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Category: life

11/09/07 09:34 - 40ºF - ID#42055

I wanna be a sorority girl....

(e:drew) is going to TMBG concert with our friends and I'm going to something he defines as "lame". But we're all going to party hard after the concert, so it's cool.

I'm going to the meeting of an elite women's social group. It's actually not that elite, but it's fun to pretend it is. It's basically a sorority for women. I never did the social sorority thing in college, but this sorority is a business/social organization that supports women in education. My mommy was in it and she is sponsoring me. But sort of like sororities, I have to go to meetings at all the different chapters in the area and I have to be invited to join a chapter...and oh, the drama!

After only 2 meetings, I was invited to join chapter A. But, oh, this isn't the chapter that I want to join. I want to join chapter B. So I'm going to all the events and meetings of chapter B in hopes of securing an invitation from this chapter. But meanwhile, I don't want to decline chapter A's invitation quite yet because maybe it's the only invitation I'll get. So I have to dance around any questions from chapter A about why I haven't accepted their invitation while I'm dropping hints to Chapter B, that I want to join them.

So, therefore, I am sending my husband and friends off to the TMBG concert without me.
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Category: life

11/06/07 09:15 - 39ºF - ID#41998

I didn't read the fine print

and got totally duped by NY Times...

This weekend after a long break from the Buffalo News, I picked it up again and remembered why I stopped buying it. There are a lot of things I like about Buffalo, the local paper is definitely not one of them. And I WANT to like the local paper, because I like to keep up on the local news. But I give up. I'll just catch up on local news via Buffalonews online.

So I wandered over to the NY Times and it seduced me all over again. In my lust for a good Sunday paper, I failed to fully comprehend the rates. It really looked like the price was $3.25/week for the Sunday paper and for the first 12 weeks you would get it at 50% of the rate...turns out $3.50 is the 50% off the rate price. After 12 weeks it jumps to $6.50. Stupid, stupid me. I can get it for $5.00 at the General Store on the corner. So now I have to be smart enough to remember to cancel it after 12 weeks else I'm going to be paying $1.50 for the privilege of having it delivered to my door instead of walking down the street less than a block to buy it for $5.00.
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Category: food

11/04/07 03:35 - 50ºF - ID#41978

A spiced up life

(e:drew) and I decided it was time to be healthy. For him to lose weight, he goes almost all vegetables with a little bit of beans and whole grains thrown in on occasion. I'm a nice wife and I have a few lbs I'd like to shed so I'm happy to do the diet that works for him. The main difference is that he can eat plain veggies day in and day out, but I need a little something to flavor the veggies up without resorting to butter. So thus...I made these spice mixtures...

Going clockwise from the top left hand corner: Trinidadian spice mixture of coriander seeds, cumin seeds, fennel seeds, peppercorns and mustard seeeds; Roasted sichuan pepper and salt; Sesame Salt; and Sesame seed seasoning which is sesame seeds, salt peppercorns and a whole dried red chile.


I spent maybe an hour roasting the spices in a pan (see below) and then grinding them in our coffee grinder. The coffee grinder is the best thing I've ever sneaked out of my parent's house!


I also made clarified butter flavored with shallots, garlic, cardamom pods, cumin seeds and oregano. I use in small quantities on vegetables. I would have taken a picture of that but (e:Drew) left and took the camera with him. See (e:tinyplinyID)#41670 for a description of clarified butter in the coments section.
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Category: life

11/01/07 09:11 - 43ºF - ID#41925


Halloween was a great deal of fun this year. It's the first year in probably 10 year that I got to hand out candy to little kids ... and we had a lot of kids. So many that we had to run down to the Lexington General Store to buy handfuls of their penny candy.

Halloween is even more fun when you get to share it with a person from Malaysia who has never seen or heard of Halloween before. We went all out and carved pumpkins, toasted seeds, and coached him in handing out candy to the little ones. It's fun to see Halloween through the eyes of someone who has never participated in it before.

Here's our pumpkins!

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10/29/07 11:00 - 53ºF - ID#41877

Missing Philly

I fell in love with Philadelphia. It was heartbreaking when I left. It's cheesy, but I sometimes miss Philly and I feel a sad achy pain. It hits me at the oddest moments and it hit me today on my way to work. I think partly because (e:tinypliny) is going there for a conference. But she doesn't get to see all the things I love about here's a tour of Philly for (e:tinypliny).
Kelly Dr. is beautiful year round and everyone jogs on the path along the river, and I did too. It's an upscale meat market.
I love the row houses in Philly. These row houses were the homes of famous individuals in the late 1700s, but by the 1950s urban blight almost caused them to be destroyed. Now they go for easily $1million.
Best art museum I've ever been to. Drew and I had membership passes and went there every Friday night to listen to Jazz when we were dating.
When I first moved to Philly, I'd never been to such a big city and I wandered around the Benjamin Franklin Parkway gawking at the buildings like a big ole dumb tourist. To this day, I am amazed I didn't get mugged.
I miss Chinatown... a lot. No Chinatown in Pittsburgh, no Chinatown in Buffalo. Where do I go for my fresh baked moon cakes and buns with red bean paste? And where do I buy my lucky cats now? No, really. I need to know. Toronto?
The best for the last...the mummers parade. The best description I've heard of the mummers parade is Broadway meets Mardi Gras. Its Broadway in terms of the performance and costumes. Its mardi gras thanks to the drunkenness of the participants. I think every year I've fended off a drunk mummer trying to hit on me! You get up early in the morning. Get to Broad St. with your chair and thermos of coffee (because it's January 1st) and you sit for for hours and watch the show and then you leave because it's freezing cold and you watch the rest of it on television. If you're hard core, you stay all eight hours and party with the mummers at the mummers houses after the parade. I'm not hardcore. Here's a link as I'm guessing few of you know much about the Mummers parade.


It also rained gumdrops and snowed skittles in Philly...I'm crossing my fingers that it snows skittles in Buffalo and that I'll love Buffalo as much as Philly.
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10/29/07 09:06 - 32ºF - ID#41855


What are the "official" times for trick or treating in the city? When should I expect the little ghouls to start showing up at my door?!

And is there really a thing called "Beggars Night" where kids trick or treat on the night before Halloween?
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10/26/07 10:20 - 47ºF - ID#41814

The Res'

Some people I know went out to the Indian reservation in Cattaraugus County. They were part of a social service fair to market what services their agency has to offer.

I was intriqued with the comments I heard when they got back. The words were heavily loaded to indicate negative opinion of the reservation and the people who live there. Here are just a few of the comments:

"I couldn't get off the res' fast enough"
"Well, you know, no one who lives there wants to work"
"Sure, we want to expand our services out to that area, but we don't want an actual agency site on the reservation"
"You don't want to leave your car parked on the reservation"

It was a little curious to me because social service workers are used to working with "undesirable" people in "undesirable" environments. I've seen lots of shit (literally and figuratively) working in this field.

But I'm also curious as to the nature of any prejudices some people might have in this area towards Indians or prejudices/negative attitudes going the other way? What are they rooted in? What are the tensions? (I know about the casinos obviously and the I90 conflict over the tolls).

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Category: news

10/18/07 01:07 - 59ºF - ID#41701

What incredible grace...

that a woman who had been sexually abused as a child would run a trailer park and allow released sex offenders to live there while they get their act together, yet still draw a tough line that she expects that they'll toe the line or go back to jail!

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Category: human rights

10/17/07 08:29 - 59ºF - ID#41682

Yahoo in China

Has anyone been following this situation with Yahoo in China?

What do you think? Does Yahoo have no responsibiity for the actions of the Chinese government? Were they simply following the laws of the land? Should US companies do business in China if they are subject to the Chinese government in a way that makes them complicit with a human rights violation?
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Category: life

10/14/07 12:16 - 53ºF - ID#41633

Celebration, come on!

<walks out on stage and stands on soapbox>

I lost 5lbs after being conscious about my eating habits and getting back on the exercise machine. I'd like to share this accomplishment with friends because I worked hard.

But do I? Nope. Not even with my closest of girlfriends. Because most people make disparaging comments about me losing're so skinny, you could use a little weight on you, whatever...

Well, ya know what....It's my body and I get to have control over it. And I have a preferred weight where I look my best and feel my best. I would love to tell people that I gained 10 lbs after college and loved those ten lbs that went straight to my hips and ass and made me look smoking hot in those hip huggers. But it's hard when they're so busy judging me.

But now I put on another 10lbs, I don't feel as good about how I look, my pants are horribly tight, I'm in between sizes right now, and don't care to replace my wardrobe. So, I'm trying to lose those 10lbs and I refuse to be apologetic about it, because it's my body.

And you know what else I get tired of? The nasty remarks people make towards me when I turn down candy or only drink diet soda. It's your own damn assumption that I don't do those things to avoid weight gain. I'm actually quite careful about sugar because I'm unbelievably prone to cavities and I'd like to keep my teeth for as long as I can. So shove it!

<steps off soab box, bows and exits>

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