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11/14/08 02:14 - 62ºF - ID#46688

These people are clueless

regarding social compliance and Uncle Wally.

You have no idea how badly I could eviscerate this article if I were allowed. Social compliance audits on behalf of W-M have been going on all over the world for at least 5 years.

I wish I could get into it but I can't. These outside observers are so ignorant and clueless regarding this topic that I'm sure they are unaware of how off the mark they really are. This is why advocacy groups annoy me at times.
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11/13/08 09:23 - 47ºF - ID#46671

Don't Go Here, WoW Players...

Just don't be that guy/girl to freeze reality until you hit level 80!
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11/07/08 01:06 - ID#46587

Election Aftermath

I think I've been pretty even keeled. The country ain't blowing up like a lot of people believe. I want the best for the country and will grant Obama six months or so before I get critical (with the possible exception of his cabinet - Rahm getting picked to be his right hand man is a bad sign). The thing about Obama that people who didn't vote for him need to understand is that he's a decent man. You might not agree with him but you can trust beyond doubt that he's pragmatic and a good man. I am willing to put some confidence in Obama and give him a shot, and in my opinion so should everyone else.

Americans don't and shouldn't care about world opinion when selecting their candidates - we are a sovereign nation. However, nobody should short change or denigrate the opinions of the world. We've lived through eight years where GWB was granted the good will of planet earth, particularly after 9/11, and shortly squandered it. Look, the world *wants* to have confidence in and follow the United States. On the other hand, they don't want to feel marginalized and shut out. We have plenty of admirable and not so admirable qualities, but in the end we are the lone superpower for the time being and we have to be proper stewards. I think all the world is asking of us is to be a decent, fair and just nation. The rhetorical flourishes in Europe regarding Barack Obama have been fascinating. They seem to see it as no less than a rebirth, a recreation, a correction of one of our original sins. I sat and stopped after he tipped 270, and all I wanted to do was listen to what he had to say. Really, for a second I felt like the world stopped... it was time to soak it in a bit and realize that once again in America we've flipped the script. It was a historic and momentous occasion - I only regret that I didn't have the foresight to run out and get a paper, like we did when 9/11 happened.

However, I've been entertained with some (presumably) good-natured ribbing on my MySpace page. I'm not sure if he's being a dick or not, honestly. One of my brother's former co-workers is in Lazlo Hollyfeld, and after the election he drunkenly posted some pictures on my page, which I have to admit entertained me. Not to be outdone though, I bombarded him with the following -




He posted the shittiest little Obama logo - I'd have kept it on my page if it wasn't so small. Afterwords he posted a picture of GWB kissing Cindy McCain at a podium, while John watched. Now, I could go the famous Al Gore/Tipper route on this one - that was the single most uncomfortable embrace by a politician and his wife in American history. He doesn't want to bring a knife to a gun fight - I've got some shocking GWB pictures that are the de facto coup de grace.
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11/04/08 11:06 - 53ºF - ID#46535

Congratulations to Barack Obama

All partisanship aside, it is an absolutely amazing achievement. We're witnessing the popular election of the first African-American as the President of the United States and it is something I was hopeful we'd see in our lifetimes but was never sure about. This is America at its grandest.
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10/30/08 09:53 - 32ºF - ID#46421


The last time I wore a Halloween outfit, I went as a boxer with a black eye. I can be a festive person at times but Halloween isn't my thing. I'll be at the parties on the schedule (Paul's and my friend Kevin) without a costume, most likely. That is... unless... I figure something out. I've got all kinds of ideas. The best thing about Halloween, of course, is the free license for women to dress like strippers.


The 70's detective. Ma'am, I'm afraid we're going to have to do a more, how do you say, "private" interrogation...


The bricklayer. Lady - can you find me a place where I can bury my spade?


Julius Caesar. The Emperor always gets what he wants. That is, until he's murdered.


The southern gentleman. Miss, I do declare, your bosom is making this man hunger...

And a few I'd never consider yet think are hilarious.


The Keystone Cop. I see this and I think of Scott Joplin's The Entertainer and bungled police work.

And what might just be the coup de grace....


Lt. Dangle from Reno 911. I won't go here, but I would love anybody that did.

So basically, I'd be interested in anything will allow me to derive a sexual innuendo.
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10/28/08 03:23 - 40ºF - ID#46388

Condiment Moratorium

I'm establishing a moratorium on disturbing condiment products such as baconnaise and mayostard. Some things just aren't meant to exist, and the combination of bacon and mayo is one of them. Why is stoner cuisine gaining legitimacy? Look - I understand the novelty, and perhaps the product is good. Nothing, however, will replace the crunch of salty, smoky bacon on a sandwich. I can understand the pull with vegetarians/vegans, but even those people can get the faux bacon. I need crunch with the bacon flavor and can't understand those who might slather an unholy product such as that on a sandwich! Deep down you know it's wrong.

If you are curious about what the pinnacle of mustard production is, please check out this link - - Maille of Paris. This boutique was featured in Andrew Zimmern's Bizarre Foods, on the Travel Channel. Here they pull mustard out of a tap like a pint of stout, except the pint glass is substituted with small earthenware. Any wacky flavor you can imagine has been produced here. They've been at it for over 250 years so you'd think they might have exhausted their flavor options. Personally I'd like to know what mustard tasted like 250 years ago, rather than try a lavender or thai spice mustard. Are you are jerk at this store if you buy "original flavor?"
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10/24/08 02:03 - 52ºF - ID#46304

Upcoming Trip (Maybe)

I'm trying to weasel my way back here -





The pacific northwest came back around... and there is a lot to do. I definitely am going to talk my boss into letting me go.
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10/23/08 01:53 - 48ºF - ID#46276

The Dark Side of the Music Business

With emphasis on business. I promise this will be worth your time, more than anything I've posted. Many bands get into the game with absolutely no wherewithal regarding business acumen, and many times they make incredibly naive decisions. Here is one of the funniest illustrations of what I'm talking about, conducted by the leaders of the 60's band The Turtles. It really is a tragic story - these guys were railroaded very badly. It is amazing they can take the piss like they do - this had Jay and I LOLing last night. the one with the big hair teaches a music business course at Belmont University in Nashville these days.

I wouldn't leave you hanging - here's a song to cheer everybody up. I can't even explain to you in words what this song can do to snap me out of a bad mood. Buddhists have claimed that the Beach Boys' "Good Vibrations" is so perfect that it even has spiritual healing qualities. On a personal level, this song serves the same purpose for me. Music from the past allows me to escape from the chaos of today, if for just a little while. Damn I love this song!

Have a good day everyone -

Your friend Josh
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10/22/08 07:56 - 38ºF - ID#46259

Music Picture Game

No cheating. Who are the folks in this picture? These four could be classified as late 60's/early 70's musical royalty.


No prize, except for a hearty well done - sorry!
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10/21/08 04:06 - 39ºF - ID#46235

F You, F you, F you - you're cool...

F you, I'm out!

One of the most spectacular resignations I've ever seen. This would definitely be me if I had a hedge fund that gutted the aggressive guys on Wall St. and made me 8 figures as a consequence of taking advantage of greed.
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