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11/08/11 11:38 - ID#55465 pmobl

A Review

Instead of giving you guys yet another pretentious offering, I've decided to give some feedback on my first week or so being an e-stripper.

Firstly, try to fold the bills lengthwise. They can cut and chafe in my g-stri...

Oops! Wrong blog. ;)

Seriously, I appreciate your collective welcoming. You guys are diverse, funny, insightful, and encouraging. In a word or two, altogether human. I'm thankful that I've been able to stumble upon on a corner of it in the bastion of inhumanity that is the beloved interwebsâ„¢.

Mo' to come...


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Category: facebook, social networking, culture, random

11/07/11 11:46 - ID#55459 pmobl

But, WHY??!?!

So, if you've been following Our Hero lately, you'll know that I've recently deleted my Failbook account. Not because they did anything agregious or anything like that, but for an entirely different reason.

Facebook, in the proper hands, can be a great tool that can be used for reasons, various and sundry, that ultimately lead to the betterment of all mankind.

However, in some cases, as with any tool, it can do damage. In my particular case, it did exactly what those creepy twins designed it to do...

...and showed me exactly what I was looking for.

Again, the onus is on me. I clicked the specific sequence of buttons needed to bring me to that fateful destination. I can only blame myself, and some lessons, though painful, must be learned.

The Truth hurts...but Pain teaches.

So, I bid you "adieu", Book o' Faces. Should your caretakers ever deign to send me an inquiry as to the why's of my exodus in a vain attempt to improve your service, I intend to tell them the absolute, undeniable and indelible Truth:

"User Error".


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Category: random, family

11/06/11 08:24 - ID#55455 pmobl

The Long Walk

The kids and I went for a walk yesterday, up to the Dollar Store (a blessing and a curse, that. Deets to come in a sub to come!).

A trip that may take me 45 minutes, tops took 2 and a half hours. Bless the littlest one, and her wee li'l legs.

Any way, the kids and the overpass that runs over 95-S are hereby represented. I only include the overpass shot because I think it's a cool one of the highway leading into the city...and I think my Wanderlust is kicking in.




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Category: random

11/05/11 12:55 - ID#55447 pmobl

Been a minute...

Mmyeah, it's been a hot minute since I've been able to blog, as I've been dealing with life's nifty li'l vicissitudes as of late.

But, I'm back. And I have a plan.

Recently, I came as close to rock-bottom as one could get...and it weren't pretty, True Believers. I'm still kinda dealing with it, and I'll be paying for a couple of really bad decisions for a really long time.

The good news, though, is that I'm climbing back up. I'm confident that I won't be as low as I have been, and that I'll be even higher in days to come.

I plan to reveal my..plan..(ouch, that was painful) in phases. Part, the 1st has already begun: exercise. Getting back to my "fightin' shape", as it were, or, if I were to believe some comments I've gotten here (flatterers!), the Frame to match the Face. Oh yeah. Confidence in spades, baby.

Part, the second: remove distractions. An unfocused mind is an unproductive one. To wit: I've killed my FailBook account. I want to abuse it by blasting those whom I feel have wronged me, and that's an abject waste of time. Blame (read: "it's all their fault") is the polar opposite of Ownership (read: "I fcuked up"), and I'm no longer in the Business of Futility. They're clearly not worried about ME, so why should I give a squirt of piss for their gums should they suddenly find their teeth afire?

Correct. I shouldn't. So, I won't. Wow, scarily easy, hmm?

As was finding what I've missed for a while: writing. I haven't gotten encouragement about that lately, but I remebered that most people don't really care about what makes others happy. And you shouldn't be blamed for that, either. It's not your fault if you aren't on their wavelength.

It's your parents'.

I kid; I'm sure they're lovely people.

Part the third: mo' kid time! Speaking of, I'm late for a walk to the store. :)

Thanks for lis'nin' so far, folks. More to come.


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Category: random, lifestyle, culture, musings.

10/31/11 09:05 - ID#55417 pmobl


The subject above surmises my day (read: life) as of this writing. But, not necessarily in a bad way.

Examples: I've chosen to relate to a certain person..well..not at all anymore. Hurts, but it shows I still feel, even after the divorce. Yay, me!

I'm at a soul sapping job, one that I surely didn't put on my Top Fifteen Gigs list...but, I'm working, eating and taking care of my kids, as far as the great state of Maryland is concerned.

I have family who love me, kids who tolerate me, and the respect of those who I consider peers. Some people would literally sell their diseased riddled bodies for a shadow of an inkling of that.

Trust me: I know one. ain't great shakes, but it ain't nowhere as bad as it could be.

Ergo: meh. It is what it is.

But...I'm choosing to make it what it will be.


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Category: random, culture, lifestyle

10/31/11 11:57 - ID#55414 pmobl

Neat Party Trick

You wanna put the proverbial Fear o' the Almighty into someone?

Three li'l words will often do the trick:

I. Know. Everything.

The reactions are priceless! Try it the next time you're faced with the inevitable skeeviness that comes with people.

/end PSA


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Category: random, lifestyle

10/29/11 08:30 - ID#55399 pmobl

Something I've Missed

So, this morning I get to have an indulgence I haven't had in a while: Saturday morning cartoons.

Sure, they aren't nearly as good as they were "back in the day"..and I've got to cook breakfast..and do laundry..and clean the basement..and work out..and get ready to see my ex-wife about some visitation..and prepare for some snow as if it were the Genesis Deluge..

I can still watch a 'toon, or two.

Small miracles...

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Category: random, photos

10/28/11 11:23 - ID#55396 pmobl

In lieu of...

Since I can't change my avatar atm, I hope you folks will settle for an uploaded pic:

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Category: music, random

10/28/11 07:21 - ID#55394 pmobl

I've Decided

It's official. It's virtually impossible to be in a bad mood after listening to "Raspberry Beret".

A good day is assured!

Addendum: "The Book Of Love" by Peter Gabriel brings me to tears. Everytime.

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10/27/11 05:11 - ID#55391 pmobl

Small Miracles

Ha! I actually got to leave early today. Bonus: the bus is not overly laden with rampant ass! Awesomesauce.

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