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Category: goals

11/14/11 02:27 - ID#55509

The 20 times tables: 19

I cannot believe just how AWFUL I have become at my 13 through 20 (times 20) tables. Struggling with mental arithmetic is totally unacceptable. It is a sign of mental deterioration that I want to fight against.
  1. Starting with 19
  2. 38
  3. 57
  4. 76
  5. 95
  6. 114
  7. 133
  8. 152
  9. 171
  10. 190 +190
  11. 209
  12. 228
  13. 247
  14. 266
  15. 285
  16. 304
  17. 323
  18. 342
  19. 361
  20. 380

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Category: linux

11/14/11 01:30 - ID#55508

Ctrl-L is for Location

I keep on forgetting this ridiculously easy shortcut.

Ctrl-L is for Location
-- in chrome
-- in Nautilus

Now, where can I find more RAM for my foggy brain?!

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Category: linux

11/14/11 12:56 - ID#55507

Display Full Directory Location in Nautilus

Nautilus in Gnome 3 has this annoying main toolbar with just buttons displaying the current directory you are in. There is no option to switch the display to the complete text version of the location of the directory.

Well, as usual, there is a round-about way.





In the dconf-editor menu:
Location Bar options are stored under

"org ➜ gnome ➜ nautilus ➜ preferences ➜ CHECK always-use-location-entry"

Whew. I am glad I can see precisely where I am and copy and paste locations into the terminal once more instead of staring clueless at the vague "pretty' buttons. I remember that when Gnome was in version 2.x, they had the option to change the location display format right under the preferences section of Nautilus.

It's somewhat cruel to take away the means to easily change display format options from an application like Nautilus and hide all of it under system configurations ONLY accessible by installing the dconf-editor.

Ugh. What were the Gnome 3 developers thinking??
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Category: tourism

11/13/11 04:59 - ID#55500

On the handmade path

Some of my favourites from back when the sun was not actually a big fat dazzling liar.



This brilliant brittle white mushroom bunch looked like it had to be saturated with some calcium salt. (e:matthew) and I wondered about the source.


Contrast that with this one - possibly filled with iron salts or rust.


It was such a happy day! Behold the cutest smile on the planet! :)


(e:Paul) taking the panoramic shots...

These great rotting branches reminded me of my muscle dissection days.

We plodded through a rustic-looking huge open field of fluffly little dandelion-like plants. We had fake "snowball" fights and all the little fluffy things ended up attacking me. I think (e:YesThatCasey) totally incited the attack.

I (not so secretly) spied on (e:matthew)-magic. :)
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Category: e:strip

11/13/11 03:51 - ID#55499

It's NOT rihanna.

More emphatically now.. NO!!! the avatar Is TOTALLY not Rihanna.

I can't stand her awfully nasal bland emotionless voice. To me, she sounds like nails on chalkboard. And also very suspiciously like she is from Rochester.

Scratch that. Nails on chalkboard is actually bearable. But the second resemblance kind of ruins it for me.

It's bat for lashes in one of her quirky moods.
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Category: i-tech

11/13/11 09:45 - ID#55492

Programming basics from Paul

I spent around half hour yesterday getting an insight into how (e:Paul) thinks about the basics of programming. It was most enlightening. I wish I had been in one of (e:Paul)'s programming classes (insert dodgy stalker grin here) and had a chance to learn all of it in a more structured format. I wondered how I might have turned out, if years before I had actually chosen to go to the engineering school I was selected for, instead of tramping down the completely diametric path I chose.

Who knows.

I believe it's not too late though. So I am going to learn, regardless of how long it takes to get to minimum proficiency.

Some basics that I sponged up

A variable: something that varies. It can be many types.
  • Float (yeah, not the cruise one but just as fun: a number).
  • Integer, a natural number (and organic to boot).
  • String, a word which may or may not mean just that.
  • Boolean, true or false and nothing else in between.
  • Arrays, a collection of random stuff. (Also called lists in the R world).
  • Objects: this has a sort of equivalent in R. When I define a logistic regression model in R, I am trying to describe how an outcome variable (say, any cancer yes/no) is related to many other variables (say, family history, alcohol consumption, body mass index etc.) Since it's a logistic regression, it has some properties or assumptions. The method of combination of my other variables is linear (there are no second or higher order terms in the equation). There are many options that you can put into this "model". How would the model accept other variables? How many variables can it accept before it becomes illogical or the power to say anything conclusively runs out? etc. Once this object or model is defined, you can change some variable in it, and see how the model changes - for example is a non-alcoholic as likely to respond as well to cancer chemotherapy as an alcoholic? If I run this model in R, I will get several properties of this model - that define how this model is behaving. So the model along with its defined and computed properties is a sort of "object": an artificial emulation of a slice of reality (or fantasy).

Indexing: helps in selecting and choosing particular variables that you have defined above Though we didn't talk about it yesterday, indexing in one key weapon in R that gets you out of many scrapes. In its most simple form, it is array[x], or data.frame[x], or list[x] where x is some number. x can be defined and derived in a million different ways. A tip of the hat to Tim Toady!

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Category: music

11/13/11 07:47 - ID#55491

The land of might have been

So many lands of might have beens. It's hard to keep count at this point. Every one of them strewn with some level of regret.
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Category: music

11/12/11 10:13 - ID#55488

Oh demon, Alcohol!

I am declaring outright war on a mass scale. Whoever comes in my path does so at their own peril. I WILL strike down all (always poor, ill-supported, circular and clear as mud) "reasoning" to the contrary, most ruthlessly and coldly. Everyone knows they need to brutally kick alcohol out of their lives completely at some point. And I will keep reaffirming this point till I am hoarse... and maybe even after with an unpleasantly hoarse voice.

I am appointing (some excellent song-writing by The Kinks) this song as THE anthem in my warpath.

And of course, I am writing my own lyrics. Come on now, whoever dares will sing the refrain with me (and try and stick to the tune!).

Oh demon, alcohol
Sad memories I CAN recall
You know what I am going to say
Slay the demon alcohol!

Beer, wine, pink gin,
You may NOT drink anything
Port, pernod or tequila,
Rum, scotch, vodka on the rocks,
I hate them ALL.

And this is MY blog and I reserve the right to heap insults and pull down whatever noxious influence that I deem worthy of my undying hatred. I don't think my complete disenchantment with this evil addictive substance that is wrecking live(r)s around me needs any moderation. I also don't need any balancing comments because you KNOW in your hearts that you are plain wrong if you are defending the demon alcohol. Just know that this is one issue that I am most irrevocably proud to hold a complete, clear and blanket one-sided view on.

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Category: eating in

11/11/11 04:25 - ID#55485

Cauliflower Magic

I love cauliflower with caramelized onions and roasted tomatoes.
Add garlic, a couple jalapeños, minced ginger, cumin, coriander and toasted cashews. And you have a winner lunch that makes it feel like summer! :)

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Category: music

11/11/11 12:50 - ID#55484

Life's a Bitch

Make a tall man short
To see you act this way
Make a short man puke
The way you waste the day!

And this is why I love Lemmy...
and his humongous mole. :-)
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