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Category: i am a big dork

01/03/06 11:26 - ID#24460


I'm in the middle of setting up my new work toy. A digital video recorder that can handle 6 to 8 channels of recorded video at a time, in one box. And I'm setting up a matching terabyte-plus raid storage box.

Very, very much fun.

It's super ironic too... I don't even have TV at home, but at work I watch it or deal with nothing but television all day. Sometimes I tell people that I haven't watched TV in a year, and then I have to remember that I spent 6 hours watching it at work that very day. It's very bizarre.
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Category: i am a big dork

12/13/05 05:57 - ID#24458

RoR 1.0!

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Category: i am a big dork

11/03/05 07:26 - ID#24437



Seriously, this camera. Hot.

And the new 18-200mm DX with VR? Damn.
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Category: i am a big dork

11/02/05 10:39 - ID#24436

Attention Estrip


I love my new text editor. Thank you TextMate! BBEdit can suck it.

That is all.

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Category: i am a big dork

10/20/05 07:10 - ID#24430


A couple months ago I bought a lifetime web hosting account. This will be the first month that I don't have to pay a hosting bill. I'm saving about $50 a month. I can't tell you how sweet that is. It only cost $400, and I'll make that back in no time, in saved money. My broke-ass self will be slightly less broke :)

Anyway. Just my random happy thought for the day.

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Category: i am a big dork

10/07/05 10:06 - ID#24423

Good News Everyone!

I am not out of labels for my labelmaker. I was beginning to panic. My whole organizational system was about to come crashing down around my head. Then I remembered... my spare cassette in my secret supply stash!


Isn't it beautiful?

In other news, my cat 'ran away' so now I can move my desk out from the bedroom back out into the sunny living room. The cat used to chew through all my cables, but no longer. This is like, fun for me. Labels and a brightly-lit desk. This is going to be a good weekend.

Time to go reload the labeler...
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