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Category: sims

12/16/07 04:10 - 25ºF - ID#42538

More to life than money and careers


I have everything you could want in a Sims life. My husband makes high-end gnomes for sale. I'm purusing a career in modeling. We have every toy in the Sims toybook...but I just can't help like feeling that there's more to this life...

In these days and times, Sims are so disconnected from one another. They need to get back to their communal roots and rediscover the religious Sim life in commune with one another. So I present to the SIMS world, my Sims religious compound....


The building on the far left is the children's barrack.
In the middle front building on the bottom is the recreation room.
The middle back building is the cafeteria.
The building on the far right is the barrack for my faithful adherents!
Who wants to move in?

On top of the front middle building is my special apartment that I share with the husband. Can't be a cult leader without some swanky digs, right?
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Category: life

12/14/07 02:57 - 33ºF - ID#42518

"Just Say No"

...applies to more than just drugs!

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Category: religion

12/07/07 09:01 - 24ºF - ID#42422

Who gets the whooping cough?!

Whooping cough broke out on Bob Jones University forcing them to close classes a week early for the semester. Who the hell gets whooping cough in the US these days? Homeschooling students at BJU whose parents refused to vaccinate them as children do. And then they pass it on to the people who had whooping cough vaccinations as children but never got boosters as adult, because you're not really expecting to be exposed to the whooping cough as an adult in the US. The only reason I got the whooping cough booster was because it was bundled in with diptheria and tetanus (DPT) and I needed the tetanus for going to Vietnam.

Two years ago, measles broke out among youth at church. Again, mostly home schooling kids whose parents rejected vaccines. Homeschooling kid goes to Romania, brings home measles. Who sends their kids overseas without vaccinations?

There is an anti-authority issue; *there is a suspicion of vaccinations (which extends to outside the christian homeschooling community as well) and there is this:
A concern with using vaccinations that come from cell lines that originate in aborted fetuses. The greater Christian community can help with the anti-authority issue and the public health community can help with the suspicion of vaccinations issue. It also seems worthwhile if the medical community explores the use of vaccinations not using a cell line originating from an aborted fetus. It could encourage these homeschoolers to vaccinate their kids and decrease these weird break outs of diseases that shouldn't occur in the US anymore. Doctors and biologists on the it feasible?

  • For the record, I'm not entirely gung ho on vaccinations. I fall into the group of people who are suspicious of vaccinations at times.

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Category: life

12/06/07 08:47 - 20ºF - ID#42413

Birthday Ramblings

I overheard a great conversation last night at the vet, sitting next to an older man talking on a cell phone.

"What did I tell you to do? Huh? He does that to you again, you tell him, I'm gonna smash your face in. Then you do it. Bop him in the nose. Tell the teacher about this. Did you tell the teacher? And then the next time he does it, you bloody his nose good. Don't worry, he's not going to do anything back once you give him a good bloody nose. He's gotta learn his lesson."

It was hard to keep a straight face during that conversation.

On another note, today's my birthday. I'm turning 25. I've been turning 25 for a few years now. I wonder when I'm going to turn 30? So far, it looks like a nice birthday is ahead. My wonderful husband is making me birthday casserole and is going to watch my favorite musical, Oliver, with me. Just got it from my parents for my birthday. Good day, indeed.
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Category: bad cat

12/05/07 09:08 - 22ºF - ID#42401

Bad Cat

People always wonder how the cute, playful black cat Tatanka could be a bad cat......
It might have something to do with the fact that I spent hours making gingerbread cookies; cutting them out in heart shapes; swearing everytime they didn't turn out right; baking them; cooling them; icing them; and then carefully putting them away in the pantry until the night of my party only to discover that the black cat had opened the pantry, climbed inside and took big bites out of each separate cookie. The black cat later got sick from eating said cookies and had a yucky poop two inches from his litter box...because he apparently couldn't make those additional two inches to poop INSIDE the litterbox...
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Category: buffalo

12/03/07 08:36 - 36ºF - ID#42376

Buffalo Symphony Orchestra

Drew and I had the awesome opportunity to see all 6 of the Brandenburg Concertos performed by the Buffalo Symphony Orchestra with some guest artists when an acquaintance couldn't use their subscription tickets.

It was our first visit to the symphony hall . We we were curious because everyone has told us it's a "must see" building, but from the outside it doesn't look particularly interesting. The inside does have a clean fresh look - bright and airy - and designed so that it will stand time. I don't think you can look at the symphony hall and say, oh, yes, this is so reminescent of the cheesy architecture from the such and such decade. We had terrific seats in the center of the bacony with nice leg room. I was pleased.

The music was good. It's not the PSO or CSO, but I'm still happy to live in a city with a quality orchestra that plays in a hall 5 minutes down the road from me. Now, is there a classical ballet troupe in town?

I am disappointed at the ticket prices at the BSO, but it turns out that I was spoiled by the PSO. They had this section called the Family Circle. They were basically nosebleed seats and the seats were big long wooden benches that you crowded into. But you could get a clear view of the symphony, the sound was fine and the tickets cost $15. BSO tickets cost $30 for the cheapest seats. Boo. But I like the symphony enough that I'll scrape up the money a few times a year to go see them.

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Category: snow

12/01/07 09:37 - 20ºF - ID#42351

Slip n Slide in the truck

Yeah for Snow!

Yeah for trucks with rear wheel drive!

I love the slip n slide fun of a snowy wintery day in a rear wheel drive!

Time to get sandbags for the truck, grumble, grumble...
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Category: cubicle life

11/30/07 10:37 - 32ºF - ID#42341

Life in the Cubicle

The woman in the cubicle behind me thinks she's the shit. She has to think she's the shit to have disgruntled phone conversations about work laced with my favorite 4-letter words openly on the phone. Loudly and with her door open. Basically, from her conversations it appears that everyone here is an idiot but her. After six months of working with her, I've learned that she offers you jovial smiles and jokes to your face but spits on your name and work behind your back. I have to work with her. I offer very little about myself to her. But I'm sure she's found something about me to spit on. She's tremendously good at what she does, but I find it difficult to respect her.
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Category: work

11/27/07 03:35 - 43ºF - ID#42305


Supervisor can hardly look me in the eye today. Didn't say hello or greet me. That makes me nervous. Maybe I should think of a reason to go talk to him about the program so I can reassure myself that the program will be moving forward and I'll still have a job.
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Category: holidays

11/23/07 11:38 - 21ºF - ID#42266

Thanksgiving Highlights

A few fun highlights of the holiday...

1. Being at my family's home without (e:drew) so I can be as loud and obnoxious with my family as I want to be without offending or embarassing the husband.

2. Not having to do anything.

3. Great time with family on Thanksgiving Day and decorating the Xmas tree on the day after.

4. I sleep really well. It's so dark and quiet where my parents live...unlike where I live...where Ricky is always outside hollering during the hours through which most people sleep.

A few un-fun highlights of the holiday....

1. The silence that followed my statement of, " Next year at Thanksgiving..." Oh, yeah, there's won't be a next year.

2. The last year decorating the Xmas tree at my family's home. Next year, there won't be a childhood home anymore...

3. The sideways figure eight pattern the turbo prop made while it was in process of landing Good god, I thought we were going to crash! I think everyone on the plane thought we were going to crash. And I have to ride the same plane back to Detroit! Don't ride turbo prop planes...seriously, it's miserable. I don't know how I'm going to convince myself to get back on one to fly back to Detroit.

Reading the posts, it sounds like everyone had a great holiday! Cheers to all!
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