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11/05/11 12:55 - ID#55447

Been a minute...

Mmyeah, it's been a hot minute since I've been able to blog, as I've been dealing with life's nifty li'l vicissitudes as of late.

But, I'm back. And I have a plan.

Recently, I came as close to rock-bottom as one could get...and it weren't pretty, True Believers. I'm still kinda dealing with it, and I'll be paying for a couple of really bad decisions for a really long time.

The good news, though, is that I'm climbing back up. I'm confident that I won't be as low as I have been, and that I'll be even higher in days to come.

I plan to reveal my..plan..(ouch, that was painful) in phases. Part, the 1st has already begun: exercise. Getting back to my "fightin' shape", as it were, or, if I were to believe some comments I've gotten here (flatterers!), the Frame to match the Face. Oh yeah. Confidence in spades, baby.

Part, the second: remove distractions. An unfocused mind is an unproductive one. To wit: I've killed my FailBook account. I want to abuse it by blasting those whom I feel have wronged me, and that's an abject waste of time. Blame (read: "it's all their fault") is the polar opposite of Ownership (read: "I fcuked up"), and I'm no longer in the Business of Futility. They're clearly not worried about ME, so why should I give a squirt of piss for their gums should they suddenly find their teeth afire?

Correct. I shouldn't. So, I won't. Wow, scarily easy, hmm?

As was finding what I've missed for a while: writing. I haven't gotten encouragement about that lately, but I remebered that most people don't really care about what makes others happy. And you shouldn't be blamed for that, either. It's not your fault if you aren't on their wavelength.

It's your parents'.

I kid; I'm sure they're lovely people.

Part the third: mo' kid time! Speaking of, I'm late for a walk to the store. :)

Thanks for lis'nin' so far, folks. More to come.


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Category: random

10/26/11 11:58 - ID#55381

Can you dig it?

Big shouts to the good folks at for actually allowing this admitted sociopath to join up.

This being my first foray into the blogging world, expect these to be totally random as I attempt to find my voice. Your patience is appreciated in advance. ;-)

First up, I'm listening to "Someone Saved My Life Tonight", by Sir Elton. So topical...I have to thank an erstwhile friend for doing something I couldn't. ~.~


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