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07/12/10 08:48 - 78.ºF - ID#52159

Need a water bath canner

for this weekend to try to can some pickles.

I have 10-15 cucumbers with more coming every day. If any one had a water bath canner I could borrow, I would be happy to share a pint or two of pickles with you!
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Location: Buffalo , NY
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07/05/10 03:48 - 85.ºF - ID#52104

Maybe taxes aren't so bad

Several people we talked to about moving to NY mentioned the ridiculous state taxes. So we expected the worst...

But I really can't say I have too many complaints. I love it that states like NY don't tax necessities like food (which is taxed in IL). And when I consider that I can visit several state parks within a reasonable drive from Buffalo and enjoy hiking, swimming, sunning, disc golfing and camping. Well, I'm almost happy to put my money in the collective pot that makes the state park system tick.

I had a great day yesterday at Beaver Island State Park sunning on the beach, cooling off in the water (and seeing (e:) PMT) and it triggered my thought that I'm really grateful for the NY State Park System. I wonder how many people visit the state park and don't realize that it's our tax dollars at work.

Now, the politicians and how they manage the money, that's another story...
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