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05/29/08 11:32 - 56ºF - ID#44484

News of the Strange and Outrageous

Item 1 - Exxon Mobil CEO lashes out at environmentalists and suggests that it is their "corporate social responsibility" to supply the world with fossil fuels. Since I actually work in this industry I find it appalling that he would associate its ideals to theirs, which in reality are completely incompatible. They have no clue what "corporate social responsibility" means and their CEO has now proved it. Oh, and instead of placating global warming activists he is provoking them.

Item 2 - A film of a real deal alien, alive and apparently blinking, is going to be shown to the media Friday in Denver. When things like this pop up, UFO fanatics usually completely overblow the whole thing. Then, when the video is shown everyone is naturally underwhelmed. I really hope this doesn't end up being a scratchy video with a couple of shifting pixels.

Item 3 - Notorious lefty punching bag, Rupert Murdoch, lavishes praise on Barack Obama and the Democrats while poking Olbermann in the eye. (e:jason) and I watched Olbermann last night - I'd have to say I agree. and

Item 4 - In what I am now dubbing the "Million Moaner March," some of Hillary's supporters are planning protests in Washington over what they feel is an inadequate, unfair and disenfranchising solution to the Florida and Michigan delegate problem. A particularly salient bit - "If either candidate dislikes the committee's eventual decision, the matter could go before the party's Credentials Committee in July or August. Any action it took would have to be voted on at the national convention, which opens Aug. 25 in Denver." If the final tally shows that Hillary would have won had all the votes counted, I guarantee it will go to the convention.

Item 5 - Famous opera house La Scala plans on staging an opera production of Al Gore's "An Inconvenient Truth." This is as disturbing as setting Don Rumsfeld quotes to chamber music. The funniest bit is that this will give the phrase "operatic kvetching" a whole new spectrum of irony.

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05/27/08 11:09 - 48ºF - ID#44462

Journalists Criticizing Journalists

When you are as bored with presidential politics as I am the only thing that will startle you is a tasty little morsel like this one -

It is about how small stories become big news and how the media is complicit in the proliferation of such news, using the recent Hillary Clinton-RFK example. I find media members critiquing other media members fascinating because its one of the few times where they are actually honest about the shortcomings in their profession. The twist - the author was witness to the media echo chamber that he criticizes in this example.

Its just one of many examples on how journalistic integrity is on the wane. Its a bit scary to think that a generation of journalism students are learning from this and presuming that this is the correct way to go about their job.
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05/21/08 03:52 - 46ºF - ID#44410

Useless but somewhat interesting news

Is there any other kind?

Creator of N'SYNC is going to the pokey - apparently the man made a decades long career out of bilking banks and individuals for $300 million. For his troubles he's about to become the jail pincushion for 25 years. Looking at the man makes me wonder if Karl Rove and Chris Farley had some sort of love child.

OMG! on Yahoo is the gossip section, so you know. (I'm talking to you Ho sisters and Mike but I suspect you're already familiar with these sites!)

In other news - will we see a quantum leap in space travel during our lifetimes? Scientists are working on developing anti-matter technology for future propulsion systems - as the article states, it would shrink an 11-month journey to Mars down to 1 month.

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05/16/08 07:52 - 49ºF - ID#44357

Lagniappes Restaurant Endorsement

Its rare that I use my space here on (e:strip) to endorse a product or service, but this time has to be different - I think I found my new favorite spot.

Yesterday (e:jason) and I went down to Hardware after work to drink some Westmalle Dubbel (oh, and we got let in on a couple secrets they keep in the cooler) when I thought about food. Where the hell are we going to eat? I looked out the window across the street at Lagniappes. I thought, "Oh, I read about this guy (gulp) on Buffalo Rising's website!" BRO readers gave the place a ringing endorsement so I had to check it out. Besides, they have po'boys and I haven't had a proper one since I was last in New Orleans.

Its a small place but I'm telling you, the place smells like love. I'm sorry but there is nothing like a small area smelling fragrant with the creole spices in the air. When a place smells that great, you just know that the food is going to be good. Bottom line - I love this kind of food. I ordered the fried oyster po'boy with remoulade, and (e:jason) ordered a fried soft shell crab po'boy. I also got an order of the jambalaya to share with my brother.

I didn't get to the jambalaya and in fact its sitting in my fridge, which is a shame because I did have a bite of it and its freaking lovely. I loved my sandwich - you get a choice of side and I went for the black eyed peas. Absolutely delicious. For a side (e:jason) went for the fried okra - I nicked one when he wasn't looking and agreed with him after letting him know I stole one that they were excellent.

This is not your normal sandwich shop though - the man in the kitchen is an award winning chef. I think it would have been more pragmatic to skip the extra entree I ordered and went for the gumbo. There is little pretentious about the place, with the possible exception of artwork on the wall created by local artists.

Lagniappes dinner hours are Tuesday - Saturday, from 4pm - 2am, and lunch hours are Tuesday - Friday from 11am - 2pm. Read carefully - no Sundays or Mondays. They also deliver if you are so inclined. Here is their website - - give them a try if you haven't. The desserts are listed on their menu as "Fresh Selections Daily - Please Ask." So, for me the only question left is this - where are the beignets?

Quick note - the prices on the online menu are wrong - a few items have gone up a buck or two. A good example is the jambalaya I ordered - originally it was $8 and I paid $10 last night. Nor am I complaining about it really. Keep in mind that their prices are subject to change without notice. The priciest thing on the entire menu is their cajun sampler, at $19 - it includes crab cake, jambalaya, red beans and rice, a cup of gumbo and fried oysters. It must be a mountain of food and I'm sure that it would be a great meal to share with a like minded person of the opposite sex (or same sex, depending on your persuasion). You know, creole spice smells in bed aren't a turnoff for me. Does that make me weird?
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05/14/08 10:55 - 62ºF - ID#44337

Byron Brown Doing What He Does Best

Jack shit.


I suspect that this is the closest thing to an honest day's work he's ever put in, so I have to admit I feel conflicted. Does he deserve scorn or does he deserve praise for this effort?

I received an e-mail from about a free "seminar" being hosted by the Buffalo News tonight regarding citizen journalism. I have a proper rant to launch on this topic later on. Suffice it to say, as usual I have found something (or things) to be skeptical about. Some of you may be compelled to see it my way - I'll lay out the evidence and let you decide.

Today I will find out if O3 Cafe in Snyder has decent food. O3 Cafe is located within the Snyder location of Everything Elmwood - there really is nothing like selling our neighborhood character to the burbs directly, is there?

Sorry - I am a technological Luddite when it comes to phones. I've solicited (e:paul)'s advice but I haven't gotten my bootleg Nokia phone yet. In other words, there will not be any pictures of the food!

I actually have a food question for y'all. I've heard of a few new local joints in and around Allentown have opened up. Seeing as I rarely make it south of West Ferry for anything other than booze, what can you guys tell me about the Quaker Bonnet and Steel Crazy?

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05/12/08 11:26 - 49ºF - ID#44317

Yelling Bastard Update

I swear I'm going to skin somebody alive if this happens again. 3:30am this stupid fucking bastard screamed at the top of his lungs 'ASSSSSHHHHLLLLLEEEEEYYYYYY!" Finally, after the third time, I got up, ran to my window, opened it and snarled/shouted "SHUT UP!!!" I don't think I've ever sounded so primal. They got the message and left.

I have to admit I'm beginning to harbor major resentment and sooner or later its going to be impossible to be nice about it. This moron must really not realize that he's waking up an entire neighborhood. I'm simply going to begin calling the police, or in lieu of police, I'm breaking out the supersoaker and it will be filled with synthetic deer urine scent.
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05/08/08 11:44 - 49ºF - ID#44273

GTA IV Sets AllTime Sales Record

Impressive really - it broke the records that Halo 3 set for opening day sales and opening week sales.

The subplot involves a potentially hostile takeover by EA. As the article states, its a $2b deal for the parent company, Take 2 Interactive. Seeing as the offer falls short of the trading price I think this is absolutely frivolous. They compare it to MSFT and Yahoo, but at least in MSFT's case they are offering well above the trading price. I don't see EA getting a sniff unless they are willing to pay a reasonable premium for an obviously hot commodity.

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05/06/08 03:56 - 65ºF - ID#44256

Webcam test

I've been trying to use the webcam on my new work laptop and I finally got my first work candid -


Not bad for a guy who hasn't slept due to his neighbors noiseathon last night, in combination with not showering or shaving, and basically putting on whatever was on the floor this morning. For a little built-in webcam its not so bad really.

I'm thinking of a cruel trick to get even - like blasting prog rock out of the windows at 1pm when THOSE fuckers are trying to sleep. I'll be having my revenge and when I do its going to be epic.
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05/05/08 02:22 - 63ºF - ID#44242

Barbara Walters and a US Senator?

This is primarily for anyone addicted to scandal.

I'm trying to scoop that picture out of my head with a spoon, regardless of the fact that its 30 year old news. The last time someone peeled back the Depends undergarments to get to the honey pot is yet to be determined.
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05/02/08 11:30 - 62ºF - ID#44215

Death Cab album - leaked or not?

I get Stereogum's weekly "Gumdrop," which is essentially a newsletter that contains articles, interviews, giveaways, etc. Stereogum is not my favorite source of information - I essentially read nothing and only enter the free giveaway. Until this week.

While my favorite parts of Dark Side of the Moon are in fact Gilmour's as well, Roger Waters performing Dark Side live IS NOT akin to Ringo performing Sgt. Pepper's. Ben Gibbard, a respected and dare I say idolized musician and leader of Death Cab, is a fucking idiot for saying that. It makes me cringe to think of his worshipers nodding like drones at those words... pathetic.

Firstly, Roger Waters wrote the album and was always the leader and primary song writer of Pink Floyd. Without Gilmour there is something missing, but for a musician to not be able to acknowledge the right of the owner and original creator of the music to perform it is absurd. Secondly, since Ben Gibbard made the comparison and I did not - Ringo Starr did not write Sgt. Peppers therefore there is no direct comparison anyway.

It was good to see virtually all reaction to the article along the same lines as my own. It was so blatantly obvious that I'd be shocked otherwise.

What really caught my eye was this - the opening sentence of the article.

The boys of DCFC are gearing up for a busy festival season -- Coachella, Sasquatch, Bonnaroo, Pemberton -- where they'll be playing songs from the forthcoming Narrow Stairs, which hasn't leaked yet.

HAHA! Hasn't leaked yet? I've had it for a few weeks now. Either these morons are counting on finding it on their s00pur l33t private music sharing sites, or are simply not resourceful enough. Trust me, you can find almost anything if you know what you are doing.

Between licking Ben Gibbard's balls and stating an untruth as a fact albeit out of ignorance rather than intentionally telling a lie... now you know why I rarely read what these amateurs write.
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