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05/28/09 08:25 - 65ºF - ID#48778

Plants for free

I have two hot red pepper plants (hot portugal pepper) and one Sweet Hungarian plant, which grow really well in pots.

I have a zucchini plant and a cucumber plant that might be dead. I'm not sure. But I'll double check if you're interested!

Let me know if you're interested in any of those plants. They're sitting on my front porch so all you would have to do is run up and grab the plant and go. You wouldn't even have to stop in and say hello.
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05/25/09 10:00 - 57ºF - ID#48744

My Husband. The Bad Ass Priest.


I'm pretty sure he's packing a piece under that coat.
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05/24/09 04:20 - 73ºF - ID#48740

On track

for a 9:30 minute/mile 5K. I think.

Today I had a very satisfying work out.

400 meters run 6 times at a faster pace than my 5k pace.

200 meters of walking in between the 400 meters.

One mile of slow and easy jogging to cool down the muscles.

I felt discouraged after my last 5k, because I didn't quite hit the time I wanted, but felt better when the results from the race indicated that I ran a 9:45 mile pace.

I want to slash 15 seconds off to be at a 9:30 mile pace at Jog for the Jake in June in order to run about a 28:30 5K.

I plan on doing speed workouts once a week until the race. And when I'm home in Illinois I'm hoping to take advantage of hills in my dad's neighborhood to do some speed work on hills.

All on the path to a 27 minute 5K by the fall for the Linda Yalem Safety Run.
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05/21/09 12:53 - 76ºF - ID#48712

Credit Card Legislation

I've been waiting for a post from Vincent or Joshua or Jim on the credit card legislation, but I guess I'll go first.

A news article in the Buffalo News touched on the ups and downs of the legislation.

Bankers, apparently, are stating that they may be "forced" to initiate or raise annual user fees; take away bonuses; or otherwise develop practices that would be "damaging" to those individuals who use credit cards responsibly.

Well, bankers, I don't need your credit card. So if you plan on charging me an annual user fee or taking away my cash-back bonus, go right ahead. I have no "right" to a credit card with no annual user fee and a cash-back bonus. But I certainly have the freedom to cancel the card and rely solely on my debit card; cash; and checks (or in other words, I will return to a "pay as I go" system).

There is obviously a connection between the credit card industry and the healthcare industry given that a portion of people in significant credit card debt are paying healthcare related bills. I can imagine a scenario where the unintended consequence of a decrease in available credit is to put further and immediate pressure on our current health care system and our future approach to health care in our country.
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05/15/09 07:59 - 62ºF - ID#48676

I hit the thrift store jackpot

Four fabulous looking tops (which made me do a happy dance in the dressing room) and one pair of pants. $21.00 That's a darn good night of thrift shopping.

I'm wearing one of the tops now. And it looks really good on me. Too bad Drew isn't here to admire me, but I still look good regardless of his presence or not.

Drew might be away, but I'm feeling cute, sociable and thirsty for a beer. I might wander down to The Place for a drink ... let me know if you would like to join me.
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05/07/09 07:31 - 52ºF - ID#48611

Pet Sitter

It's that time of year where we need a pet sitter. I'll email you the dates if you're interested.

We're hoping for a highschool or college student who wants to make a little extra money and will do a decent job.

They would need to stop by twice a day to feed and water the animals, let the dog out, scoop some litter and give eyedrops daily to the cat. We would also need the back and front gardens watered maybe 2-3 times during the week.

I hate to ask friends because it's a lot of work, I think, especially since most of our friends work and they would have to get up and come into our house before work.

If you know anyone who's reliable in this area and would like to make a little money, maybe around one hundred dollars, ... please let me know.
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05/06/09 05:03 - 69ºF - ID#48604

Math fun at work

I needed to explain to people at work the differences between:

5:30 as in 5 hours and 30 minutes.


5.5 as in 5 hours and 1/2 of an hour.

An inability to distinguish between the two has led to a serious documentation error.

As in, they would take 5:14 (5 hours 14 minutes) and subtract a half hour of time by doing the following. 5.14 - .5 ending up with 4.64 which is not correct.

An inability on my part to adequately explain to them the difference between the two has left them with blank stares and me with a head that's going to explode.

We'll try again tomorrow.
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05/03/09 05:27 - 62ºF - ID#48586

Free flowers

I have three lonely snapdragon flowers that didn't make it into my hanging flower baskets and nowhere else I really want to plant them. Three isn't many, but if you want them, e-mail me.
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05/02/09 03:38 - 57ºF - ID#48573

Running races

I'm hooked.

I've only run three 5ks.

I'm not exceptional at it.

But I can't wait for the next run.

There's an internal drive to do the next race to get the faster time or to run a longer race and to keep physically pushing myself.

Somehow, improving my race times or running longer routes by myself isn't a legitimate feat unless I do it with a mass of sweaty people on a Saturday morning.

The free meal and beer is a motivating factor, too, I suppose.

Props to (e:James) who ran a spectacular 23 minute 5k today in the race!

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04/20/09 01:06 - 44ºF - ID#48452

School Board

I've had some minimal exposure to the Buffalo public schools and those exposures have caused me concern.

I've been wondering how to get more involved or follow more closely the situation of schools in Buffalo. An opportunity became apparent when (e:Drew) and I found out that someone we know, Rebekah Williams, is running for school board. She told us that generally only 5% of eligible voters vote in the school board election!!

So I'm going to take the first steps in getting involved by 1) educating myself on the candidates and 2) voting in the election.

The election is Tuesday May 5th. And at the bottom of this article

is some information on upcoming debates so you can meet the candidates.

I'm probably going to the debate on the 27th. If anyone wants to come along, give me a holler!

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