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Category: holidays

12/21/07 10:24 - ID#42606

Christmas is coming

I'm such a little kid...I'm so excited to be off from work soon for the Christmas holiday...I can hardly stand it. It's only 10:15am and it feels like the day is dragging on FOREVER.... It is the never ending work day full of bad Christmas music and minory annoyances. It's standing in between me and family, fun, presents, Christmas celebrations...I have work I COULD, in theory, be doing, but I can only think about which point the work ends and the fun begins.
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Category: holidays

11/23/07 11:38 - ID#42266

Thanksgiving Highlights

A few fun highlights of the holiday...

1. Being at my family's home without (e:drew) so I can be as loud and obnoxious with my family as I want to be without offending or embarassing the husband.

2. Not having to do anything.

3. Great time with family on Thanksgiving Day and decorating the Xmas tree on the day after.

4. I sleep really well. It's so dark and quiet where my parents live...unlike where I live...where Ricky is always outside hollering during the hours through which most people sleep.

A few un-fun highlights of the holiday....

1. The silence that followed my statement of, " Next year at Thanksgiving..." Oh, yeah, there's won't be a next year.

2. The last year decorating the Xmas tree at my family's home. Next year, there won't be a childhood home anymore...

3. The sideways figure eight pattern the turbo prop made while it was in process of landing Good god, I thought we were going to crash! I think everyone on the plane thought we were going to crash. And I have to ride the same plane back to Detroit! Don't ride turbo prop planes...seriously, it's miserable. I don't know how I'm going to convince myself to get back on one to fly back to Detroit.

Reading the posts, it sounds like everyone had a great holiday! Cheers to all!
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