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Category: eating out

09/05/12 12:13 - ID#56735

The making of a savory dream

Crepes down the street...






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Category: eating out

08/21/12 05:51 - ID#56695

Gatur's Ethiopian: The Fabulous Menu

Okay, I just can't stay away from this place. Where where where were they all these years?? Got some Mutabuq to devour with tea today...

So Gatur's Ethiopian cuisine menu is FINALLY online. Ripped it from Facebook to post here:

If you haven't been here, you are TOTALLY MISSING OUT. Drop everything and just go. You will love it. Gatur's serves up some seriously delicious foodie heaven food.

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Category: eating out

08/13/12 04:12 - ID#56675

Gatur's Ethiopian Cuisine: Superawesome food!

It's here!! In Allentown. Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious Ethiopian niche cuisine is FINALLY in our neighbourhood in downtown Buffalo. Gatur's Ethiopian restaurant is open - within *walking distance* on Allen Street.

I wish this had happened sooner and not a mere two weeks before I am moving out of Buffalo. But I am not going to complain. I tried their lentil Sambusa and Bagia with the Ethiopian hot chutney today and was blown away. Really D.E.L.I.C.O.U.S! Can't wait to try ALL their other food!

Hopefully, the owner will mail me the PDF of their menu to post. We are going to lunch there at
3.00 PM, Wednesday, August 15. Join us!!

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Category: eating out

03/23/12 08:13 - ID#56277

An Ethiopian Restaurant in Buffalo

Finally. The Lucy Legacy

But why does it have to be so very far?!

Lucy Ethiopian Restaurant and Variety Store
388 Amherst Street - Buffalo NY
Hours are: Mon-Sat 7am to 10pm | Sun 11am to 10pm

Wish it was on Elmwood and Summer.
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Category: eating out

03/06/12 07:12 - ID#56180

Dinner in desperate times

is grand.

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Category: eating out

01/26/12 08:18 - ID#55987

Zotz addiction

This is what it feels like...


to eat this candy.


Dear officemate, thanks for the addiction.
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Category: eating out

12/15/11 07:06 - ID#55749

Chocolate anxiety.

When there is no chocolate on walgreens shelves. Well... there is chocolate but not MY favourite chocolate.

I realize I eat chocolate like it were popcorn or something but still... they are out of *my favourite* chocolate today. They say it will be re-stocked soon. But I want it now, dammit.
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Category: eating out

12/07/11 03:12 - ID#55665

Askinosie Vs. Justin's Hazelnut Butter

The essential comparisons

Ingredients: hazelnuts (oil and butter), cocoa powder, organic cane juice, and roasted cocoa nibs.
$11.05 + FedEx Home Delivery $11.50 for a 6.5 oz jar today = $22.55
~$3.46 for an ounce.

Ingredients: Dry Roasted Hazelnuts, Dry Roasted Almonds, Organic Evaporated Cane Sugar, Organic Cocoa, Organic Cocoa Butter, Organic Palm Fruit Oil, Natural Vanilla, Sea Salt.
  • Note the better nutrition profile.
$29.02 for 16 X 3 = 48oz. Free Shipping. Amazon
~$0.604 for an ounce.

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Category: eating out

11/02/11 09:09 - ID#55432

I hear they are very good.

Me at 7:00 PM: Rushing out of Walgreens with the speculoos.
Buffalo Police on Walgreens duty pointing at Biscoffs: Man, I hear they are very good. Everyone is getting one today. I need to try those...

Me at 7:15 PM: Rushing back into Walgreens because I forgot to get the shortbread I wanted.
Buffalo Police on Walgreens duty pointing at someone else's frozen pizza: Man, I hear they are very good. I need to get that!

Me at 8:00 PM: Back to walgreens for the chocolate.
Buffalo Police on Walgreens duty pointing at twizzlers in someone's checkout pile: Man, it's been ages since I had that! I hear they are sweeter now. I need to try that!

Conversation starter? Genuine interest? Or just massive hunger?

Anyway. Behold, a dinner of depravity.

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Category: eating out

08/11/11 12:03 - ID#54921

Lindt & Sprüngli Chocolate

I don't know what was the %cocoa in the Lindt chocolate (e:Paul,54915) posted but I don't get why they decided to change their simple uncomplicated old recipe in all the other bars except the 85% (and possibly 90%) to include palm oil, soy lecithin etc. Why weren't the ingredients below that work SO well enough?

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