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09/22/10 11:08 - 61.ºF - ID#52816

The disabled one

One of our kids has a disability. It's really not noticeable - at first glance. At the playground, parents smile at him approvingly. He's a cute kid. Then he stomps his feet and yowls in his funny way. Parents look at each other knowingly, nodding their heads and neatly categorizing him in their mind as disabled. And that's okay. He does have a disability. But he's cute, affectionate, a source of joy, and the best camping partner I've ever had. And the fact that he has a disability all melts away for me.

Today, I picked him up at his afterschool program. He had an accident. The messy kind. In the program room, he put on his socks and shoes, while a preteen girl made gagging noises to indicate how bad it smelled. Yup, poop smells bad. Nothing new about that. As we moved away to collect the rest of his things, she and a friend began to giggle and laugh. Clearly, the joke was my kid. I felt pretty angry. For me, for my child. I thought about being mean and snippy. I thought about sitting her down to have a talk about disabilities and the likelihood that she could end up with a child like ours. Would she laugh then? Instead, I grabbed him close and hugged him hard. I announced loudly how much I loved him and walked off with him hand in hand, the both of us happy and smiling.
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09/03/10 08:37 - 76.ºF - ID#52639


She's the Secretary of State and this apparently is the most newsworthy discussion we can have in regards to her? Her impact on the choice of older women to have long hair?!
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09/03/10 08:35 - 76.ºF - ID#52638

About Time

This action is one of few by Brown that generally thrills me. Terminating the human resource commissioner, Ms. Thomas. A little too late though based on the fact that the city continued to lose hundreds of thousands after she ignored a directive to buy social security data that would have assisted in identifying deceased individuals who should not be receiving benefits.

She should have been fired the moment the phrase, "TMI", dropped from her lips in resonse to the auditing report.
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