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Category: sims

04/04/09 10:47 - ID#48280

New Sims Family

I started a new family and I acted with slightly more moderation.

I had my Lady Sim, Sienna, procreate twins, which are still a lot of work since they tend to want to be fed, played with and diapered both at the same time. So I forced a new person to move in with us to be the twins care taker. My house is a gigantic gothic house complete with attic. So the twins' nanny lives up stairs in the attic.

I still needed some extra help around the house so I called for the Maid service. Then I made the maid a permanent addition to my house so she does all the cleaning up and meal preparation. I moved her up into the servants quarters as well.

Having servants isn't all I thought it would be. It's actually quite demanding to boss them around all day. You have to constantly stay on top of them. The maid isn't very self directed so I have to direct her in her cleaning all day. And I swear that nanny just leaves the babies lying around wherever. I even have to remind them to use their designated bathroom/shower instead of the good bathrooms and to take their meals and their rest after the family is taken care of.

It's hard life for Sims rolling in the Simoleons.

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Category: sims

04/03/09 08:42 - ID#48271

Babies falling from the skies

6 babies is 6 too many in the Sims world.

The problem with conjuring 6 Sims babies with the cheat code is they are all named "baby girl" or "baby boy". They all look like the same wriggling lump of Sims baby flesh, so it's difficult to remember what you did for which baby.

I bought a gigantic new space to house all the babies. And I had three adults to take care of the babies. Three adults were not sufficient to take care of the babies. The babies all cried for attention at the same time; needed fed at the same time; and needed diapers changed at the same time. By the time you got through the cycle of care, it was time to do it all over again. With maybe a few split seconds to run to the bathroom or stuff your face in the fridge.

It only took a few minutes for the cries of 6 babies to irritate me. So I scrapped that family.
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Category: sims

12/16/07 04:10 - ID#42538

More to life than money and careers


I have everything you could want in a Sims life. My husband makes high-end gnomes for sale. I'm purusing a career in modeling. We have every toy in the Sims toybook...but I just can't help like feeling that there's more to this life...

In these days and times, Sims are so disconnected from one another. They need to get back to their communal roots and rediscover the religious Sim life in commune with one another. So I present to the SIMS world, my Sims religious compound....


The building on the far left is the children's barrack.
In the middle front building on the bottom is the recreation room.
The middle back building is the cafeteria.
The building on the far right is the barrack for my faithful adherents!
Who wants to move in?

On top of the front middle building is my special apartment that I share with the husband. Can't be a cult leader without some swanky digs, right?
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Category: sims

10/13/07 11:03 - ID#41625

The Seduction of Joey Johnson

I'm too the point in my career as a medical surgeon that I can't progress without some support from a spouse. So I set aside a day to seduce my long time boyfriend Joey Johnson.

I was a little bit nervous when I invited him over as I had been dabbling in a relationship with Drew Ludwig. But all was forgiven with a passionate kiss at the door:

We started out with some light conversation.
He likes cloudy Days

Oh, good! I like rainy days...this might work!

I can't propose to him on an empty stomach so I whipped up a turkey dinner for the two of us:

I like sailboats

Oh, shoot, not Joey. He hates sailboats, they don't pollute enough!

Oh, yeah, well, um, I like cars...they pollute a lot!

Moving onto pinball. I need to show Joey that living herw is full of pinball fun!

I sneak downstairs to change into a little special something to move in for the kill!

I nervously chatter about clothing accessories to relieve the tension of the moment.

Okay, time to test the waters with an intimate hug.

Good, good... moving in for a fiery kiss...oh, no a setback!

Shoot, I'm committed now. Suck it up and propose!

No, no! I did everything right...why doesn't he love me???
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Category: sims

10/09/07 10:48 - ID#41567

Sims Update

My sim was in a bit of a rut.
Work, study, work socialize, work, study, work, socialize.

So she treated herself to a pool now that she makes the big bucks as a specialist:
Yeah, I look that good in a bikini in real life too.

She also acquired a lover to shake things up:

It's just a matter of time before she seduces Joey Johnson into marriage.

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Category: sims

10/06/07 04:59 - ID#41521

The Sims

I've had some time on my hand so I've reinstalled the ole Sims game. I take pride in starting from scratch and not using the money cheat code.

Here's my modest new dwellings:


And here I am:


I'm in the medical career and I just got a promotion to intern. It's been hard to do all the socializing and studying I need to be a resident.

Not much interesting now, but I have three potential boyfriends lined up that I'm courting. More on that later, peeps....

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