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Category: commerce

09/14/07 10:52 - ID#41107

Apple Pricing

My take on the Apple Rebate for the $200 drop in price on iPhones, in response to a question about how I could be happy to be partially refunded after being 'overcharged'.

Saying they overcharged me is wrong, it is just not an accurate description of the economic transaction that I participated in. They asked for $600 and I thought it was worth $600 *TO ME*, and so I paid. This is how a market works. What the price is two months later is completely irrelevant. Prices on electronics always drop or better models come out. I was charged exactly the agreed upon amount.

Apple is giving credit to make up for the price drop, yes. But they do not feel bad for overcharging me, because there was no overcharging. There is just a different charge now, that is lower, and they are doing partial credits to acknowledge that it was quicker then usually happens. That is good manners, in my book.

The rebate process was super easy, and I never expected a rebate or credit, so I am happy to get it.

Additionally: the price was high when initial demand was high, and now that they're heading into Christmas and have production ramped up, they dropped the price to gain market share. I'm glad I paid an extra $200 to Apple if it meant I could walk into an Apple store and buy an iPhone, instead of not being able to get a phone because they were going for an extra $1000 on eBay because the prices at launch were so low that demand was out of sync with supply causing scalper scum to snatch up every damn phone in the country.

That's what happened to the Wii and xBox and PS3, to buy one you had to spend a small fortune on eBay. Apple priced the iPhone high enough that they were selling them at the same rate they were making them, thus ensuring they were stocked in stores. Sure, they made more money, but what the hell? They are a business not a commune of hippies. I am happy with how everything has gone.

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Category: commerce

09/14/07 11:23 - ID#41091

The Way Rebates Should Be

11:12 AM - Go to Apple's Site
11:12 AM - Click, '$100 Apple Store Credit for iPhone'
11:12 AM - Enter Serial Number and Phone Number
11:13 AM - Get text message with claim number
11:13 AM - Enter claim number on Apple's site
11:14 AM - $100 Credit in hand

Seriously, every rebate everywhere should be handled like this. Not like the crazy Best Buy ones that take like 3 months to find out that they lost your paperwork and you're out of luck.
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