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11/23/11 02:27 - ID#55582 pmobl

Been a while...

I'm back, TB's.

Took a hiatus; part of that whole "refocusing" thing.

Had a (hopefully) good interview via Skype this week...deets to follow.

Presently, I'm sitting in Sullivan's Steakhouse, an ambitious li'l eatery in Baltimore; methinks it may be ahead of its time, as Baltimore is nowhere near as upscale as this place wants it to be.

Still, I dig it. Live jazz bands, great tunes on the overhead, and fantastic service. It doesn't hurt that the female wait-staff are clad in stockings. This rapacious heterosexual thanks the Management for the dresscode.

To sum new spot!

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11/15/11 04:26 - ID#55518 pmobl


So, I was reviewing the "awkward moment" blog just as I was anticipating my own.

It came. It went.

You know what I felt?

Nothing. Nada. Zilch.

We're talking a complete void of emotion.

It's funny what a few weeks, a lot of beer and "self-medication" will do for one's outlook.


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11/11/11 04:50 - ID#55486 pmobl

In Search Of...

So, today I've decided to try my hand at something I think I may have been missing: Happy Hour!

I'm at the Water Street Tavern, sitting in a nice li'l off-kilter lane called Light St. in my fair borough. The bartender (cool dude) says its usually full of a good mix of locals.


Today, it's preternaturally empty...presumably due to the holiday, where I suspect the aforementioned crowd has taken off of work to reflect on the collective sacrifices made by the men and women of our military.

Oh well. At least the beer's cold.

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11/08/11 11:38 - ID#55465 pmobl

A Review

Instead of giving you guys yet another pretentious offering, I've decided to give some feedback on my first week or so being an e-stripper.

Firstly, try to fold the bills lengthwise. They can cut and chafe in my g-stri...

Oops! Wrong blog. ;)

Seriously, I appreciate your collective welcoming. You guys are diverse, funny, insightful, and encouraging. In a word or two, altogether human. I'm thankful that I've been able to stumble upon on a corner of it in the bastion of inhumanity that is the beloved interwebsâ„¢.

Mo' to come...


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11/07/11 11:46 - ID#55459 pmobl

But, WHY??!?!

So, if you've been following Our Hero lately, you'll know that I've recently deleted my Failbook account. Not because they did anything agregious or anything like that, but for an entirely different reason.

Facebook, in the proper hands, can be a great tool that can be used for reasons, various and sundry, that ultimately lead to the betterment of all mankind.

However, in some cases, as with any tool, it can do damage. In my particular case, it did exactly what those creepy twins designed it to do...

...and showed me exactly what I was looking for.

Again, the onus is on me. I clicked the specific sequence of buttons needed to bring me to that fateful destination. I can only blame myself, and some lessons, though painful, must be learned.

The Truth hurts...but Pain teaches.

So, I bid you "adieu", Book o' Faces. Should your caretakers ever deign to send me an inquiry as to the why's of my exodus in a vain attempt to improve your service, I intend to tell them the absolute, undeniable and indelible Truth:

"User Error".


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