/09 11:20 - 53ºF - ID#48467

Political Humor

Today's victim - Nancy Pelosi. It's a sort of parody suggesting a new weight loss video - "Nancy Pelosi's Sweatin' to the Socialists" - based off of her manic clapping during the not-state-of-the-union but state-of-the-union speech earlier this year.

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04/19/09 12:03 - 51ºF - ID#48436

Marxist Obama

I think it's a fair question. Why should the other half of the country that didn't vote for Barack Obama treat him any differently than the way liberals treated George Bush for 8 years and counting?

In other news:

In the age of "unprecedented transparency" Obama's government is debating on how to give you bad news. You see, the bank stress tests aren't going very well, and Obama's government is concerned that the bad news is coming at the wrong time, which is why the both the timing and the nature of what will be said about the stress tests is being manipulated. The stress tests will contradict every falsely optimistic word spoken by Barry about the economy this past week. That's a fact - if the stress tests were going well, there would be no need for manipulation of information.

See, they think it is really important to tell you that JP Morgan, Goldman Sachs, et. al. just profited in billions of dollars this past quarter, but you really shouldn't worry yourself with scary information on the horizon such a dozen banks potentially failing. which will make the economy collapse even further.

Among numerous laughable items attributable to the Obama administration, the promise of transparency is perhaps the most frequently broken promises.

I'm telling you this now, and heed this warning - this in particular isn't political and I'm saying this as a friend - with tax increases, several million jobs still to be lost, foreclosures ongoing now not just as a result in poor lending practices but job losses, steeply declining tax receipt projections (especially in NYS) despite punitive tax increases on "the rich," tens of TRILLIONS in future budget commitments with no rational way to pay for it, either with tax increases or future borrowing - I hate saying this to you but we're in deep, deep trouble and we aren't likely coming out of it anytime soon. Some think they will simply monetize the debt, meaning rampant inflation. Oops - that's another topic - our money supply has tripled only in 6 months, it's never been higher. Rampant inflation, maybe hyperinflation, is an inevitability based solely on the extra trillions already in reserve in the banking system. Cheers. :(

Next post - How can New Yorkers get a minimum 4% increase in their take home pay? Get the fuck out of New York State and move to Texas, Florida, or any other state that doesn't have income taxes whatsoever, not to mention a vastly superior quality of life, a vibrant private sector and a government with less of a predilection to treat you with contempt. Did you know that the state of Texas, by itself, accounted for 70% of the nation's private sector job growth last year? It is absolutely insane and a self-inflicted wound to stay in New York.
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04/02/09 12:13 - 53ºF - ID#48262

Alternative News

Here's a fluff piece, interesting nonetheless, from China Radio International regarding a young American who studied finance in the UC system, but ultimately left to open a bakery in Beijing. It's interesting seeing the Chinese exposed to American culture that has nothing to do with companies, but with real people. His customers love him. WTF - I'm blonde and I studied Finance and Economics. Maybe I should forego it all and open an American bakery in a foreign land as well?

You'll appreciate this - check it out.

UPDATE: I thought I'd show you all the progress being made on my "roll up the rim to win" collection thus far, and a piece of candy with a name I couldn't believe... I bet Ralph Lauren's daughter keeps this in stock at her store in Manhattan.

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