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10/25/09 07:30 - 49ºF - ID#50115

Polenta Marinara

Slices of polenta layered in a pan
Layer of marinara
Layer of parmesan cheese
Layer of mozzarella cheese

Repeat layering until pan is full
Bake at 350

And you get...



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Location: Buffalo , NY

10/25/09 02:11 - 52ºF - ID#50106

Scharf's restaurant

I went with a group of people to Scharf's restaurant. It's a German restaurant on the east side in the Schiller Park area.

I don't know if others on estrip have been, but if you haven't been and would like to try some German food, it was fabulous. We went on a Saturday night for their Oktoberfest menu which largely offered variations on weiner schnitzel.

I had zeuegner schnitzel which was weiner schnitzel in a creamy sauce with strips of red and green peppers. And I shared a potato pancake with someone. Best potato pancake, ever!

They had a small selection of German beers in bottle and on tap. Not a large selection, but the ones they had were good.

I highly recommend and would be happy to go with anyone who wants to give it a taste!
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10/19/09 07:29 - 49ºF - ID#50056


After several hours of classes; background checks; fingerprints; and a few hair pulling moments....(e:drew) and I are about to become foster parents.

And we need babysitters!

Yes, I realize, we don't even have children yet, but we are already looking to find a way to pawn them off on other people....

But we would like to find a babysitter soon, because any babysitter for our foster children needs to fill out a background check form and do fingerprints. And all of the aforementioned needs processed before we can leave children alone with said babysitter.

We have one potential babysitter lined up, but I would like to find a second. So I am hoping to work my (e:strip) connections to find someone who is 21 or over; able to pass a background check and fingerprints; and willing to be a regular baby sitter for a little pocket money (i.e. twice a month or so)....

Any takers??
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10/05/09 07:59 - 54ºF - ID#49937

Sticky Door Quick Fix

We've had a sticky door in the back hallway. You have to turn the handle with your right hand while pounding the upper left hand corner with your left hand. Hardly convenient for a fire emergency and deathly for anyone under 4' trying to get out in the event of a fire.

Found a quick fix on line. Where the door is sticking to the frame, hammer a 16d nail into the frame. The force of the hammering the nail in drives the frame away from the door. I used three nails in the frame and it got the job done. I can now open and close the door without pounding it!
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10/01/09 08:04 - 44ºF - ID#49896

Dungeons n Dragons

I gave in to the dork side and I am now playing Dungeons and Dragons (4th edition for those of you who are dorkier than me and care to know).

Every other Wednesday night I am meeting with a group of grown men to transform myself into Elias, a female Elf, who is a devout cleric.

Yup, I'm having fun. I anticipate the fun to continue.
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