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Category: sad state of affairs

01/09/06 07:13 - ID#24465

Never Speak of it Again.

Please for the love of God, never say:

What's the happs?

When you should say:

What's happening?


Currently if you search for "What's the happs?" on (GOOGLE - "What's the happs"), you only get 400 pages. 100 of which are on MySpace. I'm betting it will be in the millions in six months.

If I catch anyone around here saying it, you will be first against the wall.


Seriously, and just to reinforce: of the pages that contain this phrase, 9000 pages spell what's as whats, and only 400 spell it as what's. Don't make me hurt you. I'm itching... it seems suddenly there aren't enough dead trendy people in the world.


I blame Rupert Murdoch of News Corp. Think about it. That man owns the two worst cesspools on the planet: Bill O'Reilly and MySpace. I would say it's hurting the children, but to be honest I don't care about children. It is hurting me, though. That I'm sure of, and I'm offering up the proof on this very page.

What kind of world am I living in that I am forced to deal with this? I think this proves that I'm not solipsistic, because were that the case I would make these facts flee from my mind in terror, instead of the reverse.

(Paul has informed me that I am exempt from the site Terms of Services and can threaten any and all with death. FYI.)


This is my enforcer.


This is the man who will show up at your door if you displease me. His name is Mike... and sure, he looks friendly, but it's a clever ruse. He knows karate and is not afraid to use it, so mind your 'what's' and 'happenings'.
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mike said to grandma
I'm so glad you made it safely!...

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