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06/27/09 09:36 - 67ºF - ID#49096

Spicy scents

Two nights ago I ground up some cardamom in the coffee grinder. The scent lingered for a good two days in the kitchen, living room, and entry way making these areas of the house smell sweet and spicy and delicious.

This morning I experimented with trying to get a more concentrated or longer lasting scent.

I tried making a potpourri satchet. Failure.

Tried to use it like incense. Failure.

Then the internet told me to simmer the spices in some water. So right now I'm in heaven with the spicy cardamom, coriander, cloves smell.

If you want to replicate it....

A handful of cardamom seeds and a handful of coriander seeds lightly toasted in a skillet.
Grind in a coffee grinder. Add 10-12 cloves.

Put entire mixture with 1-2 cups of water on the stove. Bring to a boil and reduce to a simmer.

And if you like the cardamom taste, try grinding some in with your coffee beans. I cardamom pod should be enough for 1 cup of coffee beans.
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06/22/09 11:09 - 71ºF - ID#49034

The DIY project

Two years ago, when we moved into the house, I had a lot of time on my hands to fix up the house.

Paint was peeling and chipping from the bathroom door so I decided it needed some work.

I didn't want to just scrape and paint because it would look all uneven. And I didn't want to pay $50 to take it to somewhere and dip it to strip the paint.

So I stripped the door myself. Until I gave up when I realized there were six layers of paint underneath the glossy white and special tools were needed to strip the paint from the crevices.

So I hung the door up half stripped and uneven. It sat for a year.

I primed it when husband suggested I finish what I start. It sat for another year.

And today I finally finished.

Two years later... And more than $50 later... And several hours of my time later.... I painted it glossy white over an uneven surface.

I sure came out ahead, didn't I?
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06/09/09 10:02 - 66ºF - ID#48876

Running from State Farm as fast as I can

You know those stories about people who run from their small town, USA, because they can't spend the rest of their life working in the "fill-in-the-blank" factory?

I couldn't run from my town fast enough to avoid the State Farm conveyor belt. I thought that there had to be more to life than being a cog in the machinery of State Farm.

Turns out I was right.

I am reminded of it every time I come home. And I'm so grateful that I did more with my life than sign up for a lifetime career with State Farm.
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06/05/09 11:00 - 64ºF - ID#48840

Vacation Frenzy

I am trying to leave for vacation at 2:30pm.

I had a small list of must do items from yesterday.

After several phone calls and e-mails today, that list has grown exponentially longer.

I am angry.
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06/01/09 10:11 - 65ºF - ID#48819

Observations from Running

I have never felt compelled to yell things at people running by me, so I don't understand the compulsion for people to yell things at me when I'm running. Are their comments for my benefit or for theirs? Are they hoping I'll stop and engage them in conversation? Or that their "witty" comment will be the "zing" that I need to keep going?

As a dog owner, those leashes that extend really far seem appealing to me, but as a runner, they're a gigantic trip hazard and I hate them and the little ankle biting dogs at the end of them.

Running down Norwood and Lincoln Parkway and Chapin Parkway in the dark on a cool and balmy evening was peaceful and soothing.

Gulping down a cold Goya Mango drink was heavenly after the run. But I probably just drank the same amount of calories I burned off.

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