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01/31/10 05:51 - 22ºF - ID#50947

Middle Eastern tastiness

If only I knew just how easy and tasty home made baba ghanoush and falafel was. I would have had many more happy Sunday evenings

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01/29/10 10:47 - 11ºF - ID#50929

Off the topic observations

A quote from a NY Times article today on the SOTU address and the SCOTUS

The flashes of discord between the two branches might have been avoided had the justices followed the example of Chief Justice William H. Rehnquist, who once skipped the State of the Union address in the Reagan era to attend to other matters.

The speech “conflicted with the watercolor class he was taking at the local Y.M.C.A.,” Chief Justice Roberts, who had served as a law clerk to Chief Justice Rehnquist, recalled last year. “He had spent $25 signing up for the class, and he wasn’t going to miss one of the sessions.”

My thought is completely unrelated to the point of the article, but I absolutely love the fact that the Chief Justice of the SCOTUS went to the YMCA for a water color class. I love the modesty of going to YMCA and the frugality of not missing a class he paid for. And I'm imagining him doing his thing at class surrounded by people who had no clue who he was or what he did.

And continuing on a husband asked me if people at my work place were talking about the SOTU address. I laughed. Loudly. I can barely talk about local politics with co-workers. They just don't seem to care.

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01/10/10 05:56 - 24ºF - ID#50789

The Turkey Chronicles: Meal 6, 7, 8

Turkey Tetrazinni!

American casserole dish with turkey, pasta, cheese, and a cream sauce. Dinner tonight and two more nights.
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01/10/10 01:13 - 22ºF - ID#50788

Organic Milk for a Bargain!!!

Price Rite is selling Byrne Dairy milk for $1.85 a gallon. Byrne Dairy Milk advertises that it has no artificial growth hormones. It goes for twice that price at the Coop. 4 limit per customer. I bought two and am sticking one in the freezer.

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01/07/10 02:44 - 27ºF - ID#50764

The Turkey Chronicles: Meal 4 & 5

Yesterday was a repeat of meals 3 and 4. Still good. Still not tired of it yet.

However, there will be a short break from the regularly scheduled turkey which will be resumed on Sunday.
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01/05/10 08:03 - 21ºF - ID#50745

The Turkey Chronicles: Meal 4

Simmered the bones with meat still on them in a large stockpot for three or four hours. Took bones out. Picked meat off the bones. Threw meat back in the pot. Seasoned with lemon juice, salt, pepper, oregano. Simmered some more on the stove. Stuck in the fridge for later.

Heated it up tonight. Poured it over some cooked pasta and we had turkey noodle soup. Husband thought it was bland, but I found the broth to be tasty. Enough leftover for some more soup tomorrow.

On Sunday, I want to make turkey tetrazzini casserole.
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01/05/10 08:00 - 21ºF - ID#50744

The Turkey Chronicles: Meal 3

Took some turkey meat (chunks of white and dark meat) to work. Slathered up a bun with mayo and mustard. Put said turkey meat in bun. Warmed it up. Filling turkey sandwich for lunch.
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01/05/10 07:58 - 21ºF - ID#50743

The Turkey Chronicles: Meal 2

I threw a couple of slices of the cooked turkey breast in a skillet with olive oil, lightly browned it on each side, and then let it finish heating up in a small pool of cooking wine.
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01/05/10 07:56 - 21ºF - ID#50742

The Turkey Chronicles: Meal 1

In the spring when Price Rite opened, my husband lugged home a 14 lb turkey for $4. I scoffed at the turkey. Seriously, he wanted us to roast a turkey? Then I grew resentful at the turkey taking up such a large space in the freezer. But this month, with the grocery budget tight from Christmas, the turkey became my friend. And I'm going to see how far a roasted turkey can get us.

Meal 1: I roasted the turkey. It had a lovely brown crispy skin and a fragrant smell. In my vanity, I sacrificed juiciness for appearance for my turkey was dry. But the gravy I made tasted fabulous. We carved it up and had a few pieces to eat for dinner.
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01/01/10 11:19 - 28ºF - ID#50709

Apartment Needed

I have a friend looking for a 1br or studio apt for 6 months in the Buff state area. If any of you know a place....she would be a great tenant. Very responsible. Pay on time.
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